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The campaign leading up to the 2019 General Election, or as many people view it, the ‘Brexit Election,’ has been one of the most vicious, propaganda-filled, mistruth littered, and ultimately damaging, this country has witnessed in living memory.

Every one of the main political parties have lied, to varying degrees, and have mislead the electorate on a number of important issues, but by far the most pernicious, (and grossly inaccurate) claim, made by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, is that Boris Johnson and the Conservative and Unionist Party, are ‘going to sell the InterNational Health Service to Donald Trump and the Americans’.

This claim was wholly predictable, however, and the Labour Party’s election campaign has focussed upon, and revolved entirely around this one issue, and it appears to be the only thing they have been able to effectively weaponise.

Your NHS.

On the surface, this untested, and unsubstantiated claim has had a remarkable effect, inasmuch as if more floating voters decide to fall for it, this country could be heading towards a hung parliament; which could mean that the hard-left socialists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, could obtain the keys to Downing Street, if, and only if, they are supported by an unholy alliance comprising of the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, and the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists.

Which would, in the light of day, also mean at least four more years of public confusion, electoral chaos, in all possibility the economy crashing,  Brexit being put on hold, or scrapped altogether, which spits in the face of 17.4 Million of the electorate, and years more hardship and misery for millions of people who can least endure it.

So with that in mind, I would like to share the following video with you.

A video which, in my opinion, demolishes Jeremy Corbyn’s claim about the NHS entirely, and should, at the very least, make any person who cares about the truth, (and has grown sick and tired of the sheer arrogance and patronising attitudes shown to them by the current crop of politicians) think long and hard about who they really want – and ultimately trust – to take this once great country forward.

I have never been a fan of Psychology, I feel it comes a poor second to Psychiatry in the scale of fake Sciences..

The following account may go some way towards explaining why I feel this way about this particularly disturbing ‘discipline.’

The 1939 Psychological experiment conducted in Davenport, Iowa on a group of kids at an orphanage that infamously came to be known as the ‘Monster Study’, wasn’t even conducted by a psychologist.

monster study

Dr. Wendell Johnson was a speech pathologist who wanted to get to the bottom of the underlying cause of stuttering.

Johnson didn’t subscribe to the belief that stuttering was an inborn (and thus uncorrectable) trait.

An admirable thought you may agree, somebody trying to help perhaps?

Johnson had managed to ‘requisition’ 22 orphans and split them into two groups, stutterers and non stutterers.

Not all of the kids (only half) in the stuttering group actually had true stutters.

The non stutterers received praise for their normal speech patterns, while the stuttering group received negative reinforcement, and were ridiculed and humiliated for their transgressions.

They were constantly put on edge through reminders to avoid stuttering.

The kids who didn’t have stutters in the stuttering group almost certainly did by the time the experiment was concluded.

Three of the five kids who’d actually had stutters were worse than before.

Having established that a negative focus on stuttering makes the condition worse, and having proven it’s a developmental rather than innate trait, Johnson ended the experiment as suddenly as it had begun.

His only defence was that Johnson’s later work helped countless stutterers who came under his care.

There was a lasting legacy that has been overlooked though.

Despite many attempts to reverse the effects of the study, the kids who developed stutters couldn’t shake them.

So not only did they not have parents to nurture and guide them, they had also been handicapped by a lifelong struggle with their speech!

All courtesy of Dr. Wendell Johnson.

“Although Johnson’s peers were horrified that he would experiment on orphan children to prove a hypothesis, his experiment was kept hidden for fear Johnson’s reputation would be tarnished in the wake of human experiments conducted by the Nazis during World War II.

The University of Iowa publicly apologised for the Monster Study in 2001.”