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In 2013, an article was published on this site which contained a photograph, which appears to have been the source of much consternation and debate among a group of well-documented Twitter and Facebook ‘Trolls‘ as to it’s provenance.

Three of these ‘Trolls‘ in particular, who have been very prolific online for a number of years, and have been both relentless and vile in their campaigns of hatred against both myself, this website and what appears to be now an ever-increasing number of others – have spent a great deal of time and effort, attempting to persuade anyone who still listens to them, that the photo was a ‘fake‘, a ‘composite‘ and had been ‘photoshopped‘ in order to deceive and present a false image to the reader.

As is the nature of online ‘Trolls‘, it matters little if evidence or proof is presented to dispute any of their claims of alleged skullduggery, on my part, or anyone else’s for that matter, as their main aim appears to be to discredit, confuse, intimidate, threaten and generally be a pain in the backside, however or using whatever method they employ at any given time.

The photograph in question, was taken at the entrance to the now notorious Bryn Estyn Children’s Home, in Wrexham, north west Wales in the April of 2013.

No big mystery, and for no purpose other than to accompany the article that was subsequently published on this site at that time.

A few days ago, I asked somebody who had more experience than I with image forensics, to run it through software in order to ascertain, if it had been, as alleged, been manipulated to include the person in the picture onto an already existing stock image of Bryn Estyn.

The results, which I have included below, have been obtained through a number of passes through image forensic software and clearly show that the image is 100% genuine, and has not been manipulated in any way.


Although I am certain that will not be enough to satisfy the Trolls, it exists nonetheless and a link to the image will be included so anyone will be free to carry out further testing of their choice – to dispute any or all of what has been published here.

Most people undoubtably have more productive ways to spend their time.

I know I have.

Bryn Estyn, Wrexham, Wales – April 2013


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