Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen is, by reputation, one of the guiltiest men in British legal history. His guilt has become so well known as to be the overwhelming and indelible ‘fact’ whenever his case is discussed or even his name is mentioned. So when George Orwell outlined his ideal of the “perfect murder” in 1946, he also defined Dr Crippen as the perfect example of a murderer. “The (perfect)murderer should be a little man of the professional class…living an intensely […]

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Thoughts on the expression “to be against the state” According to the Vietnamese dictionary, the word “against” means something solid that leans against another object to help it stay upright, like the walls that support the roof of a house. But the word also has another meaning, which is to oppose a person, an entity, an organization or social realities such as oppression, injustice or lost of national territory. The party’s newspapers often publish reports about public security, which also […]

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