“You are looking for someone of a similar age to you who died. Starting at age three or four and up to age 14 or 15. Surnames always have to be general. You don’t want something which is going to stand out or be too memorable. You don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. GREEN and BLACK are the favourites, but you don’t want something like SMITH. No matter what your first name is, that surname will always […]

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In the UK,¬†police officers have for¬†years been recruiting people, including campaigners and activists to spy on their friends, comrades and even their own families. Just how many in the country have been converted into informants is a closely-guarded secret within the police. There are no published figures, but the current total is believed to run into the thousands. The police have many subtle ways of recruiting informants. They often use blackmail, for example, confronting a person they wish to recruit […]

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