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Facebook has blocked the broadcaster Russia Today from posting on their own Facebook page, which according to an RT spokesperson: ‘is to prevent Russia Today from streaming the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.’

It has been alleged by various mass media outlets that a dispute (over a supposed copyright violation) has arisen because the broadcaster had ‘livestreamed outgoing President Obama’s final press conference’.

Video screened from the White House is ordinarily copyright free, and it is unknown at this point who the complainant was or what reason was given when it was made.

The Russian broadcaster cannot post any media or links onto it’s Facebook page until the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony at least, although it is believed that the ban is temporary, and there are immediate steps being taken to get the suspension lifted in order to cover at least some of the ceremony.

It has long been believed that Internet services like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, Twitter and many others have given the Security Services of the US Government free access to their user databases, Microsoft were the first to do so in 2006 …. so is this freezing out of a Russian-Centric media outlet, only the start of a wider-ranging clampdown on the censoring of what has been until now, freely-available information?

Especially if it conflicts with what the established order wants you to see and therefore believe what is really going on, and more importantly …. Is it also restricting free speech and ultimately, the reporting of the truth?