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If the land invasions and subsequent assassinations of Middle Eastern leaders like Muammar Quaddafi and Saddam Hussein has taught us anything, it should be the repercussions of such actions taken against allegedly ‘rogue’ states by the western powerhouses, and the total chaos that follows such actions.

With that in mind, why are the western allies now attempting to overthrow yet another government in the region in a similar manner?

The Faces of an enemy of the west?

  • Is it because the ruling Assad family belongs to the tolerant Shia Islam (Alawite) religion?
  • Is it because Syrian women have the same rights as their menfolk to study, healthcare and education?
  • Is it because Syrian women are not forced to wear the Burqa?
  • Is it because Syria is the only Arab country with a secular constitution, and one that does not tolerate Islamic extremist views and movements?
  • Is it because Syria has around 10% of its population who belong to one of the many Christian denominations, all of which are fully integrated into Syrian political and social life?
  • Is it because Syria has banned Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds, stating that the decision was made “to preserve human health“?
  • Is it because Syria is open to western society and it’s culture like no other Arab country?
  • Is it because it’s media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in world affairs? Which means that it’s citizens fully understand that the real power in the west, lies not with the White House, but with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks and central banks.
  • Is it because throughout history there have been seven Popes of Syrian origin, and it’s religious tolerance is a unique feature in the region?
  • Is it because prior to the current civil war, Syria was one of the only peaceful countries in the region, having avoided major wars and internal conflicts?
  • Is it because Syria was the only country that admitted Iraqi refugees without social, political or religious discrimination?
  • Is it because Syria clearly and categorically opposes Zionism and the government of Israel?
  • Is because that following a massive oil discovery in Syria’s Golan Heights, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967, Benjamin Netanyahu asked President Obama to recognise it’s annexation of that territory?
  • Is it to consolidate Israel’s already questionable hold on the Golan Heights, and to reinforce plans already drawn up, which will quadruple Israeli settler numbers to 100,000?
  • Is it because Syria is one of the only countries in the Middle East which has no debts owed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ? (Pre-invasion Libya and Iran being the notable others).
  • Is it because Syria is the only Mediterranean country which owns its oil companies, with vast reserves of 2500 Million barrels and has avoided privatisation and is reserved exclusively for state-owned enterprises and projects?
  • Or is it for some other reason?
Complied from various sources.