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Over the last few weeks and certainly more noticeably over the Christmas and New Year period, a mass-mailer appears to have been circulated to what must be thousands of personal email accounts.

Around a dozen of these emails have been forwarded to the Outlaw, as well as being posted to my social media accounts by disgruntled recipients, the majority of whom are asking the same question.


The email in question is in simple terms, a request for donations from an outfit that may be familiar to many readers already, namely ‘The peoples Voice’,an organisation which first began broadcasting as a ‘free global internet television and radio service’ in and around November 2013, before ignominiously disappearing during the middle of 2014.

In it’s previous incarnation, TPV relied on an aggressive and apparently successful ‘crowd-sourcing’ campaign using the INDIEGOGO platform to raise revenue, and thousands of well-meaning people wholeheartedly got behind it, as it did appear( on the surface at least) to be a project, that was certainly worth supporting.

But as it turned out, the reality was very different, and there are people who genuinely believed in the project and worked at TPV as volunteers, who believe that the whole thing was set up to fail, a number of whom who have written about their experiences – the evidence of which can be found around the www.

The contents of the email are as follows:



Hi, we are The People’s Voice – a group of passionate individuals from around the world who make content covering the information, background and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch.

How often do people ask ‘What can I do?’ in the face of the global descent into Big Brother? How often are ordinary citizens told what to think by the elite, censored on social media, and ‘debunked’ by the corporate mainstream media?

We aim to become a global television station funded by the people, for the people, with one simple remit: INFORM, INSPIRE, EMPOWER

We began in 2014, where a team of volunteers made a variety of online TV shows from a London-based studio, broadcasting suppressed information to the entire world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using the experience gained from that project, we would like to launch the second iteration of The People’s Voice, taking it to the NEXT LEVEL with your support.


With your support we want to give a voice to whistle-blowers, government insiders, and expert researchers across a variety of fields – we want to give a voice to all those currently silenced by the mainstream media.

Free from corporate interests that most media companies are shackled by, we will bring you news and empowering information from around the world that will help bring about a global revolution and help drain the mainstream media swamp.

The People’s Voice
 will not do censorship, and it will not be silenced by intimidation.

It is time to hear The People’s Voice – so let’s make this happen!


We will start by making at least two weekly shows on a variety of topics.

The more people who join, the bigger and more ambitious we will become.

Members will get early access to each of our videos, before they are uploaded to YouTube. They will also have the ability to participate on our shows, collaborate with our producers and presenters, and take part in shaping the network for the future. –  LINK

In addition, for a regular donation of between $5 and $10,000 per month, those who contibute are promised a number of perks, which range from being given ‘early access to the shows before they are uploaded to Youtube’, (presumably for free) to ‘Spending a weekend meeting the team and work with producers and presenters to make a show. Each evening you will have a team dinner (you are responsible for travel and accommodation).

Sounds great doesn’t it?

If you happen to have a disposable 10k every month that is.

However, before anyone decides to hand over any cash to this venture, it would be remiss of me if I did not point out that ‘The Peoples Voice’ are also a holding company for an already existing online ‘News’ outlet, and one which is immediately recognizable to many people by now as ‘Yournewswire’.



YourNewsWire (styled as YourNewsWire.com) is a Los Angeles-based clickbait FAKE NEWS news website known for disseminating conspiracy theories and misleading information, contrary to its claimed motto (“News. Truth. Unfiltered”).

According to Josh Boswell of The Sunday TimesSean Adl-Tabatabai (a former television producer) is the owner and ‘Editor-in-chief’. However, YourNewsWire also claims that it is owned by holding company called The People’s Voice (Incorporated), which is the name of their Facebook account.  – SOURCE


I often hear people speaking about, and am seeing an increasing number of books and websites, promoting the importance of ‘New Age’ thinking, especially among those who operate within the confines of so-called Alternative Media and various ‘fringe’ groups existing on the peripherals of society.

So what is it we actually know about the ‘New Age’ and the reasoning behind it?

For one thing, there is nothing ‘new’ about it, as it’s origins lie in Freemasonry, and is simply a re-working of the official Masonic dogma, which is in turn based on ancient beliefs and religions, the most prominent incarnation, being Hinduism.

One only needs to look at some back copies of the official magazine of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, now ‘The Scottish Rite Journal’, which was, from the early 1900’s until the 1970’s, entitled ‘The New Age Magazine’.

Within the pages of this magazine, it was discussed how a ‘New Age Religion’, could be implemented using pseudoscientific methods, and rolled out worldwide to overtake Christianity, Islam and every other religion and belief system.

Manly Palmer Hall, a freemasonic scholar, wrote extensively about this proposed new religion incorporating aspects of lost and hidden traditions, the golden verses of Hindu gods, Greek Philosophers, Christian Mystics, and the spiritual treasures waiting to be found within ones own soul.

A confident public speaker, he used his imposing physical attributes, (6′ 4″ in height) to great effect when his first series of lectures, propelled him almost overnight, into the go-to source in America at least, of an astonishing range of material that resonated not only with the intellect, but also on a subconscious level.

The Theosophical Society, which was given a Masonic Charter and founded in 1875 By Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, was intended to introduce and incorporate women into Freemasonry, and it was the collective writings of Blavasky and her followers, along with the works of Aleister Crowley, which laid down the entire premise for what is known today as the New Age Religion.

Although the New Age movement is itself thriving, being promoted by such media luminaries as Oprah Winfrey and author and public speaker Deepak Chopra, which lends it an aura of mainstream credibility and authenticity, the way it is now being incorporated into the Truth Movement, using carefully selected snippets of truth in order to indoctrinate people, is something that should not be overlooked.

It has not gone unnoticed, that much of the New Age religious propaganda being promoted within the Truth Movement, is almost always, coupled with the Alien Agenda, and when the promoters of the Alien Agenda are scrutinised to any degree, the links are unmissable.

The key aspect of the New Age religion, is that there is ‘no truth other than the truth of the individual’s own belief system’.

How often are we seeing this on the Internet now, where various claims and stories are permeating social media and blogs, many of whom are beyond normal belief, and have no basis in truth whatsoever, yet are being freely shared and promoted online, simply because the collective belief they are true, overrides almost everything else – including it seems, common sense and the distinct lack of evidence to support them?

From this mindset also comes the ideology that all of what we believe, ie: reality, is in fact an illusion, and that every human being is able to effect changes in the physical world around them – simply by thinking differently about it.

The people who are promoting this concept within the Truth/Alternative movement, also promote the idea that by harnessing these inner mystical and magical powers, they can be used to fight and ultimately defeat the ‘New World Order’.

David Icke, for example, and of course those who follow his doctrines, have claimed that if we stop thinking about the negative things that are happening all around us, those who hold the reins of power and who control us, (Giant Lizards) will no longer be able to use the negative energy of our thought patterns, causing the whole control system to collapse around them, effectively freeing humanity.

Which of course, may be plausible if the planet was actually run by invisible reptilian entities, and not as it is by narcissistic psychopaths, who care nothing for the health and welfare of any being that dwells upon it, and would not be negatively affected by collective human thoughts, be they positive or otherwise.

Michael Tsarion, who is a follower of both Crowley and Blavatsky, has promoted the idea that divination and the correct use of Tarot Cards can be used to channel positive spirit energy in order to achieve a similar result.

I should have no need to explain to anybody, that if reality is in fact real (which hopefully most people believe to be the case), trying to make people believe that reality is something else entirely – would prove beneficial only to those who the New Age Messiah’s claim they want your help (and donations of course) to defeat…. Or something like that.