The article that follows this short introduction, came to my attention recently. For anyone who is aware of the Hollie Greig Hoax, and the still ongoing Hampstead ‘Satanic Abuse case, it may answer some of what must be many questions, as to the intentions of some of the shadowy figures that lurk around the peripherals of any child abuse campaign. As a guide, none of those named in the article actually care anything for any of the often vulnerable children/people […]

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There is an agency based in the UK, who’s extended network is now believed to have been behind the mass slaughter of the Bosnian and Croatian peoples in the Balkans, and is also directly responsible for introducing the drug-rock-sex ‘hippy’ counterculture. This agency has always, also enjoyed a close working relationship with the highest circles of European Royalty and Freemasonry. It sits in a quiet suburb of London, in a copmlex of buildings known as th Tavistock Centre, which is […]

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┬áIt has been suspected for a number of months, that many of those who are prominent in the Alternative Media and the Truth Movement, especially those who have suddenly ‘appeared from nowhere’ – are in some way connected to each other. Questions have also been asked, not only about how many of these ‘Truthers’ appear to be connected, but why they are also spreading completely bogus and positively harmful stories via their websites and social media accounts. The still ongoing […]

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Regular readers of the Outlaw, should be aware by now that there has been a very pronounced ‘Split’ within the rank and file of what has come to be known as the ‘Alternative’ Media. As was predicted some months ago, not only on this site but also a small number of others, some of the more prominent mouthpieces within the AM, have not only been attacking anyone and everyone who has voiced even the smallest criticism of them – but […]

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