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If ever a picture typified the selfish, greedy and altogether blinkered thinking of a government who hasn’t got a clue about running a countries infastructure …. could this be it?

Flooded development site 2015

The causes of major flooding, such has been witnessed in this country over the last decade are many and varied, but one of the primary causes, (and one that has scarcely been mentioned by the government or the mainstream media in any depth) is the totally irresponsible, and contemptuous manner in which many of the nation’s ‘Flood Plains’ have been utilised for building homes.

More than 200,000 homes were built on flood plains between 2001 and 2011, and following legislation introduced by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government and strengthened by the current Tory incumbents – it is now even easier for councils to approve planning applications in ‘risky’ areas.

In 2011, the coalition government relaxed planning rules, which meant that local councils had no obligation to report cases where they purposely ignored the advice of the Environment Agency and Conservation groups whenever concerns were raised.

Floodplains are, by their very nature, low-lying, flat lands adjacent to rivers, lakes and oceans and of course, are subject to periodic flooding. They are created when a river or stream breaks its banks, and over many years, the deposits of silt gradually build up and create a ‘floor’, which becomes a natural place for a river to dissipate it’s energy during excessive periods of rainfall.

If this entirely natural process is interfered with, by building housing for example, land which previously absorbed the rising water levels which accompany periods of prolonged and/or rainfall, cease to function as it should and the water will accumulate elsewhere.

2001 – 2011

Architects say it’s possible to build homes which will resist flooding, but they come with additional costs, which many greedy developers refuse to meet, and will purposely ignore the risks completely to build homes which they know are not safe from flooding, but are certainly safe in the knowledge that the government and its various agencies – will allow them to do it.



The term ‘Climate Change’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, politicians are especially fond of it as you may have already noticed.

Promoting the fear of the Arctic ice caps melting has taken the place of the alleged hole in the Ozone Layer, which was a favourite until recently.

We do not hear much about that now funnily enough.

Politicians seem to love smugly promoting facts and figures, based on ‘Scientific Evidence’ from any number of tame scientists on the establishment payroll.

Are they not aware that these so-called ‘Scientists,’ have been since 1877, toying with the idea of purposely melting the Arctic ice cap, citing the reasons outlined in the article below?

It also clearly illustrates the way that scientists and politicians have been meddling with the balance of nature for decades, without giving a thought to the possible future consequences.

I very much doubt that the various government agencies involved were unaware of this either.