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‘The British Ministry of Defence has in the recent past, turned large parts of the United Kingdom into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.’

A Government report, released in the early part of 2013 provided for the first time, a comprehensive (and officially sanctioned) history of Britain’s biological weapon trials between 1940 and 1979.

Many of these tests involved releasing dangerous, and possibly lethal chemicals and micro-organisms over large areas of the population without the public being informed. While details of some of these trials have emerged in recent years, it is now believed that these type of tests have been carried out on more than 100 separate occasions.

The report also revealed, that military personnel were briefed with a cover story that the tests formed part of ‘research projects into weather and air pollution’, should any member of the public start asking questions.

The tests, carried out by research scientists at Porton Down, Wiltshire, were designed to assist the Ministry of Defence in assessing Britain’s vulnerability if Russia, for example were to release clouds of deadly germs, or so-called ‘nerve agents‘ in the UK.

In a few cases happily, genuine biological agents were not used, as the scientists also wanted to observe the results of a number of ‘alternatives’, which effectively mimicked the agents, but were apparently ‘completely harmless’; but a number of families in the areas where these ‘placebo’s’ were deployed, had reported an unusually high number of children being born with birth defects.

One chapter of ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, reveals how between 1955 and 1963, planes flew from the north-east of England to the tip of Cornwall, along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population, who were totally unaware of what was was happening above their heads. As expected, the chemical drifted miles inland, it’s fluorescent properties allowing it’s progress to be monitored.

In another trial, the zinc cadmium sulphate was sprayed from a generator that was towed along a public road near Frome in Somerset, and the results were logged.

Despite the government insisting on more than one occasion that cadmium is safe, it’s carcinogenic properties, which affects both humans and animals, has been known about since the 1930s, and was at one point, considered by the Allies being used as a chemical weapon during the Second World War.

During the ‘Large Area Coverage Trials‘, the Ministry of Defence, between 1961 and 1968, exposed more than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, Hampshire, to various types of bacteria, including e. coli and bacillus globigii (which mimics the physical effects of an Anthrax attack). These agents were released in a five-to-ten mile radius from a military vessel, the ‘Icewhale’, anchored off the coast of Dorset.



There were also the ‘DICE’ trials carried out in south Dorset between 1971 and 1975, which involved both British and American military scientists spraying massive quantities of serratia marcescens bacteria, with an Anthrax stimulant and phenol.

Similar bacteriums were released between 1952 and 1964 during ‘The Sabotage Trials’, which were tests designed to determine the vulnerability of large government buildings and public transport to enemy attack.

During 1956, bacteria were released on the London Underground around lunchtime along the Northern Line, between Colliers Wood and Tooting Broadway, the collected data showed that the released organism had spread a further ten miles.

Experiments carried out between 1964 and 1973 involved attaching germs to the threads of spiders’ webs in boxes, in order to ascertain how the germs would survive in different environments and conditions. These tests were carried out in twelve locations, including the West End of London, Southampton and Swindon. There were more than a dozen more, ‘field trials’ between 1968 and 1977, but these were believed to have been carried out on a much smaller scale.

Comprehensive reports of all of the above tests were released into the public domain, via the Public Records Office, abeit ‘under the radar’ and have remained relatively free from public scrutiny, despite being readily available to anyone with the mind to look.

Successive Governments have made a number of attempts to keep the finer details of germ warfare testing, being carried out on the British population, out of the public arena, but over the years a number have emerged and have been reported upon by the mainstream media.

Reports on many similar tests carried out by the UK’s incumbent government’s can be found online, such as when scientists at the ‘Science Park’ at Porton Down produced five million cattle cakes laced with deadly Anthrax spores, which would have been dropped on Germany to wipe out their livestock.

It is common knowledge now that Gruinard, a small Island off the coast of Scotland, was in 1942, so contaminated by the deliberate dispersal of Anthrax spores, that it was completely uninhabitable until the 1980s.

‘Tacit approval for simulant trials where the public might be exposed was strongly influenced by defence security considerations aimed obviously at restricting public knowledge. An important corollary to this was the need to avoid public alarm and disquiet about the vulnerability of the civil population to BW (biological warfare) attack.’

In 2013, when interviewed by a journalist following the release of one of these Government reports, a Porton Down spokesperson said:

‘Independent reports by eminent scientists have shown that there was no danger to public health from these releases which were carried out “to protect the public”. The results from these trials will undoubtably save lives, should the country, or our military face an attack by hostile nations armed with chemical and biological weapons.’

Asked whether such tests were still being carried out, she responded:

‘It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research.’


A lot doesn’t sit right with the inferno in London today.

One resident who blogged was threatened with court action if he didn’t take his blog down, complaining about the lack of safety.

Government minsters coming-out and stating failings. We are talking about mass deaths due to neglect.

This is prime location land, and a tower block would be seen as an eyesore by many. It takes me back to the riots in Tottenham.

First off, what pushed the riots?

The parents of Mark Duggan had no official word from the police. Only finding out their son had been shot dead by police from a journalist.

So they attend Tottenham police station days later for official word. They were first told the commissioner was going to speak to them. Hours later and a restless crowd had no response.

The truth was, the commissioner was on holiday. One of the restless crowd shouted at the police officer and was subsequently pushed over.

Trouble then started.

Now, with everyone obviously upset to say the least, hours later people from all over London came down to riot. Shops were turned upside down and revellers took what they could. Fires were started in local businesses and whilst all this was happening, the directive given to police officers was to stand back and let it happen.

Thats the riots.

During the same time, Tottenham Hotspur PLC had plans to build a new stadium.

A few listed buildings and a local business “Archway Metal Works” stood in the way of Tottenham’s plans.

It was reported that Archway Metal Works was offered in the region of ten million pounds.

That was no way accurate, a little over market value was offered.

Ironically, this building also fell to the ground, due to fire.

Suspicious no?

I remember a few months after advertising boards where the post office once stood with signs for the redevelopment of Tottenham with Mayoral money, as was also on the corner of a soon to be new development of homes on Hampden Road with the same boast of Mayoral money.

Now of course, Tottenham is on the up.

On the rare occasion I walk the High Road and down near Hale village, I see the type of residents moving into Tottenham.

As we see the ground is now well underway.

Local business on the High Road such as Chick King have protested and petitioned to stop Tottenham Hotspur knocking down their shops and the tower block on Love Lane, just off White Hart Lane.

It seems many people are doing well from the riots and the foul play in the burning of Archway Metal works.

Haringey council, David Lammy and Tottenham Hotspur PLC.

Now for what we are finding out about the inferno today, it seems many, many failings have killed many people as well as leaving people without a home.

Im not speculating about the inferno, but I will say that certain businesses and the council may be looking forward to this development in the near future.

Rest in peace Mark Duggan.

Rest in peace those that lost their lives in Grenfell Tower.

Credited to: A Tottenham Resident