If anyone wanted to look for an example of misleading and disingenuous reporting, you need to look no further than the recent mass media frenzy over ‘Cheddar Man’. For those who are still not aware, ‘Cheddar Man’ was/is a 10,000-year-old complete human male skeleton, that was discovered in a cave in the Cheddar Gorge, south west England in 1903. The reason why the mass media and mainstream scientist have gone into raptures recently, is that DNA testing carried out by […]

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For those out there who are still sitting on the fence, or are harboring doubts as to the direction in which some of the high profile ‘Troofers’ are attempting to steer people – perhaps this tweet, posted yesterday by Brian Gerrish of the UK Column will help to dispel the last of those doubts.   Encouraging people to attend the hearings of those who have ended up before the courts for promoting hoaxes, such as the one Ms McNeill has […]

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As far as I am aware, during political party Leadership Elections and General Elections – the democratic process allows for one vote per person only. Local elections may be different, but that being said, there may be a perfectly logical explanation for the following claims that were spotted on Twitter. It could also be said that it offers an explanation for the unprecedented and wholly unexpected surge in the Labour Party vote during the 2017 General Election.

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In the event that the mass media fail to mention this, the names of the Conservative Members of Parliament who are believed to be currently under police investigation for fraud during the last General Election – are as follows: It has been speculated that attempting to bury this information may be one of the reasons that PM Teresa May has called for the snap election in June. And is only the tip of what may turn out to be a […]

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Earlier this morning, I spent an hour reading through the posts and comments on the Facebook Page of one Hillary Rodham Clinton @hillaryclinton. It makes for some very interesting reading, inasmuch as the comments appear to have been completely taken over by supporters of her Republican opponent Donald J Trump. There is also a clear lack of support for Clinton in the face of this online onslaught, which could be read as the Democrats either cannot formulate an adequate response […]

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On March 16, 2016, The National Centers for Environmental Information,  (NOAA) published a chart showing weather data that had been collected during the last 37 years in order to demonstrate the ‘Land and ocean temperature departure from average’. In layman’s terms, the NOAA is attempting to show that a ‘Record Warmth’ across the globe (aided by a strong El Niño) during December-February was more than 2° above the 20th Century average. They claim that this was: ‘The highest temperature for December-February […]

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