While the world’s media are focussed on Florida and the probable implications of the visit of Hurricane Irma; the Caribbean island of St Martin appears to have been forgotten already. The following quote is direct testimony from somebody who is actually in the area and has witnessed, and is still witnessing the true aftermath; and if what he is saying is true, then you will certainly not hear about what is really happening there, or read about it in the […]

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In regard to the event that occurred at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida during the early hours of last Sunday, and subsequently made front page headlines around the world; I will not be calling it a ‘False Flag’ event just yet, and I will be leaving the forensic dissection of every photograph and news report that has emerged – to others. Although some information has emerged over the last few days that hint at the alleged ‘Shooter’ Omar Mateen, […]

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