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From ‘tripping over a croquet hoop’, getting bitten by ‘ferrets and fish’, getting ‘hit in the eye by ammonia stoppers’ to receiving a head injury caused by a ‘falling box of bacon’.

These are only a few examples of insurance claims, that have earned payouts amounting to thousands of pounds in compensation.

You may think that the ‘Compensation Culture’ is a modern phenomenon, fuelled by a generation of feckless, lazy and inherently greedy people, with help from the aggressive advertising practices of ambulance chasing lawyers.

It may therefore surprise you, that people have been trying to get one over on insurance companies, and getting something for nothing, for well over a hundred years.

Like the Lancashire Grocer, who in 1878, made a successful claim after he slipped while playing Blind Man’s Buff?

He was awarded £15, the modern equivalent of £724.

Or the Essex merchant who injured his eye while throwing rice at a wedding in 1892.

He got £50 (£2,994).

A Swansea artist got blown to the ground by a gust of wind in 1886.

He got £30 (£1,796).

In 1878, a publican from Handsworth, Birmingham, managed to drink poison after mistaking it for his wife’s sleeping draught.

He still made a claim though, pocketing £1,000 (£48,310).
‘Trip or fall? Give your lawyer a call’

The city of Manchester were forced to cough up £3.4 Million to their own workers over the past five years, according to Freedom of Information requests.

Some workers received payouts after tripping while delivering leaflets or sustaining injuries setting up a trampoline, while others were assaulted by members of the public.

One employee at Bury council received £3,000 after burning their hand on a hot fish pie while serving lunch, the Manchester Evening News reported.

In 2009, a worker was given £1,750 after injuring himself while setting up a trampoline.

Another was awarded £5,000 after claiming to suffer ‘psychological problems’ and ‘mental anguish’ as a result of passive smoking.


It is difficult these days to avoid seeing the warning notices that councils, shops, public transport, in fact anything, that allows public access, have to display in order to avoid spurious claims from the type of people, who obviously struggle to walk on their hind legs for any length of time, without managing to trip over and harm themselves in some way.

It could seem to the casual observer, that the amount of claims submitted over ‘accidents’ caused by the simplest of human activities, are a full time occupation for some people.

Most employers and the majority of Insurance companies, have now cottoned on to the simple fact, that there are indeed people, who choose the pursuit of ‘Compo,’ as a lifestyle choice.
It has now, thankfully, become increasingly difficult for the serial claimants, to simply get handed armfuls of cash.

Medical evidence has become much more difficult for the professionally lazy to obtain, likewise the Insurance assessors are armed with far greater investigative powers.

Beverage cups and cooked products are clearly marked as being ‘very hot’ in fast food outlets, furniture is securely fastened to the floor, and even silica gel sachets found in packaged goods, now carry the warning that they should ‘Not be eaten’.

This has given Insurance Companies and employers, a greater means of protection in regard to what are obviously falsified claims, to some degree.

The more parasitic of those among the population however, have now come up with a far more nefarious method, of what is after all, obtaining money by deception.

They have played the system for many years, and are never short of coming up with ways of making a claim for anything they can get away with.

The latest weapon of choice, relies upon an act, which in law, is known as ‘Alarm and Distress.’


This practice, becoming far more commonplace, especially online, involves making a criminal complaint to the police, whenever something is written or heard about them, they do not particularly like.

If the person they have made the complaint about is then convicted, it gives them an opportunity to then pursue a personal ‘Alarm and Distress’ financial claim against them too.

This could of course, have massive implications for anyone who uses the internet, specifically Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook, which have millions of users worldwide.

If a precedent is set, it may soon become a criminal act to respond to anybody, even under extreme provocation, in anything other than a totally submissive and neutral manner.

Asking valid questions could be seen as being ‘offensive,’ ‘bullying’ or overly ‘aggressive’ behaviour, which means you could end up in court for merely questioning, responding or reacting to what could in fact be months of online baiting.

As most normal internet users would not even consider behaving in this despicable manner, the online world could soon become a very perilous arena for decent people to enter.

On a happier note, some people, although their actions in the real world would not be considered as compassionate or humanitarian, they did at least, have some morals.

For example, Winston Churchill bought a personal accident policy in 1896 at the age of 21 while a young officer in the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, and kept up the payments until his death in 1965.

Without ever making a claim.

*Disclaimer: In ‘Genuine’ cases, Compensation payments are justified and thoroughly deserved. Unfortunately, anything that involves money, is open to abuse and greed, therefore will always be a target for unscrupulous people. This article in no way reflects upon honest, genuine and deserving people.*


Guest Writer

Politicians and Career Criminals – The Similarities

Labour, Liberal, and Conservative conferences are a vacuum. Words are spoken, but are absolutely meaningless. These people will say anything to keep their jobs.

Let me tell you what I know; and it is a message you have to get out to everybody who a) thinks they know the right people to vote for (the old 3 parties) and b) all of those other people, that one fifth of the nation, who are so absurdly unprepared for life, that they haven’t been able to collect their thoughts together and decide upon which party to vote for – the ever present Don’t Knows.

I grew up with career criminals, junkies, and alcoholics, and then put myself into the care system at the age of 10 years and 10 months, because I didn’t want to be like the parasites I was growing up with.

I have heard all the court rulings of career criminals, junkies, and alcoholics, whereby they blame their past for being where they are now (in front of a magistrate).

Offender: “Oh, well, I’ve had a terrible childhood, and I was in care for a while, and… I’m addicted to [insert choice of drug here]. I’m trying to change, and I’m going to go on a [insert choice of course provided by social services] and make something of my life. I’m looking for a job now. I just need a chance.”

Solicitor: “May it please the bench, but Mr. Feckless, has indeed had a terrible childhood, and was in the care of the Local Authorities for several [weeks, months, years], and due to the stresses of his period in care, and certain family issues, Mr. Feckless gradually fell in with the wrong crowd, began to experiment with [insert substance here], but has recently asked the help of Social Services to help him change his life in a positive way. Indeed, Mr. Feckless has enrolled on a [insert choice of course provided by social services] and which is expected to assist Mr. Feckless greatly, in his rehabilitation.”

At which point the magistrate makes a brief deliberation, and dismisses Mr. Feckless from court, with a stern look, to emphasise the seriousness of the matter, followed by a mildly sympathetic look, to show s/he understands, and then proceeds to give Mr. Feckless, a very mild tap on the wrist.

Upon existing the court, the solicitor nods briefly to Mr. Feckless, which nod infers, a) I did my job and got you off, but it’s getting to be more difficult each time, and b) indicates how sick the solicitor feels at having to deal in lies, trash, and scum every day.

Upon separation, Mr. Feckless, then proceeds to smile so much, that if he was Miss Feckless, her big grin would have left lipstick on her ears. Next comes his swagger, and the inevitable sky-punch of victory, with top teeth biting bottom lip. Knowing and revelling in the satisfaction of having pulled the wool over the eyes of the courts again.

Of to the pub, for a pint, or a friend’s house for a joint, or his dealer’s house to jack up on H, and then to brag about his victory, and how these people in power are utter and complete simpletons, who would believe the weakest and wateriest of tales. Suckers!

So, what do we have here? What does this little tale tell us? And how are politicians in any way comparable?

Well, Mr. Feckless is a parasite, and a conniver; as have been almost all of our politicians, and I mean professionally, for the past 35 years.

They make their promises, we let them in, and then they proceed to renege on everything they ever promised.

They are clearly hypocrites and liars.

They are parasites because they want the role of authority and power, not to do good for the nation or its people, but, for their own and outside vested interests.

After they’ve been in office for a while, and elections start to approach (elections are their day in court), they suddenly change tack, and start speaking about all of the things they haven’t done, but should have done, and how they’re going to get so TOUGH on that if they get back in, because all they need is a bit more TIME.

It would appear there are no courses the Social Services can recommend to a career politician.

They tell us about their woeful past, about how they inherited a very bad system or case of something or other. Damn those people who sat in these seats before us! It’s all because of them that we have the problems we have today, and we plan to get TOUGH on that and the CAUSES of that.

Just give us more time.

Vote us in again and we’ll get this job DONE – You’ll see!

Of course, most of us can see through this nonsense; however, and very sadly, a large proportion of the population of the UK can’t.

I don’t care what kind of background Mr. Feckless has, nor what kind of system a politician has inherited. I’ve heard it and seen it all.

For those of you who don’t know me; I was born in a UK prison in 1965, HMP Exeter, to be exact. I was abandoned by my mother at 9 months old. I was beaten and starved by foster parents until I was 10 years and 10 months old, when I went to the offices of the Social Services and asked them to lock me up in a home, for safety. They required a ‘good reason’ to do such a thing. I removed my shirt and showed them my back. Two and a half hours later I was in a residential assessment centre in Northumberland, near Stannington, to the south of Morpeth.

I later went to Dr. Barnardo’s and stayed with them until I left the home three days after my 16th birthday.

I ceased my attendance at school, pretty much from the day I went into government care.

Please, bear with me, as this isn’t a story of woe about me. There’s a point at the end of it.

After many years of struggle, not being able to get a job, because I had no qualifications, and in many cases because they couldn’t understand a word of my heavy Geordie accent, in the south. I educated myself, changed my speech, went on to get a degree, travelled to 14 countries, and have a series of enterprises that I now run in China, where I’ve been living since 2001.

My point?

I don’t care what excuses people give for not doing the right thing, or for not doing the job they were hired to do, and for which they made a solemn pledge to perform and complete. I don’t care what your childhood was like, or what systems you and your political party inherited.

Fecklessness and deceitful is still what they are!

They are habitual liars, defrauders, deceivers, and self-serving individuals. They’re like alcoholics, or junkies, or thieves, who simply haven’t been able to face the truth and reality of what they have become.

Our past leaders have been self-serving pigs at the trough, who have deliberately, and with malice-aforethought, reneged on their promises they made to their electorate. They have brazenly deceived us, and with their party conferences and their ‘campaigns’ are trying to deceive us again; and they will do so twice more. Once in the MEP elections, and again in the General Election.

It is time for the public to understand that these feckless deceivers can only be punished by the removal of the authority of leadership at the ballot box. That not only must they be removed from office, but that we, the electorate, have to understand that the world isn’t perfect.

But there is an alternative, and a very good one at that, and that, of course is UKIP.

UKIP is the only place for disaffected Conservative and Liberal voters.

I’ve already addressed socialists and Labour voters in a previous posting, which Is here:


I write this not to convert those of you reading, as most of us share the same thoughts; I write this as a means of ammunition for argument.

Just because life is hard, harsh even, and predominantly unfair; and just because one has inherited a faulty economy, or social systems and infrastructure; this does not excuse one for not delivering on promises or making the required changes.

I know more about change than most of the people in the UK. I changed my future when I was 10 years old. That was a choice. I made that choice. After leaving care, I chose not to become a thief, a junkie, an alcoholic, or combination of all three. As many of my contemporaries did. I chose not to die, as many of my contemporaries did. I chose not to remain in ignorance and live the life of an uneducated man. I sought out intelligent individuals and spoke and listened to them. I changed my accent to make it easier for me to get jobs. I travelled and learned foreign languages.

I eventually went to university and got a degree, with my final dissertation being of publishable quality.

I travelled to China and taught myself Chinese. I haven’t attended a single class of Chinese.

All that I have done is through CHOICE.

Personal CHOICE.

Choice is responsibility.

We all of us make choices to DO or NOT TO DO; and we all of us must live with the consequences of our choices and actions.

The United Kingdom is reaching a turning point, whereby, if we do not exit the EU before we’re irrevocably locked in, we are doomed as a nation and a people. All our past achievements and glories will count for nothing, as they are gradually subsumed by the porridge of a supranational government system of cultural and historic neutralisation and homogenisation.

The country we were born in, complained about, moaned and whined about, will be GONE!

It will become memory only in the minds of the aged, who will slowly fade and die.

School text books will not make mention of it, as they’ll follow the wider curriculum prescribed by the EU oligarchs.

The United Kingdom will become a socialist state, with all of the attending woes of a socialist state; which I’m certain I don’t have to enumerate.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are on the cusp, at the event horizon, of a new age for the UNITED KINGDOM, we will have to make a CHOICE; there can be nobody of voting age allowed to abstain from their vote; there can be nobody who remains in the “I don’t know camp”; all must vote, and all must CHOOSE correctly; the alternative, is too grim to imagine.

But, I can tell you this, that after having lived and worked in three communist countries, and seen the harshness, and the daily grind, of the lives of the natives.


But, this is the path that Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberals now have us treading; knowingly, or unknowingly, complicit, or in ignorance, doesn’t matter at this stage in our nation’s history.

It is sufficient to know that we are on the WRONG path, and that we must make a new CHOICE, and CHOOSE to go the path of INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGNTY that has guarded this nation for so long.

Beware the feckless, the liars, the deceivers, and the self-serving.