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I have no idea how many of you watched the ITV EU IN/OUT ‘debate’ last night, which featured Prime Minister David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage, but I guess that more than a few of you are reading about it online this morning.

As the title of this post suggests, the Mass Media are expected to report on current events in a completely neutral and unbiased manner, and from what I saw last night and have been attempting to highlight since this site started in 2012 – reporting ‘Without Fear or Favour’ is something the Mass Media has clearly forgotten.

A perfect example of this was on display during lasts night’s TV debate, where the spokesmen representing both sides of the IN/OUT campaigns were answering questions from an audience comprised (allegedly) of members of the public.

But was that strictly the case?

According to a number of my sources, one audience member, who accused the UKIP leader of ‘Fearmongering‘ and ‘Racism‘ among other things, is now thought to be not an ordinary ‘member of the public’, but a HUFFINGTON POST Blogger named Imrael Morgan, who is a ‘Diversity ‘Expert‘ and a professional broadcaster.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the woman was in the audience as a legitimite member of the public, and one who was genuinely concerned about how the result of the EU Referendum was going to effect her personally, which she has every right to do of course; but for the purposes of this post I will assume that she attended the debate in her ‘Professional’ capacity.

And it’s that connection which has piqued my interest and generated this article.

The Soros-owned Huffington Post, has previous history when it comes to trying to steer opinion in favour of the established order on any number of subjects, and first came on my radar in 2012, when another Huff Post blogger and author (who shall remain nameless) gave a platform on the HP website to a woman who has since turned out to be one of the most pernicious, vicious and prolific trolls on Social Media.

That Huff Post blogger, has also struck up online ‘friendships’ with a group of equally vicious internet trolls, a number of whom have since been arrested for harassment and are currently under investigation by at least four separate UK police forces and one in Europe.

This group (who many people now believe are organised and funded by people within the mass media) specifically target survivors of Childhood Abuse, their supporters and a number of small independent agencies who assist them.

*Particularly so if those survivors have made allegations about anyone within the British establishment.*

So how many more ‘audience members’and how many of those supposedly randomly selected people who have been paraded by the mass media to express ‘opinions’ on the EU Referendum, are in fact acting on their own volition?

Because in my experience, if you want to judge the true mood of a country, or to get the truth about any subject – it would be wise to avoid the Mass media as a source as you would anyone else with a highly infectious and ultimately deadly disease.


By Eddie Boyce 
Kent Freedom Movement
I came across this article this morning in the Zionist controlled BBC and it really brought home to me how far the World has now slipped into a fear based police State in all but name.
Most people reading this know or should that the whole “war on terror” is a monumental fraud now going into it’s murderous unlawful 15th year.

The catalyst for the “War on Terror” was the obvious false flag attacks of 9/11 which were the “new pearl harbour” called for in the Zionist inspired  PNAC (project for a new American Century) document written by dual citizen Jews masquerading as American citizens.

The consequences of this evil plan have been many and far reaching.

The Middle East has seen sovereign Countries bombed back to the stone age and millions of innocent people killed and millions more displaced.

The latest target being the secular Nation of Syria with the Zionist controlled west demanding Assad step down.

This latest attempt to overthrow Syria has seen the rise out of nowhere of a new so called terrorist group named ISIS (they love this ancient Goddess) that is seemingly invincible.
Of course it’s complete nonsense as this ragtag army of Mossad/IDF/mercenaries and useful Muslim idiots are in reality a creation of the Zionist controlled west and they do there bidding in attempting to overthrow Islamic Nation after Nation while leaving Israel and it’s interest well alone.
Just a coincidence nothing to worry about.
Now the politicians and the MSM would have us believe that these “terrorist” are such an unbeatable force that the might of the super power USA army has not been able to stop them even with the help of numerous other Nations.

This is such an insult to people’s intelligence it beggars belief people buy into this nonsense.

In reality ISIS has replaced Al-Qaeda as the latest new and not improved bogey man to frighten the west into continually doing Israel’s bidding and helping with it’s mad long term plan of a “greater Israel”.

Just to make sure the mesmerized masses never see that the only Country who benefits from this criminal madness is Israel. And to keep the west on board with using their armies and paying for the wholesale destruction of the middle east through their taxes they perpetuate false flag attacks from time to time.

The Paris “attacks”

The latest false flag attack was carried out in Paris on November 13th 2015.

I won’t go into too much detail regarding this staged event but if people want to get a comprehensive and accurate account I suggest looking at Brandon Martinez work on YouTube here and his site here for a very good analysis of this latest contrived event which proves without a shadow of doubt the Paris attacks was another in an increasingly long line of false flag terror events perpetuated by criminal western governments and their intertwined “intelligence” agencies.

Naturally the despicable MSM play their part as they constantly ramp up the fear 24/7 while simultaneously not bothering to tell the obvious truth to the people.

It is left to us in the “alternative media” to do our best to reach people to inform them of the whole insidious murderous agenda that even has them in it’s cross-hairs.

So here we are at the start of a New Year (2016) and we have reached a point where this child like but deadly game of World domination is having a detrimental effect on even simple pleasures like welcoming in the new year.

How long this madness continues is really up to humanity and it’s ability to face reality, not the contrived reality of corrupt politicians and the media but reality on the ground.

Do we continue to turn a blind eye to the massive crimes perpetuated by Jewish banksters and their Zionist and Freemasonic stooges embedded into western governments, the media, Wall St and the City of London? or do we finally realise the emperor has no clothes and without our consent and willful ignorance and participation (Military etc) this could be over before the start of 2017 if we so choose.

As ever our actions or inaction’s will answer the above question.

I know the people who are reading this blog are doing there part in exposing the agenda and I would like to thank you for your efforts, they are sorely needed and much appreciated.

I also wish you all a happy, prosperous, healthy and peaceful New Year.

God Bless you all.