As many people may already be aware, there have been, what can be accurately described as a ‘flood’ of online accusations, leveled at a number of people who have put themselves forward as Campaigners and/or spokespersons, who advocate for, and claim to be seeking justice on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A number of these, who through aggressively promoting themselves on every platform that has been made available, have also attracted a large following, and as such, are […]

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The conviction of ex-north Wales Police Superintendant Gordon Anglesea, has for many people, finally presented solid evidence to support the endless rumour and speculation that a paedophile/abuse ring has been operating, in and around north Wales, for the last four decades. The guilty verdict that was handed down at the Crown Court at Mold on Friday, to the Freemason and Rotarian ex-policeman Anglesea, has shown that despite the endless obfusction, the continual distraction and the numerous attempts to cover up the nefarious activities of a number […]

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