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I was sent an article last night, written by a journalist, and which no doubt, will send certain members of the Twitterati into meltdown and cause the #paedobritain stalwarts to develop noticeable facial tics – such will be their indignation that anyone had dared to question the #ibelievenick manta that has been somewhat prominent on social media accounts and various blogs.

It asks pertinent questions of not only a prominent CSA ‘Survivor’, but also of his mentors, the shadowy Fleet Street media outfit known as Exaro News.

I am not entirely sure if it has been published elsewhere, but I am certain that nobody in the ‘Alternative Media’ or the Truth Movement will dare to publish it, as it may force them to reassess their views and maybe even deviate from the herd mentality that supports them and exists throughout the AM at the current time – and thus offer an alternative to the usual  ‘Troofer’ narrative, and also run the risk of losing many of their followers in the process.

I have no such reservations, however, as after almost three years of publishing the Outlaw, I rest assured that the majority of those who visit and read the articles on this site, are open-minded and intelligent, and will examine everything with a critical eye, nor are they easily swayed by the baying mainstream mobs and the many evangelical tub thumpers that exist online.

I do not agree with everything in the article, but in the interests of balance I have published it here, as it does raise some important questions of certain people, and examines in depth, the possibility, that things may not be as they appear in the media and elsewhere online, and may even be of interest to those who are not obsessively following every twist and turn of this ongoing saga.

Survivor or Storyteller? – Nick vs. British History

Bernie Najarian

I heard a story once, about a teenager who had registered on a legal pedophile board website and made friends among the members.

The people who befriended him weren’t fools; they knew that such purported teens were, as often as not, fake. Over time, though, online friendships grew. The speed of their growth was probably accelerated because the teen had issues – he had panics, dramas, depressions, urgent questions. He needed help. The kindest boylover who ever was (TKBLWEW) got involved counselling him against his depressions and fears. Then the teen stopped posting. A message appeared from one of his friends saying that he’d committed suicide. TKBLWEW was heartsick. So much love and energy poured into that infinitely valuable developing youth – and now this.

You can imagine how he felt a year later, then, when the same poster reappeared on the board, apologized for faking his suicide, and admitted he was many years older than he’d stated, though still a callow youth.

In doing this, this young man in his mid-20s joined the populous ranks of society’s Munchausens, people who display false afflictions and sufferings for public sympathy or for the sympathy of authority figures (doctors, officials, etc.). Although the term Munchausen Syndrome was first coined to describe people who fake dramatic medical conditions, the same dynamic is clearly at work in people who proclaim other sorts of false sufferings.

The fake suicide boy joined such luminaries as the fictional abused 14-year-old boy author Anthony Godby Johnson, who actually was the 40-something Joanne Vicki Fraginals, and the dozens of people who claimed to having seen or suffered Satanic ritual sexual abuse, before these claims were painstakingly shown to be completely fictitious, sometimes after innocent day care owners and others had been wrongly imprisoned for years.

Child sexual abuse is a common theme in Munchausen stories. For example, in the listverse.com list of ‘Ten bizarre hoaxes involving nonexistent people’, the top-ranking hoax is the story of former transgendered 12-year-old prostitute J.T. LeRoy, who turned out to be the fictional creation of a 35-year-old woman called Laura Albert. Albert, despite having no experiences parallel to those of her creation, justified the fraud, after being caught, by saying “For me it was created the way an oyster creates a pearl: out of irritation and suffering. It was an attempt to try to heal something. And it actually worked.”

One thing online people learn, sooner or later, is that you have to watch out for the storytellers.

Oh, yes. Do watch out for those storytellers.

You could say that they’re seeking attention, but as a professional reporter, I can tell you that I am also seeking attention, in a way. I love it when you read my story. They are doing something much deeper than that – something that I and my fact-exposing ilk are not attempting to do. They are trying to produce a catharsis. They role-play, confronting death and the evils of the world on the level of a heartfelt fantasy, while many others, their audience, sympathetically hold on to their hands.

Here’s how I think this deception works: We all die sometime; we all sometimes live in pain. So does anyone we love and identify with. These realities, forming the backdrop for the ordinary pains of our lives, make us angry; they make us bereft; they say that love is temporary and often false. However lovely love may feel, it is disposable, and so, therefore, is respect. We don’t owe the truth to any of those who sympathize with our stories, even when we cling to their sympathy. The story of our pain, even when it is expressed in completely imaginary scenarios, is more real than their reality.

The incredible power of storytelling is at its most visible today in Great Britain. The 20th century history of the country is perhaps about to be fundamentally changed by a tale.

The conventional view is that Britain has been ruled by people who are mostly sober and occasionally efficient. Whether populist left or hard-nosed right, they have been true public servants. Of course, as such, they have been prone to the standard range of scandals about love affairs and expense claims, but a few bad apples don’t spoil the whole barrel – and should they seem to, you can elect a new, fresh barrel of clean apples.

The alternative view that has now presented itself is that the British governments in the late 20th century, right and left, were all one seething barrel of rot. They consisted of a conspiratorial cabal of child murderers and rapists, or accessories to those crimes. These evil men and women used secret service spies, police and border officials to abet their lives of constant sadistic self-indulgence. The rule of law was a hoax. No child was safe. In a historic period where we thought Margaret Thatcher acted as a prissy Augustus Caesar, throwing back unions and Argentines and communists from the borders of democratic capitalism, we had instead a British Nero, ruling an empire whose limitless, bloody debaucheries would have been forever covered up – if not for one man

The name of this man is ‘Nick.’ This is the man who hopes to rewrite the history of the United Kingdom with his stories.

‘Nick’ came forward in late 2014 to an up-and-coming journalistic endeavor by the name of Exaro News. Exaro, slogan ‘Holding Power to Account,’ was a 2011 startup, owned by wealthy London banker Jerome Booth and managed in-house by investigative reporter Mark Watts. It was best known in its early years for exposing multi-billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s involvement in bribery of public officials by news tabloids in the UK. It had also, however, sponsored a prominent series of investigations about alleged sexual abuse of young people at a hotel called the Elm Guest House in the late 1970s and early 80s.

After the Elm Guest House stories came out, Nick came forward to Exaro News and began to tell his own story, which he stated he’d suppressed for 30 years out of fear. His unique trust in Exaro was such that he insisted on having an Exaro staffer with him when he first reported his complaints to the police.

These complaints can be found online in two forms, an official press form and a personal form. The latter is found in Nick’s alternatively-pseudonymed Twitter account (@carl_survivor) and wordpress blog. Although the blog was recently restricted to friends only, it was long open and formed a prominent part of the ongoing ‘abuse survivors’ social movement in the UK. Nick was extensively tied in to the network of people responding as victims to the Jimmy Savile allegations, Operation Yewtree, and so on – the movement that some online skeptics have referred to as ‘Operation Compensation’ because of the large amounts of money some complainants have collected.

There are, however, many complainants who are not eligible for any monetary reward for their exposure.

As an accuser of sexual abuse, Nick is entitled, under British law, to anonymity, but he may also waive this protection. As blogger Richard Bartholomew pointed out on Aug. 7 of this year, Nick has openly cross-linked himself to his alternative pseudonym, ‘Carl Survivor,’ under which extensive first-person accounts of his allegations have been published. The unique facts linking Nick’s allegations, made via Exaro and other news outlets, and the oeuvre of Carl Survivor, are as follows: the person claims to be a witness to three murders of young boys by a cabal of sexual abusers including many high officials; and, he was abused from ages 7-16, 30 yrs ago. Although Carl, when challenged by barrister Barbara Hewson on Twitter, did not openly admit to being Nick, his prominent featuring of correlated data breaks all the rules of internet anonymity – and he otherwise seems to be good at anonymity. Ergo, one infers that the Nick – Carl link is not intended to be a secret, but rather is merely a relatively discreet, acknowledged link.

Here’s a press version of Nick’s allegations against former Conservative Member of Parliament Harvey Proctor. This is from news.com.au, Aug. 27.

“Former Conservative MP Harvey Proctor vehemently denied horrific allegations of rape, torture, sexual abuse and murder made against him by a man known only as “Nick” that are said to have taken place between 1978 and 1984.

“I am completely innocent of all these allegations. I am a homosexual, I am not a murderer. I am not a paedophile,” he told reporters in a luxury London hotel.”

The extraordinary offensive is the first time details of the alleged abuse have been made public. Mr Proctor warned “anyone of a delicate or nervous disposition should leave the room” before listing the nine allegations made against him.

They include tying a young boy to a table and stabbing him with a knife before raping and strangling him in front of Nick. He was accused of sexually abusing Nick on multiple occasions and threatening to cut off his genitalia with a pen knife. Nick also claims to have witnessed a friend being run down and killed by a car and said Mr Proctor was in the group responsible.

“They amount to just about the worst allegations anyone can make against another person including as they do, multiple murder of children, their torture, grievous bodily harm, rape and sexual child abuse,” Mr Proctor said.
“I denied all and each of the allegations in turn and in detail and categorised that as false and untrue.”

I’ll add in one more detail from the Daily Mail.

“One grim accusation is that Proctor threatened to cut off Nick’s testicles with a penknife, only to be stopped from doing so by (former British Prime Minister) Edward Heath. Nick has since produced what he says is the offending penknife and handed it to detectives.”

Now, here are parts of the stories as told, without direct accusation against individuals, on the Carl Survivor blog. Ordinarily, I would simply link to the original text, but with this long-open blog having recently been set to private, I feel obliged to quote selected portions so that members of public are able to know the nature of the actual stories that have had such a strong influence on public affairs today:

“I need to go back over 30 years. I spent 9 years at the hands of a paedophile ring that had absolutely no fear of being caught. But how do I know that they had no fear? Well, their actions pretty much spoke for themselves. Some of the men openly told me their names, some their professions, I was taken openly to various locations to be abused, no attempt was made to muffle our cries or screams. I was even taken abroad through a major airport with no questions or passport. Then there were the threats, the threat that me and others could simply disappear and not only would no one question it but they would not care either. On top of all this I and others experienced first-hand what these men were capable of. I would be punished in the most brutal way imaginable, my friends were killed and all done without hesitation or remorse. From what I have learnt about human nature since becoming an adult, you just don’t do these things unless you’re sure of the people you are with and the protection that you have.”

CARLCHASS.WORDPRESS.COM (currently inaccessible)

“So I think that it is OK that I don’t understand their actions and I wonder if they understand what they did themselves, although they must have done. It takes a considerable amount of thought and action (for someone) to hold my head underwater so I can’t breathe, or to burn me or even to rape me. So how did they rationalize it to themselves? How does a grown man think that raping me, boys, children was OK? How can a man inflict unimaginable pain on me and others and live with our screams in their head? How can a man kill my friend and look at themselves in the mirror as though it was the most normal thing in the world? How can a man do those things to another human being let alone a child?”

CARLCHASS.WORDPRESS.COM (currently inaccessible)

“This is the continuation from my blog ‘How it all started’. I was 7 years old and had already suffered physically and sexually at the hands of my father. Now however, I was going to be introduced to the group, something I think that was always his intention. I never saw him as happy as when they seemed to like and accept me into the group. I was in, which meant he was too. I don’t remember anything unusual about the day, except I suppose for the fact he was being nice to me. I should have suspected something was wrong. I had to wear my school uniform even though I was not going to be going to school that day. Instead I was going to my father’s work. I remember as though it was yesterday him telling me to do exactly as I was told and to not say a word. I don’t remember feeling scared or anything, but I was confused that he was being nice.

I was taken into this office and there was another man there waiting, he seemed to know my father. I remember they talked for a bit, but this other man never stopped looking at me, and I think it made me nervous. The man came over and said hello and even shook my hand and he told my father to leave. It was just me and him and I had to stand before him. He started touching my hair and face and then all over my body. He kept saying how beautiful I was and that I was a good boy. I do remember it was quite nice to hear that I was a good boy. He started to undress me and then do some of the things my father did. Despite all that I had been through already with my father, I don’t think I expected it to come from a stranger, I just assumed it’s what fathers did.

This man only kissed and touched me and didn’t hurt me like my father but I was still glad when it was over. When my father came back, they talked again which is when I saw how happy he was. On the way back home, he even told me I had done really well. I don’t think this really registered, although it did add to the confusion that small boy felt. How could he be so nasty one minute and nice the next, why did it make him happy when another man liked me like that, was this all normal? It didn’t feel normal, or it might have been I didn’t want it to feel normal, but it was happening nevertheless.

It wasn’t long after that first meeting that I was taken to this house, I was ushered into the back room, and that man was there again together with two others. He was pleased to see me and again my father left me there. I was told to undress and do various things in front of them. One of them was taking pictures. I didn’t feel right to be standing there naked in front of these three men, but they seemed pleased, which I didn’t quite know why. The man the office, told everyone to leave. He started kissing and touching me again, but this time made me do things to him as well. At the end he held me down on the carpet and raped me. He was the same as my father but unlike him he was saying all these nice things to me as he was hurting me. I still didn’t understand what was happening to me, except it was hurting and I didn’t like it. My face was wet with tears as I was pushed into the carpet.”

CARLCHASS.WORDPRESS.COM (currently inaccessible)

February 17, 2015
Split wide open:

“For the last four months, it has been such a non-stop roller coaster of emotions, and to be honest I am really not sure what I am feeling at the moment. It feels like I am living my two lives again. My functioning life, working, looking after the family, looking after the house. I have to do all of these, no one is going to do it for me. But in my quiet moments and at night I am pretty much a mess. I am empty, the wounds that I have carried since I was a child have split wide open and I am sure getting bigger by the day.

The abuse I can cope with well now, my counselling has helped me come to terms with that. But dealing with the deaths of my friends is a whole different issue and one that I am struggling with. I have written before about the blame and guilt I have over their deaths, and I read all the lovely comments from people about it not being my fault, but I just can’t accept it. Over the past four months I have relived their deaths over and over again. Every single night they return to show how I let them down, how I didn’t do everything I could to save them. During the day, when I have a quiet period, my thoughts turn to those times replaying them over and over again wondering what I could have done differently with different outcomes for them. I think it makes it worse that at the moment I can’t talk about their deaths with my counsellor, I have to be careful what I say about it here, and I have no one to talk to each and every day, the thoughts, the demons are my own to keep…”

Carl has written extensive amounts of poetry, something he says his therapist advised him to do. I’ve edited the text for typos.

I’ve just found out the identity of one of my friends
So many years of wondering could be at an end
But dealing with it has taken its toll
A big deal for me, I’m no longer whole
I miss him so very much
Having his warmth, feeling his touch
He was a lot braver than I will ever be
His courage was there for me to see
I hear he has got family alive
Will they hate me that I survived
The guilt overwhelming, eating away
Part of me died that terrible day
I want to shout, honour his name
But how can I when I was to blame.
I think about you every single day
You’re always in my heart, forever to stay”

Some earlier text partly explains this poem:

‘XX (the friend in the poem – BN) died because of me. I was warned by the group and I took no notice. People tell me that at that age I would have had no idea what the consequences would be then, and that is probably true. However, I knew what they were capable of, I experienced what they were capable of and at the end of the day, I did not do as I was told and because of that my friend died. I knew the rules, you had to do as you were told, without question. So why didn’t I do it then? If I had, he would be alive today, but because I was selfish they took him from me. With the other two it was different but I was still to blame. I cannot publish the details here, but I was not strong enough to help my second friend, I tried so hard but I failed. My third friend died because I kept quiet when I should have spoken up. I had an opportunity to put myself forward, but I was too scared and because of my silence, he died.’


A police document read out by Harvey Proctor at an Aug. 25 press conference fills in the missing details:

‘1980 – at a residential house in central London. “Nick” was driven by car to an address in the Pimlico/Belgravia area where a second boy (the victim) was also collected in the same vehicle. Both boys, aged approximately 12-years-old, were driven to another similar central London address. Mr. Proctor was present with another male. Both boys were led to the back of the house. Mr. Proctor then stripped the victim, and tied him to a table. He then produced a large kitchen knife and stabbed the child through the arm and other parts of the body over a period of 40 minutes. A short time later Mr. Proctor untied the victim and anally raped him on the table. The other male stripped “Nick” and anally raped him over the table. Mr. Proctor then strangled the victim with his hands until the boy’s body went limp. Both males then left the room. Later, Mr. Proctor returned and led “Nick” out of the house and into a waiting car.’

‘1981-82 – at a residential address in central London. “Nick” was collected from Kingston train station and taken to a “party” at a residential address. The witness was among four young boys. Several men were present including Mr. Proctor. One of the men told the boys one of them would die that night and they had to choose who. When the boys wouldn’t decide, the men selected one of the boys (the victim). Each of the four boys including “Nick” were taken to separate rooms for “private time”. When they all returned to the same room, Nick was anally raped by Mr. Proctor and another male as “punishment”. The other males also anally raped the remaining boys. Mr. Proctor and two other males then began beating the chosen victim by punching and kicking. The attack continued until the boy collapsed on the floor and stopped moving. All of the men left the room. The remaining boys attempted to revive the victim but he was not breathing. They were left for some time before being taken out of the house and returned to their homes.’

‘Between May and July 1979 – in a street in Coombe Hill, Kingston. Nick was walking in this area with another boy (the victim) when he heard the sound of a car engine revving. A dark-coloured car drove into the victim knocking him down. “Nick” could see the boy covered in blood and his leg bent backwards. A car pulled up and “Nick” was grabbed and placed in the car. He felt a sharp pain in his arm and next remembered being dropped off at home. He was warned not to have friends in future. “Nick” never saw the other boy again. “Nick” does not identify Mr. Proctor as being directly involved in this allegation. However, he states Mr. Proctor was part of the group responsible for the systematic sexual abuse he suffered. Furthermore, he believes the group were responsible for the homicide.’

‘There have been months of stories in the U.K. press about organized abuse in the ’70s and ’80s at the Elm Guest House and also at apartments in an area called Dolphin Square, where many prominent political types had their London addresses. Connections have been made not just to politicians and entertainers, but also to the British secret service, especially since a long-dead MI6 secret service agent named Peter Hayman was shown to have been a part of the Paedophile Information Exchange political/social group. A former Head of the MI6, the late Maurice Oldfield, is alleged by Nick to be part of the gang that abused him. The involvement of secret service agents is important to the story, since it seems to make every illegal action possible.

From Proctor’s Aug. 25 press release:’

The “gang” is also alleged to have included Lord Janner (a former Labour M.P.), Lord Bramall (Former Chief of the General Staff), the late Maurice Oldfield (Former Head of Secret Intelligence Service – MI6), the late Sir Michael Hanley (Director General of the Internal Security Service – MI5), General Sir Hugh Beach (Master-General of the Ordnance) and a bloke named Ray Beech.

Members of Parliament, starting with the notoriously homophobic, evangelical maverick Geoffrey Dickens in the 1990s and continuing with Tom Watson, Simon Danczuk, Sarah Champion and others to the present day, have actively sought and collected evidence of pedosexual improprieties by members of the governing elite. While some establishment members have been successfully convicted or posthumously implicated, a prominent cluster of allegations is almost entirely dependent on Nick’s say-so.

Nick’s evidence is far more dramatic even than that given against posthumously alleged boy-spanker and physical assaulter Member of Parliament Cyril Smith, because of the murders Nick claims to have witnessed. The allegation that a notoriously shy, seemingly asexual Prime Minister, Edward Heath, was secretly involved in a child sex-murder gang, is one of the most drastically counterintuitive historical revisions ever proposed. The mainstream Daily Mirror newstabloid, independently of Nick, has also gone so far as to state that “we can reveal that Heath was present at more than half a dozen Westminster meetings of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.” No evidence has been presented, so far, for this astonishing idea – astonishing to anyone who knows the sort of people who dared to sneak discreetly to gay meetings during the period the P.I.E. was in existence, 1974-84. The idea of a top Conservative politico showing up at a gathering of the most controversial deviants in existence – effectively committing political suicide if even one person talked about it to anyone they knew – is completely preposterous.

So far, the only objective evidence that has been revealed to back up Nick’s claims is the penknife that Nick has given to police, with the claim that it was the one used when Harvey Proctor threatened him with castration.

Nick has nonetheless been rated by police as ‘credible and true.’ As Proctor and many other people have pointed out, this statement is unprofessionally prejudicial, but one can readily see its raison d’être. Carl, in his blog, often serves as a peacemaker amongst the warring factions of the political abuse victim movement, and even quotes Mahatma Gandhi.

This quote seems appropriate for this blog. From Mahatma Gandhi:
‘Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your word

Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviour
Keep your behaviour positive, because your behaviour becomes your habits
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny
So let’s each of us see if we can use unity over division, tolerance over intolerance, understanding over aggression and support over distress.’

He appears to be a member of the professional class who says things like

“I know some people will not accept that everything is not in the public domain, but having led independent reviews in my own line of work, I understand that somethings have to remain confidential, but it is right and proper that they put as much as they can in the public domain.”

“I would like to thank you for inviting me to speak at your conference. I have presented at other conferences as part of my job, but this is the first time that I have spoken to publically about something so personal.”

Nick/Carl also serves as a poster boy for the need for abused children to tell their stories, and is constantly referenced by Susan G. Crocombe (@shinybluedress) and other prominent campaigners who stress this theme.

Police, looking for corroboration of stories of abuse by VIPs, were under strong political pressure to state that, unlike in the bad old days, they would not disbelieve and dismiss those coming forward. To call Nick ‘credible and true’ was a bright, flashy fishing lure that also pleased the political victim movement. If police had been punctiliously accurate about the presumption of innocence, they could better have said Nick was ‘credible and verisimilitudinous’ – my guess at their actual meaning – but neither they nor most of their intended audience would have the vocabulary for such a statement.

The ‘credible and true’ prejudgement enraged Proctor, and has fuelled such a powerful backlash that even prominent media VIP abuse witchfinders like ex-cop-turned investigative journalist Mark Williams-Thomas have expressed disbelief about Nick and his stories.

THE SUNDAY TIMES – paywalled story

Everything hangs on whether or not Nick/Carl is the J.T. LeRoy of VIP abuse. If his accounts are true, he has been subjected to terrible crimes, and has witnessed many more. Insofar as it is possible, given the 30-year time lag, everyone involved in inflicting these horrific tortures and murders should be prosecuted with the same vigor and persistence employed to track down war criminals from the World War II death camps. This is all the more imperative if they were public officials who were protected by corrupted political powers.

If Nick’s stories are false, then he is perhaps the most daring Munchausen ever to have twisted the public’s emotions with his storytelling. Now that he has become active, Nick is by no means a shadow-figure. He’s a prominent go-getter, a major leader in the victim movement. His Carl alter-ego is busy organizing a national display of mementos collected by people who claim to be ‘victims and survivors’ of sexual abuse.

It had three showings booked, starting in January 2016, as of the time Carl’s blog went into private status.

‘Raising Awareness for Victims and Survivors of Child Abuse
Frequently asked questions – updated 17 July 2015

Where do I send my submissions?

You can send your submissions to me via facebook, email or twitter.

What can I send in to represent me in the exhibition?

Anything. So far people have sent in a variety of photographs (of animals, favourite places, things that mean something to the individual, pictures of them as an adult, pictures of them as a child), poems, drawings we have even had a song submitted. Most people choose to send in a photograph of some sort. However, even if you can’t think of anything and still want to take part, let me know and we can always get a picture for you.

How can I help?

If you want to physically help, I ask you to get in touch with Mike Pierce at the Southmead Project so that we can co-ordinate offers of help. However, you can also help by donating money to the project, and the biggest help is spreading the word about the exhibition so as many survivors have the opportunity to take part as possible.

The range of phenomena people can swear they have personally witnessed is amazing.

The Valais Witch Trials that occurred in what is now western Switzerland between 1428 and 1447 included personal eyewitness testimonies and confessions to the following events:

Flying: to have anointed chairs, then gone flying through the air and engaged in plundering wine cellars.Lycanthropy: to have killed cattle in the shapes of werewolves.
Invisibility: to have made themselves invisible with herbs.
Healing: To have cured sickness and paralysis caused by sorcery by giving it to someone else.
Cannibalism: to have abducted and eaten children.
Satanism: To have met and learned magic from Satan.
Conspiracy: to have planned depriving Christianity of its power over humanity.’

Note that the abduction and murder of children is prominent in the list. Whether we look at the early 20th-century Protocols of the Elders of Zion or at modern Satanic abuse fictions, like those concocted about the community of Hampstead by angry divorcée Ella Draper, the murder of children by evil forces is a lynchpin of malicious public Munchausenhood. When you add together a small catalyst of Munchausens with a large group of supportive Moralists, then you have the necessary ingredients of a witch-hunt.

Storytellers + Moralists = Witch-hunt.

The entire future of Britain, including its ability to tell its own story truthfully, hangs on whether Nick is Carl Survivor or Carl Storyteller. This question in turn hangs upon whether British judges and police can correctly discern which of these possible Carl’s is the real one. They are in one hell of a situation – actual evidence or even corroborative detail from such long-ago cases, especially those involving transient factors like sexual acts and unreported injuries, is almost impossible to find. Most of the alleged participants they could interview are dead; a few more are considered to be senile.

Police have a single item of evidence – a penknife which they can contemplate, and not much else.

Along with whatever else they collect, they should study ‘credible and true’-seeming stories like those of Anthony Godby Johnson and J.T. LeRoy carefully before they make any decisions.

Accessible links:





















“That this House believes that justice for the survivors of child abuse should be a priority for the Government; notes that concerns have been raised by current and former police officers and special branch officers that by coming forward with evidence related to child abuse they could be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act 1989; and calls on the Government to introduce legislation to remove the threat of prosecution for anyone who has reasonable cause to believe that the information, document or article they disclose is relevant to an official investigation of, or inquiry into, historic child abuse.”






Early Day Motion 38 27/5/2015

There seems to be a fair amount of Internet chatter doing the rounds lately, questioning the integrity of the ongoing ‘Operation Fernbridge’ investigation.

More than a few CSA-obsessed Journalists, Bloggers and Tweeters have been shuffling around, muttering about whitewashes, cover-ups and it being a ‘Dud Enquiry‘ and suchlike, which of course has just added yet another baseless rumour to those which are already in circulation.

So what is really happening?

Are the police, who are already under the closest scrutiny they have known since the advent of the Internet, and are also very aware of the ever watchful eyes of thousands of opinionated, yet basically clueless, although well-meaning, keyboard detectives, really attempting to carry out a blatant cover-up as has been alleged ?

Or, has their job been made even harder by what is now clearly appearing to be an organised online campaign, seemingly designed to undermine, spread false rumour and generally muddy the waters, in an attempt to permanently corrupt the police investigation and prevent the truth from ever emerging?

It is certainly starting to look that way.

Evidence has also emerged that Operation Pallial has also been targeted by certain online groups, (for reasons that are becoming worryingly obvious) who have been attempting to discredit witnesses and undermine that investigation in a similar manner.

Fernbridge and Pallial were set up partly to address the rumours that have persisted for years, that the original enquiries in the 1990’s, like The North Wales Abuse Enquiry (Waterhouse) for example, were a whitewash and a blatant cover-up to protect establishment Paedophile rings, consisting of Freemasons, Police Officers, Council Workers, Social Care Workers and suchlike, operating out of children’s homes.

I also believe, however, that Waterhouse was basically flawed, but for reasons that are not immediately obvious to the casual observer, as it now appears that an uncomfortably large number of the most serious among the original allegations were clearly false.

The volatile political climate of the time, coupled with the unrelenting pressure of mainstream Journalists, led to a hastily constructed police investigation which appears to have depended more on visible convictions, than actual, verifiable proof and evidence.

An investigation, that was effectively ‘steered’ by the very first statement given to the North Wales Police, alleging that the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home was in fact, a veritable den of iniquity, entirely staffed by sadistic Paedophiles.

Allegations obtained by police trawling exercises were therefore seen to be the main focus of the investigation, and convictions were hastily sought and indeed found, based on what could only be described as being among the most unbelievable accusations you could possibly imagine.

And there were certain ex-residents who were complicit in compiling many of the more serious allegations, even after making earlier statements which clearly affirmed, that “no abuse ever took place at Bryn Estyn during their time there.”

Many of the lesser allegations, were of course genuine, as a number of the convictions have proved that to be the case, but the most damning allegations, the most brutal and heinous of those that were presented, to both the police and the later Enquiry, were later shown to be simply untrue!

As an example, this has been taken from ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster, which has been transcribed and put online.


That should give the reader an insight into the type of allegation that was related to both the North Wales Police and the subsequent Waterhouse enquiry, and also formed the basis of a number of compensation claims against Clwyd Council.

It should also be noted, that at least one of those mentioned in the above link, is now very active online and is a prominent, extremely abrasive and somewhat vicious character, central among those involved in the current campaign to discredit genuine witnesses and undermine the ongoing investigations.

I am not saying that anything written here should be seen as a definitive version of events, as I believe that in time, more and more evidence will be uncovered, which I believe may even reveal an entirely different picture than what has been presented to the viewing public thus far.

It is merely my opinion, but an opinion, however, based on evidence-based research and a close observation of a series of events, that I was unwillingly dragged into by a number of people, who have since shown a completely different side to the character they try to present online.

A group of underhanded, thoroughly nasty and consummate liars, entirely untrustworthy, and who will, without a single doubt in my mind, only benefit from the truth never emerging in it’s entirety.

“Too many people, got too much to hide”

But it’s not for me to speculate on their motives for doing so, that is entirely up to the reader to work out for themselves.

I shall end this with another opinion, not mine, I must add, but one also based on careful observation of what has been happening online recently in regard to the current police investigations.

It was posted to a Forum I used to subscribe to and I copied it (with permission) as it echoed many of my own observations regarding this whole issue.


“The entire Elm Guest House story was hijacked by Chris Fay & his accomplices, and very effectively so.

It got the whole nation to sit up and take notice however.

But it was simply, a muddying of the waters, for whatever reason….

Personally, I’d advise anyone getting involved with ‘campaigning’ politicians to use them as they use each other – ruthlessly & calculatingly.

They chew each other up & spit each other out as they grapple for the next rung on the ladder.

We should do the same with them – use them for our own ends & discard them without a second thought the second they cease to be useful to us.

It sounds harsh, and I wouldn’t do it in the real world with real people, but they are Politicans after all, barely even human!

The Elm Guest House thing was – from the beginning – David Hencke, Tom Watson MP and Exaro News.

An experienced political journalist, an ambitious politician, and a new investigative media group trying to make names for themselves.

With a few desperate bloggers being tossed initially tasty, yet deliberately misleading tidbits every now and then (C.H.E/C.G.H.E) to make them feel they were a part of some great, yet ever so secret media/government conspiracy.

Gojam/Needleblog and the Icke Forums are the obvious choices here.

I don’t really care if Exaro News is a left-leaning site/group, I don’t even care that Tom Watson is a Labour MP.

All I can see is three reputations that are going to rest entirely on the outcome of what they themselves brought to the attention of the nation.

They can look forward to a lifetime of explaining themselves if it all ends in nothing.

They’ve made mistakes along the way… and I’m not sure they still aren’t doing so.

But bearing in mind that they are somewhat limited in the language they can use (being ‘professionals’, not foul-mouthed internet hot-heads like us!) they have, between them, very efficiently discredited Ben Fellows, Chris Fay & Bill Maloney among others.

When Tom Watson stated that the photograph talked about by Chris Fay (with Bill Maloney incidentally) does not, in his opinion, exist, I take that as a pretty clear message.

When Exaro talked about a vulnerable witness being manipulated & having ludicrous words put in his mouth (again, by Fay & Maloney) I take that as a pretty clear message too!

But it’s a real shame that they didn’t see it earlier.

I tried explaining in a post on the David Icke Forum what I thought might have happened, and how a floundering investigation maybe had no choice but to accept the ‘help’ of legions of online bullshitters who may have had useful information, but purposely mixed it up with utter garbage to confound anyone searching for the truth….

(inadvertently, possibly… although I personally doubt this).

Who knows?

I doubt very much we’ll ever really learn what really went on.

I would dearly love to see some prosecutions come out of this for attempting to pervert the course of justice (if what I suspect is correct), but when the ‘perverting’ is being done for the benefit of the Establishment, that looks like a real long-shot.

Turkeys voting for Christmas, and all that…

Meanwhile, I also note that neither Edwina Curry nor Norman Tebbit (for example) have been called to account for their actions.

The internet nutters would have probably had more success focusing their attention and combined amateur investigating skills on something like that: eminently provable, tangible & totally unforgivable behaviour by people who – at the very least – deserve to be unmasked for the whole world to see.

But it appears that they would prefer to continually post shite like child-pornography being smuggled into/out of Turkey inside pork-products (’cause it’s a Muslim-country & the customs inspectors wouldn’t want to touch it!)…

Yet another masterpiece from the brain of Sweetcheeks (who is closely linked to Tajasfire, Discovery77 & others who slither around the Icke Forum, all the way down the line to where Chris Fay & his cohorts await).

It’s becoming increasingly harder to believe that any of these ‘people’ have a genuine interest in seeing justice being done…

After all, what other reason would they have to spend so much time online if the truth came out ?

P.S. I Forgot to mention that Sabine McNeill woman… I’m not even going there!

I remember watching some sort of video of a mad PowerPoint presentation that she gave inside (I think) the Houses of Parliament.

Utterly bizarre.

Maybe she is a total genius & is functioning on a higher-level than myself, or indeed anyone else, but it just looked like meaningless rubbish!

My bullshit-alert was activated however… But that’s another story entirely.”



Elm Guest House

The newspaper article below was sourced by Murunbuch, who runs the  ‘Spotlight on abuse’ blog, which can be found HERE

Both articles have undoubtedly been dissected on the David Icke Forums and elsewhere, but I firmly believe that there are elements involved on that forum that are covering up and spreading disinformation about historic childhood sexual and physical abuse.

I cannot therefore use it as a reference point or quote from it with any degree of accuracy or credibility, (apart from the transcript I have used at the end of this article) which is a shame as they have the ideal platform that could really have brought this issue to the attention of so many people.

The first article, written about David Hamilton Grant, which taken on its own, does not say much more than what is immediately presented to the reader.

I would like to draw your attention not to the subject of the article, but to his alleged victim, a Mr. Clive Godden.



Article of August 5th, 1988: “Sick world of child porn king”

David Hamilton-Grant, a wanted man in UK after being thrown out of Cyprus:

“The man, described as a ‘maniac’ was deported from northern Cyprus this week after he struck Briton, Clive Godden, his girlfriend’s husband, over the head with a spade.”

Speaking from Cyprus, Mr. Godden, from East London, said the atmosphere on the holiday isle was ‘like something out of a James Bond film’ after the startling revelations.

His wife, Vanessa, fell under Hamilton-Grant’s spell about seven months ago.

He tried to persuade Mr. Godden into a business deal but took his wife at the same time.

“Hamilton-Grant is a bad man,” he said. “I have tried to convince my wife Vanessa of what he is like but she will not accept it. If he was in Saudi Arabia where I work I would like to see him trussed up and have his head chopped off for what he has done,” Mr. Godden told the ‘Observer.’

Hamilton-Grant allegedly caught Mr. Godden unawares as he was getting into his car and hit him over the head no less than eight times with a spade.

He made the vicious attack when he discovered Mr. Godden was ‘investigating’ him.

So, Clive Godden lost his wife to Hamilton-Grant and wished him ‘dead’.

He also openly accuses him of involvement with child pornography.

He received 8 whacks with a spade to the head and suffered ‘hairline fractures of the skull’ for his trouble.

He worked in Saudi Arabia but was interviewed from Cyprus.

In this second article, written two years later, the same Clive Godden is seen attending the inquest into the death of Carol Kasir, the co-owner of the infamous Elm Guest House, Rocks Lane, Barnes in the company of Chris Fay and Mary Moss.

August 23rd, 1990: “Expose these evil child sex VIPs” Outside the court, private investigator Clive Godden said: “They can’t sweep these allegations aside. This goes very far.”

Why was a private investigator interviewed?

Why was a private investigator even involved with the inquest?

Who – if anybody – paid him?

Was he still investigating Hamilton-Grant, as being connected to the Elm Guest House abuse allegations?

Bearing in mind that Hamilton-Grant was also wanted for being the ‘Leader of a child porn ring’ which involved Videos, Photographs and Cassette Recordings.

Where are these items now?

Do they still exist?

Who can be identified if they were ever produced?

Has Operation Fernbridge interviewed Clive Godden?

Is Hamilton-Grant really dead?

It’s not even clear where Hamilton-Grant was located at the time of the articles publication.

(“Wanted in UK after being deported but Police suggest he is not in UK… and later he is “being deported.”)

Neither is it made clear why he was deported (possibly after the attack on Godden, but the next paragraph says he was one of ’16 Britons involved in the ring who are being deported.’)

Why would a suspect described as ‘A Ring Leader’ in a child porn ring, also a Briton, be deported?

Clive Godden also gets a mention in the recent Interview that Chris Fay gave to filmmaker Bill Maloney, though his name was misspelled.

Extract From Bill Maloney’s Interview with Chris Fay.

[BILL] So there we’ve got, they’re saying there ‘Princess Diana was murdered’.
[CHRIS] Yeah. But Doctor Burton was the guy who did her inquest so he was known as being a safe pair of hands, someone you can trust to come up with the right verdict. Now at this point you’ve met Clive Gordon [?] who’s a private detective who was looking at this stuff, bless his cotton socks he’s a lovely bloke as you know, and he kept bouncing up and down in the coroner’s inquest saying ‘That’s not true, what are you talking about?’ and the coroner kept saying to him ‘Will you sit down please and be quiet Mr Gordon [?]
[BILL] But he wouldn’t
[CHRIS] But he wouldn’t
[BILL] Cos he’s a good guy
[CHRIS] Cos he’s a good guy, and I started protesting
[BILL] And he’s now 78
[CHRIS] He’s now 78. I started protesting about the note, Clive kept screaming and shouting at the coroner so in the end the coroner said ‘I’ll adjourn the inquest until August, and I’ll have Scotland Yard’s forensic handwriting experts take a look at the note’, to see whether or not it’s in her handwriting.

A full transcript of that interview can be found on the David Icke Forums, which does on this occasion, accurately reflect the full content of the interview.


With Thanks to ‘Sandy’

This is one of those times where I really hope that I am wrong and my suspicions are unfounded.

The following articles all appeared in the mainstream media, which as you may already be aware, are a dubious source to say the least.

I have a nagging and uneasy feeling about the whole thing, especially regarding the subject matter and the possible implications if the truth emerges.

Are the articles I have sourced and listed following the main article true?

If so the credibility of a former child protection officer will be called into doubt and will almost certainly be used against him.

If untrue however, I have to consider the possibility of a smear campaign being used to deflect against the original allegations.

The other explanation is that it is simply a case of mistaken identity and the person involved shares the same name, is of similar age and resides in the same area of London.

Perhaps I am wrong, as not only would it cast serious doubts upon the credibility of Fay, – who could be a key witness to any events that took place (or not) at the Elm Guest House – but will by association, also irreparably damage the reputation of Bill Maloney, the outspoken award-winning film maker and self-styled ‘Child Abuse Campaigner’.

That being said, it would be fundamentally wrong if I did not share my doubts, even though I know it will yet again have the result of me being labelled a ‘Paedoprotector’ which is the standard defence mechanism for the #paedobritain stalwarts.

After all, there may be a perfectly innocent explanation.

A FORMER child protection officer claimed last night a Special Branch detective held a gun to his head to stop him investigating a VIP paedophile ring.

Chris Fay said he was pinned to a wall and throttled before being given a chilling warning to “back away” from allegations surrounding the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London.

Young boys in care were allegedly taken there in the Eighties to be abused by high-profile MPs and other powerful establishment figures.

Mr Fay, who worked for the now-defunct National Association of Young People In Care, accused the Metropolitan Police of acting like “gangsters” when news of the scandal broke in 1990. He revealed how some Special Branch members routinely threatened him and his colleagues and even victims over a three-month period of intimidation.

His shocking claims come as West Yorkshire Police faces accusations that the force protected paedophile Jimmy Savile.

Mr Fay, 67, of south London, said: “It became very dangerous. People seem to forget that Special Branch could do what they liked, they were a law unto themselves.

“At one point they had me up against a wall by my throat with a gun at my head telling me in no uncertain terms that I was to back away if I knew what was good for me.

A colleague of mine had the same treatment, as did a number of the volunteers. Victims who were actually abused at Elm House were also physically stopped from coming to speak to us at the NAYPIC office in north London.

I witnessed Special Branch officers manhandling them and turning them away with a warning to keep their mouths shut. It was blatant, it was open, they were acting like gangsters.

In the end we had to meet victims at a local community centre without the knowledge of the police to hear what they had to say.” NAYPIC was given the identities of senior politicians who formed part of an alleged paedophile ring at the heart of government.”

However, Mr Fay said: “I was told by the police implicitly, ‘We do not want you to come to us with big names’.”

In a sinister twist, he said his kitchen window was shot at, leaving three bullet holes in the glass, although he never found out who was responsible.

In 1982 Elm Guest House was raided by the vice squad but allegations of child abuse were never followed up.

Operation Fernbridge is now investigating the claims and two men have been charged with sexual offences.

Police confirmed that Liberal Democrat MP Sir Cyril Smith, who died three years ago, visited the premises.

Last night campaigner Bill Maloney, of Pie & Mash Films, who has helped raise awareness of abuse survivors and corruption, said: “These police cover-ups to protect the wealthy and the powerful need to stop now.

“Today’s victims are tomorrow’s witnesses.”

The Met Police declined to comment.

James Fielding: Sunday, October 20, 2013


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