As the march towards the complete suppression of Free Speech, independent thought and deed and any alternative to the mainstream narrative of the state gathers pace – would it come as any surprise to learn that the BBC (and undoubtedly other mass media juggernauts), have now started to target those who are seen as the citizenry of the future? In the following BBC article, published in December last year, it was noted that from this month, Secondary Schools and sixth […]

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If anyone wanted to look for an example of misleading and disingenuous reporting, you need to look no further than the recent mass media frenzy over ‘Cheddar Man’. For those who are still not aware, ‘Cheddar Man’ was/is a 10,000-year-old complete human male skeleton, that was discovered in a cave in the Cheddar Gorge, south west England in 1903. The reason why the mass media and mainstream scientist have gone into raptures recently, is that DNA testing carried out by […]

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