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As someone who has unashamedly suffered with a debilitating mental health condition for much of my adult life, and have dealt with many of the associated issues that have arisen without medical intervention, I am among a number of people uniquely placed to be able to recognise any number of ‘warning signs’ that others display which ‘normal’ people would find difficult to see.

There have been times in my life admittedly, when I myself have reached a ‘crisis point’, where I was unable to recognise that I needed the kind of assistance that only healthcare professions can provide, and although I desperately fought with every fibre of my being against what I saw as an unwanted and unwarranted intrusion in my life, I had to finally concede – and accept that if that help had not been available to me …. I would not be here now, and certainly not be writing this.

It’s as simple as that.

Before I go any further, I fully realise that by publishing this post, I am leaving myself open to further attack by a number of people who would enjoy nothing more than to inflict as much misery, personal discomfort and even physical harm towards me and my family and friends as they can comfortably get away with.

It has been that way ever since I first began publishing the Outlaw, (as regular readers are only too aware of) and while I continue to put myself ‘out there’ in the public arena by continuing to publish this site, the Outlaw as well as it’s author and indeed it’s commentators will continue to be targets of these people – for whatever reason that may be.

So with that in mind, I will accept full responsibility for what my detractors choose to use from this post in order to attack me further, because what appears on this site, is apparently, the only source of their information other than what they can obtain from their obsessive trawling of social media sites and non-stop Google searches.

Simply put, if I do not write it here, there is nothing else they can find, as I have been very careful to avoid publishing anything about my personal life online, and what little is out there was certainly not published by me, or by anyone who actually knows me.

Mercifully, around 99% of it is nonsensical rubbish and complete fantasy, unrecognisable to those who actually know anything about me, and in the grand scheme of things, will matter little to anyone who does not actually know me, or knows anything about me and in all probably – have no interest in me or my personal life whatsoever.

But I digress….

I am writing this because a number of extremely long and detailed ‘articles’, and the associated comments specifically regarding myself, have appeared online recently, and have been passed to me by a number of people who, understandably, have been greatly disturbed not only by the content, but are genuinely concerned by the obsessive behaviour of the authors and their intentions towards me.

So I spent some time reading through the attachments that were kindly sent to me, and one thing that stood out for me above everything else – was not the actual content, which appeared to have been written by a petulant 12-year old child who had been starved of adult guidance, but the construction of the words themselves which have set alarm bells ringing.

 One of the distinguishing features of an acute and severe mental illness, and one that the unfortunate sufferer is completely unaware of, is in the way they write.

The unique way they construct sentences and paragraphs is often used as a diagnostic tool, which can identify a number of serious mental conditions, as there are not only very distinctive patterns which are impossible to disguise, but can even show what level of a particular condition has been reached by the writer.

I have, therefore, by way of some admittedly basic research, discussed a number of these comments with a trusted healthcare professional, who has confirmed that what I showed him, are textbook examples of something known as ‘Word Salad’, which may be a term already familiar to many of you, and it illustrates what has been written about me, and subsequently sent to me to read – perfectly.

I will use one direct example, taken from one of the many comments that have been published about me, which will hopefully illustrate what I am trying to explain.

It was posted earlier today:

“I would say this problem is further compounded by the fact that prior to stating what he did, that [name removed] had already informed the totally innocent man that the completely false allegation were made by [name removed] of the Outlaw blog, and he works with the police and has administrative support given to his site by the police as part of his mental therapy. Oh dear!!!

So, I would also say that Mr Totally Innocent Man, did an exceptional job of having [name removed] and [name removed] totally consumed by their own consumption to such an extent that they subsequently went running back to [name removed] and [name removed] with completely false information from the interviews that they so wanted to present in order to be seen as helping out their evil little infiltrators.

It is just a pity that [name removed] and [name removed] are so removed from reality and are so lacking in knowledge that they could not ascertain that in doing so, they simply cemented the notion held by the completely innocent man that they are very corrupt and were acting well outside the boundaries of the law so as to allow them to further the act of perverting the course of justice, ain’t it.”


The dictionary definition of ‘Word Salad’ is: ‘A confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of written or oral speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia’

Which is admittedly worrying, as schizophrenia can be a very serious illness indeed, which at times, manifests itself as the sufferer presenting in a delusionary, anxious or animated way, and is often accompanied by episodes of erratic and extremely violent behaviour, which can, and has had fatal results for those unfortunate to have been in the vicinity.

From what I can ascertain, and from a trusted source:

‘Word Salad’ is also a symptom of ‘Narcissistic Psychopathy’, and becomes evident when: The Psychopath/Narcissist becomes convinced they are being threatened and will often use what is known as ‘Word Salad’ in an attempt to gain control over people. It is vitally important not to engage with any person exhibiting such behaviour, as any interaction, is for want of a better word – HELL! They are not saying anything at all, they are just shouting at you, and before you get the chance to respond to one of their outrageous statements and incessant and obvious lies, they are already halfway through writing (at great length) the next. Please watch out for the warning signs as it may not only save your sanity, but your life itself may depend on it”

Which is nice….