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Anybody that knows me, also knows that I care passionately about people’s right to express themselves in any way they see fit, however disagreeable that expression may appear to others, and that I also believe that Freedom Of Speech, especially when you write on the Internet, also carries a level of responsibility and there are lines which should not be crossed.

When you cross those lines, you immediately lose that right to express yourself freely, and should fully expect and accept gracefully, the negative reactions you will undoubtably receive in response.

The article I have republished below is a case in question.

The recipient of a rather scathing commentary by LBC presenter Steve Allen, which was broadcast live on the 28th August 2015, was the result of a knee-jerk response to something that was correctly dealt with by the justice system, and which was not only highly offensive to thousands of ordinary, decent people, but was also inaccurate, and wholly unnecessary.

Although I do not entirely agree with a number of the comments that were broadcast, namely: “I’d have him hanging from gallows, ladies and gentlemen”, and “when you see him out throw things at him – bricks would be nice”, Steve Allen in my opinion – was simply expressing an opinion, albeit very publicaly, that was shared by a large number of people.

Having personally been the subject of a number of wholly innacurate, threatening, personally insulting and cruelly callous articles, by the very same man who Steve Allen described as: “He’s a nasty piece of work this one is, a vile piece of filth and a stupid pathetic waste of space”, I can also testify to the type of unsubstantiated nonsensical claims, crackpot theories and outright lies this man publishes online on a daily basis.

I have written about him previously on the Outlaw, where I provided what evidence I could, which not only completely destroyed one of the many, many lies he has published about both myself and my family, but also gave him ample opportunity to present any evidence he claimed to have held, with which to back up any of his ludicrous claims.

I received no response.

That aside, I now ignore the man completely – even though he continues publishing whatever rubbish he thinks makes him an authority on every subject known to mankind, liberally peppered with profanity, and gratuitous, degenerate imagery – and I can fully understand the sheer frustration and visible anger that increasing numbers of people feel, in regard to his online behaviour.

It is my understanding that the loyal ‘followers’ of this man are now outraged at what they see as a personal and entirely unwarranted ‘attack’ on their alternative media hero, behaviour which is, I believe highly hypocritical, especially when they also condone comments left on his site by commentators such as ‘Nailtown Slim‘, which suggest that ‘a whip round be arranged among them so a hemp rope can be purchased and smuggled into a prison – with the intention that somebody takes their own life’….


chrisspivey.org October 17th 2015


I was made aware that the comment shown above, was among a large number of others that regulary discuss both myself and this site, and the general consensus was that the above comment was directly referring to both myself and the journalist Sonia Poulton.

So please excuse my cynicism, and why I feel entirely justified in referring to the sheer bloody hypocrisy at the outrage shown towards Steve Allen and his radio comments, by the very people who not only applaud the foul, vacuous and often vicious commentary regularly posted on that site, but are also openly encouraged to do so – by the site owner and it’s moderators.

I am also aware that there are a few people out there, who will see the article below as the alternative media being directly attacked by the mainstream, but I will disagree with that, on a number of points:

  • That publishing something online that disputes the ‘official’ version of any given event is perfectly acceptable – (IE: False Flags) but attacking and attempting to publicly humiliate and encourage others to stalk, threaten and harrass innocent members of somebody’s family in a twisted attempt to ‘prove what you believe to be a conspiracy’ – is certainly not.
  • Genuine people within the alternative media have no need to launch personal attacks and threaten those who happen to disagree with them. They rely on research and the ability to write coherently and persuasively.
  • Believing that a verbal attack on Chris Spivey is an attack on the whole of the Alternative media and the Truth Movement, is also incorrect in my opinion, as the majority of those who operate within the AM umbrella, (and are genuine truth seekers) have also been attacked and insulted by Mr Spivey and his moderators on a number of occasions, and as such the greater majority of them have severed their previous connections with him.






“Can’t say ‘CRAP’ on the radio” – Stiff Little Fingers 1983





February 8, 2016 Posted by NewsonRadio

LBC presenter Steve Allen has been found in breach of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code, according to a report released today.

Steve was found in breach of Ofcom Rule 2.3 for potentially offensive material, whilst at the same time, the broadcaster regulator said he was not in breach of Rule 3.2 for material likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime.

The rulings were based on a broadcast made on the 28th August last year, when Steve was talking about Chris Spivey, who had recently been given a six-month, suspended sentence for posting offensive comments on social media sites about the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby’s in 2013, which amounted to the harassment of Rigby’s family.

During the programme, Steve said:

“He’s quite clearly not only immensely stupid but thick at the same time. I’d have had him hanging from gallows, ladies and gentlemen”.

“We know all about internet trolls because they are generally people with mental health issues. This particular one here is a menacing looking bloke. He’s a nasty piece of work this one is. His name is Chris Spivey”.

“When you see him out throw things at him – bricks would be quite nice”.

“I’d have had him banged up immediately. He looks like he would enjoy a bit of prison life with a few other men”.

“You vile piece of filth … You stupid pathetic waste of space. People like you need taking out and just pushing off the end of the pier somewhere. Let you swim, preferably as far out as you can possibly get”.

“So you’ll like it then when I call, Chris, for people to egg you in the street and throw eggs at you, you know, because you are a vile piece of work. What a disgusting person you are. I hope to God he doesn’t live next to any of you – he’s in Essex”.

“What an ugly person … Perhaps we can come and daub things on the outside of your house?”

Bosses at LBC defended Steve’s words, claiming they were tongue-in-cheek, and that the broadcaster has a “particular presenting style and tone that his audience were very familiar with”. They continued, that listeners would have “noted from his particularly acerbic delivery that the comments were not meant literally and thus would not have likely to be offensive …”

Ofcom ruled that the comments had the potential to cause offence to listeners, which is a breach of Rule 2.3, but took the view that listeners would have been unlikely to take it literally and act upon, and noted that Steve Allen’s remarks did not amount to any call to action.

Ofcom said: “Because we concluded that Steve Allen’s comments were unlikely to encourage or incite crime or lead to disorder, there was no breach of Rule 3.2 in this case”.



The Internet, in its current form, has been described by an increasing number of people as being comparable to the ‘Wild West’ of legend, and if what I and others have been witnessing lately on Social Media and some rather oddball, so-called ‘Alternative Media’ websites is any thing to go by – is an entirely fair observation.

I am referring of course to the emergence of what can only be described as deeply disturbing and worrying instances, of cash ‘rewards’, or incentives being publicly offered to people who disclose the personal details of other internet users, in order for them to be stalked, or even physically attacked at their own homes and places of work.

I am not even joking here, I only wish I was, as over the past few days, a number of comments have appeared which cannot be anything other than what they appear to be.

The first instance, shown above, appeared on Twitter on the account of a @JS2, who is well known to regular readers of the Outlaw, as being a female residing in Beltrum, Holland by the name of Janette Scharenborg.

It was tweeted in response to something posted on Twitter by convicted Internet bully (I hesitate to use the word ‘troll’) Christopher D Spivey, who only very recently received a large fine and suspended prison sentence, for his obsessive stalking and trolling of the immediate family members of murdered British Soldier Lee Rigby.

As part of the sentencing process of this clearly deluded, and odious web crackpot, one stipulation was that certain restrictions had been placed upon him, one being that he had been instructed to not post freely on social media or blogs, which he quite obviously has ignored as both his Facebook and Twitter accounts clearly show.

His website, which is a mixture of crackpot conspiracy theories, outrageous claims, blatant lies and positively littered with instances of guttural grunting, foul language, libel, infantile and hurtful personal attacks on all and sundry, and a large number of threats and intimidating references to a number of people he has targeted.

The greater majority of those he has targeted are entirely innocent, and have done nothing other than call him out on his many lies, and have questioned his nonsensical claims about what he believes is the ‘truth’ behind a number of recent events.

He has verbally attacked and insulted the victims of the awful accident at Alton Towers Theme Park earlier this year, claiming the young lady who lost her leg was a ‘crisis actor’, therefore was somehow ‘faking’ her injuries, he has also claimed that the Glasgow refuse lorry crash was a ‘staged event’, the shootings in Tunisia didn’t happen and has targeted a number of people with entirely unprovoked and vile personal attacks.

One of whom was Alan Barnes, (who Spivey referred to as ‘Dobbie’) a 67-year-old visually impaired man who also had a number of unfortunate birth defects’ who was mugged outside his home in Gateshead, in February this year, breaking his collarbone as he was pushed to the ground in the cowardly attack.

Spivey claimed the justification for his despicable attack on Mr Barnes, was that a young woman, Katie Cutler had taken it upon herself to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for people to donate whatever they wished towards helping him, as he was left too frightened to return to his home after being attacked.

Spivey has particularly focussed on the large amount of money that was raised during the appeal and the media coverage, that was afforded to this act of altruism, and people who read his scathing personal attack at the time, came to the conclusion that insane jealously and the resulting spite was the motivation of that particularly unpleasant outburst.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves his reasoning for this.

The reason that I am even mentioning Chris Spivey here, is that the subject of this article, the aforementioned ‘@JS2’ AKA Janette Scharenborg, has also recently began posting her vomitus in the comments section of Chris Spivey’s website, and their connections are clearly visible by the subject matter of his latest offering which appeared underneath this image.

Hardly a coincidence would you agree?

In his latest crackpot ‘exposé’, Spivey has made among others, the entirely ridiculous claim that Jane Russell is not only the alter-ego of freelance Journalist Sonia Poulton, but that Ms Poulton also finances and has also written the articles that have appeared on this very site.

Just in case you thought that the claims could not get any more ridiculous, ‘@JS2’ had added to the insanity on show over there, by then claiming that Ms Russell, is not Ms Poulton at all, but believes it to be my wife Helen, until she changes her mind soon after and then decides it is in fact a lady called Sheva Burton, a veteran child abuse campaigner and activist, who started the ‘Join The Dots’ campaign and organised the 2010 Child Abuse Rally in London, which was the largest of it’s type at the time.

As I mentioned earlier, regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of Ms Scharenborg, as she had initially targeted me back in 2012, after I refused to divulge the personal details of a historic Child Abuse victim, who had questioned Scharenborgs motives in regard to her contacting vulnerable abuse victims,  and her somewhat dubious background.

Following her targeted ‘trolling’ and stalking of myself and others, I did a bit of research on her, and discovered that her brother David Meachen, had been convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, after a particularly brutal sexual assault on a lady in South-West Wales, he had incapacitated with a ‘Date Rape’ drug, before sodomising her with a blunt object, causing horrendous injuries, which resulted in her being fitted with a colostomy bag.

All of this information is freely available in the public domain, and was reported in the media at the time, so was not obtained ‘illegally’ or nefariously as has been claimed by Scharenborg, therefore there is no legal restriction on publishing any or all of the associated information regarding that event – but that did not prevent Scharenborg from reporting both myself and this website to the North Wales Police on more than a dozen occasions for highlighting it.

Scharenborg, with the assistance of others, also had me arrested in 2013, after a comment I had left on the ‘Needle Blog’ was digitally manipulated and reported to the police – an arrest that ensured that I remained on police bail for almost seven months, and left me legally unable to even defend myself and respond to the huge levels of online attacks levelled at myself and my family by Scharenborg and her online cronies.

One of her online ‘contacts’, no doubt encouraged by a cash incentive from Scharenborg, also began personally stalking my family for more than two years, which forced the North Wales Police to act in order to stop what was described as ‘a disturbing and extremely worrying campaign’ that my family had been subjected to for many months.

The offender was thankfully, finally arrested and convicted, and given a 1 – year conditional discharge after threatening me in front of my three children, one of whom was only five years old at the time, which no doubt gave the stalker the courage to confront me, knowing full well that I would not respond in front of my children, causing them undue further distress.

That is the type of person, that Scharenborg has always been associated with, and who is now pulling Spivey’s strings, as the rubbish he is now producing on his website is a carbon copy of what Scharenborg has been circulating via her various proxy social media accounts since 2012.

Happily, following my languishing on bail for months, both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, after investigating thoroughly, decided that I had been subjected to an entirely false and malicious allegation, and ‘No Further Action’ resulted from an arrest, and an investigation, which had swallowed up hundreds of police man hours and no doubt cost the taxpayer, many thousands of pounds.

It made not one iota of difference to Scharenborg and her cohorts though, as even today, the North Wales Police are still receiving up to twenty calls a week, alleging my being responsible for every crime imaginable, going back decades in some cases.

Now that is some personal vendetta would you agree?

Bordering not only on the obsessive, but also clearly showing worrying signs of insanity and pure wickedness.

However, what Ms Scharenborg, Christopher D Spivey and his band of internet misfits, which include another well-known web troll, Ciaran Goggins, who repeatedly not only trolled a rape victim, but published a link to a website that named her, and has not only supported Spivey in person when he appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, but also regularly comments on his site, appear to have not realised – is that Jane Russell is a real person.

A real person who has not only become a dear friend to both myself and my family, but also a number of others, who would NOT, under any circumstances reveal anything about her personally, nor divulge her location, her address or her movements – however much cash is offered.

That is something that the greater majority of these online freaks and disparate misfits repeatedly fail to comprehend, that normal people, have an inbuilt loyalty which accompanies their sense of decency and fair play, and stand by those who have earned their support and friendship.

Regardless of the circumstances.

And as for Scharenborgs claim that ‘I wish that I was Christopher Spivey?’

There is no price tag attached to real friendship, there never was, and only a complete scumbag, with a mercenary streak a mile wide running through their spineless bodies could fail to understand that.

And I can assure you dear reader, that Ms Russell is no doubt laughing at Janette Scharenborg, Christopher Spivey, Fabooka De Stait AKA Fuck The State, Dogman, Pongo, Lisa Pea, Melanie Wassername, Darren Laverty, Gallows, Paul Rogers, Matt Taylor, Wolfie and the simply ridiculous Adeybob, as well as the rest of their equally unsavoury online cohorts’ desperate attempts to ‘track her down’.

She is also, I would like to think, quietly proud that she has been afforded true ‘Outlaw Status’ by these online weirdo’s – and her being seen as so very important, and such an intense irritation to them, that she has now warranted having;… ‘A Price on her head’.