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I posted a comment to the Outlaw Facebook page yesterday, which appears to have been well received.

It came from an article I wrote and published here in December 2012, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I feel it may be worth a second reading.

You could not have failed to notice that the mainstream media have devoted an inordinate amount of coverage to the allegations of established Paedophilia, centred on the British Parliament lately.

Coverage which has only recently been ‘bumped off’ the front pages of most newspapers, by the current events in the Middle East and beyond.

Not that I expect this article to make a difference in the grand scheme of things, I believe however, it does show a certain ‘coming together’ of events which may explain some of the rather odd decisions taken by those who purportedly rule over us as a sovereign nation.

You decide.

From ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ December 2012

“A year in which many people began to finally see through the establishment smokescreen of distraction, that has been systematically laid down over the last hundred years. The Internet has played a huge part in this mass awakening, like-minded people who see through the lies are finding each other and spreading the word to every corner of the planet.

The endgame is very close I feel, the events of the last few years have had an air of desperation, and a realisation that the reins of power are slipping from the grasp of the elite, and slowly returning to the very people they fear the most. They have attempted to condition and manipulate us to the point, where the truth has come full circle, and has only served to meet their twisted vision on it’s return journey.

They have tried to poison us through our food and water supplies, have seduced us with a never-ending stream of shiny, frivolous objects who’s purpose is to expand their wealth and serves to increase our debt. They have mind-controlled us through their constant TV and media propaganda, recorded and filmed our every movement with CCTV, logged our personal information in huge data storage facilities, and have orchestrated an almost continuous reign of terror in order to keep us in a permanent state of fear.

Eroding our basic human rights, keeping the economy in permanent decline, the barbaric targeting of the older, weaker and vulnerable members of society and scaring us half to death with fictitious enemies, has been so far, the ‘accepted’ Modus Operandi.

However, one of the most abhorrent practices that has been used against us, may yet turn out to be their achilles heel and bring their whole network of fragile controls crashing down around them.

Establishment Paedophila and the systematic abuse of generations of our children, up to and including murder in some cases will, I feel, be the turning point.

The realisation that the very people who represent us, and who are supposed to protect them, are capable of inflicting such ritualistic horror and murderous pain on defenceless, innocent children, has served only to ignite a dormant fire. The embers of which, will burst into flame, and being fanned by an unstoppable hurricane of public opinion, will burn down everything in it’s path.”

Metaphorically Speaking of course.