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As anyone who writes and publishes their work online will testify, there will always be someone, or as is more often the case these days, groups of people, who will be offended by or will take issue, or simply do not like, or have any number of reasons to feel uncomfortable with what you are writing about; and will do almost anything in their attempts to stop you.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the Outlaw and it’s creator/owner/administrator, ie: Yours Truly, has been the target of every type of accusation that it is possible to imagine, and I’ll not bore you with the details as they are hardly worth mentioning, but the notable examples are the accusations, threats and general fantastical claims that emanate on a regular basis from a certain dark corner of the www, inhabited by people who border on the clinically insane …. and these people remain, to this day, completely convinced that I have zero input on this site, and cannot possibly run it on my own – so of course, in their minds at least, the day -to- day running and the costs incurred on the Outlaw must be the work of the ‘British Establishment’ and the North Wales Police.

‘Running interference for the establishment’ and my supposed role in ‘Stifling the truth about abuse’ are among the allegations made regularly, and understandably, I was curious to find out as to what type of mind could, and would concoct such paranoid nonsense.

The second set of comments speak for themselves, inasmuch as they are inferring that the running of this site has now changed hands, and has somehow miraculously, reincarnated into some type of platform for the British Security Services, is now Funded by the Taxpayer, and it’s owner (Me again) is ‘Not only a grass, but a fully paid up shill protected by the police’ – or so this persons ‘friend’ (anonymous of course) told him.

Ordinarily, stuff like this is fairly mundane, is laughable and is pretty much an everyday occurrence for people who publish online in any capacity, and is easily dismissed as the ramblings of some disgruntled, deeply disturbed and deluded individuals and can, and should be ignored as it’s complete fantasy and should be treated as such.

It is all too easy to be dragged down by this kind of rubbish, and if one was in any way paranoid or vulnerable, it can play on your mind, and some genuine people who have been targeted online to any degree have had no option but to close down what were some very informative and useful websites and social media accounts as a result.

Apart from the obvious implications, many people have also been denied their basic human right to a voice, and some of these voices belonged to some very vulnerable people indeed, and were purposely targeted by people very much like those responsible for the comments above.

I am not going to elaborate on the real reasons why this site in particular has been targeted by the types who posted the comments I have used, until a time when the suspicions I have can be backed up with evidence; so I will instead concentrate on something more troubling, and if taken seriously, more than a little dangerous to the unfortunate recipient.

If one was to perform an online search for this website, one of those results would be to a ‘Blogger’ site [outlawjimmy.blogspot] the content of which is pictured below and it should be obvious as to it’s intent.

This site has been online since December 2013, and until recently, I have not paid it any attention as tracking down the authors of these type of postings is notoriously difficult, and a total waste of valuable resources if one was to waste the relevant authorities’ time by reporting them.

The site has also been circulated among a few anonymous trolls on Twitter and has been re-published on at least two WordPress blogs, that have since been subsequently suspended for abusive content and violations of the blogging platform’s Terms of Service.


*The latter [KevinGreen1950] being the original source of the contents contained in the blogspot post*

It’s only because some information has become available recently, which has clearly identified the publisher of the blogspot post, that I am even bothering to highlight it here, as it does give an insight into what may be in part, the reason why these online entities create such chaos and continually subject people to utter misery and fear and distress on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the post,[above] the author has used his own name to publish the malicious article, which according to Google+, still has an active account listed.

Mark Fisher’, who after only a few short minutes searching for, was found to be living in Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and has a easily traceable history of making similar malicious allegations about a number of people.

So what became of Mr Fisher?



‘An Internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists has been convicted of harassment. Fantasist Mark Fisher, 44, posted damaging comments online about people he held a grudge against.

One of his victims, a schoolteacher, has been unable to return to work because of the false allegations he made.

Some of his victims were wrongly linked to terrorism while Fisher accused another of causing the death of her husband – who was killed by a tragic accident.

Fisher was convicted after a trial of nine charges under the Malicious Communications Act of updating a website with grossly offensive articles and found guilty of a further charge of harassment.

He has mental health issues and was ordered to be detained in hospital for at least six months.

District Judge Michael Fanning told him: “You have made harmful and utterly baseless allegations against a number of individuals. The allegations you made were a fantasy and in one instance you harmed the career of one of your victims.”

The court heard that Fisher initially targeted one male victim with his lies.

Vanessa Jones, prosecuting, said: ” Mr Fisher published on a couple of blog sites and Facebook some unpleasant information about this gentleman in relation to paedophile involvement.”

Fisher put a picture of the victim on the social network with a link to a website linked with a well known sex offender. He also claimed on his page that he had details of ‘suspected perverts’, living in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The victim told Fisher that the information was false and asked him to take the information off the site, which he refused to do.

Others who knew Fisher responded and told him they were not happy about him making these claims.

Mrs Jones said: “Four other people who knew Mr Fisher expressed their displeasure. They were added to the list that Mr Fisher felt were part of paedophile involvement. One of the complainants is a teacher and because of the information still on Facebook she can’t work.”

The court heard that Fisher, who had no previous convictions, suffers from mental illness.

Sentencing at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Judge Fanning told him: “The allegations you made against them are a fantasy, linking them to paedophilia.”

In making the hospital order, he added: ” I am satisfied that you will continue to offend against these individuals or cast your net wider to involve those against whom you hold a grudge.”

Fisher, of Lockwood, Huddersfield, will be kept in hospital for an initial six-month term. Upon his release, he must comply with a restraining order, banning him from contacting six named victims.

He is also banned from posting any images or material about them online.

In addition he is prohibited from maintaining the material already published by him, meaning that any offensive posts will need to be taken down.


I have never met Mr Mark Fisher from Huddersfield, I had never heard of him, nor know nothing about him other than I have been able to glean about him online following the allegations he has made.

I have never met any of the others that I have highlighted here either, although I am well aware of them, since they have targeted me in a similar manner and have made dozens of completely false and malicious allegations about me over the past four or five years.

As far as I am aware, none of them have ever met me, have never spoken to me in person and know absolutely nothing about me other than they have gleaned from online searches and what appear to be entirely fictitious accounts told to them by others, of which only one, or possibly two have actually met me in person.

Mr Fisher, sadly suffers from some evidenced mental health issues, so unfortunately there is little I can do to curb his delusionary accusations in regard to myself, and can only guess as to the reasons why he would target me, or anyone else in this manner.

If I had to guess, it would be that he had either found the information online as it was already available on the two now-defunct WordPress blogs I referred to earlier, and was shared on a number of now-deleted Twitter accounts – or that he was purposely fed the false information by somebody in the Huddersfield area, who cruelly preyed on his mental health status and evidenced history of publishing categorically untrue and wholly malicious content online.

I am only aware of one person who lives in the Huddersfield area, and they, [coincidentally] post on the same platform that the comments at the top of this article were taken from, so I can only speculate on that being the case until, any evidence emerges to confirm or disregard that as an avenue of further investigation.

There are marked similarities between the people who post these type of malicious and entirely false allegations, and the obvious one appears to be, that there is a degree of mental illness which causes them to fixate on people they select, who they truly believe have wronged them somehow …. or they exhibit a type of religious zeal, similar to the type which was evident in a number of recent cases relating to the wrongful accusations of a number of people who were subsequently acquitted after being accused of childhood sexual abuse in North Wales.


Or it could be for some other reason entirely …. Because whatever way you choose to look at it, all these people have a connection to each other, albeit a tenuous one; and I reserve the right to defend both myself, my family, my friends and my own sanity from these false and malicious claims against me and others using whatever methods are legally available to me.

As someone who has unashamedly suffered with a debilitating mental health condition for much of my adult life, and have dealt with many of the associated issues that have arisen without medical intervention, I am among a number of people uniquely placed to be able to recognise any number of ‘warning signs’ that others display which ‘normal’ people would find difficult to see.

There have been times in my life admittedly, when I myself have reached a ‘crisis point’, where I was unable to recognise that I needed the kind of assistance that only healthcare professions can provide, and although I desperately fought with every fibre of my being against what I saw as an unwanted and unwarranted intrusion in my life, I had to finally concede – and accept that if that help had not been available to me …. I would not be here now, and certainly not be writing this.

It’s as simple as that.

Before I go any further, I fully realise that by publishing this post, I am leaving myself open to further attack by a number of people who would enjoy nothing more than to inflict as much misery, personal discomfort and even physical harm towards me and my family and friends as they can comfortably get away with.

It has been that way ever since I first began publishing the Outlaw, (as regular readers are only too aware of) and while I continue to put myself ‘out there’ in the public arena by continuing to publish this site, the Outlaw as well as it’s author and indeed it’s commentators will continue to be targets of these people – for whatever reason that may be.

So with that in mind, I will accept full responsibility for what my detractors choose to use from this post in order to attack me further, because what appears on this site, is apparently, the only source of their information other than what they can obtain from their obsessive trawling of social media sites and non-stop Google searches.

Simply put, if I do not write it here, there is nothing else they can find, as I have been very careful to avoid publishing anything about my personal life online, and what little is out there was certainly not published by me, or by anyone who actually knows me.

Mercifully, around 99% of it is nonsensical rubbish and complete fantasy, unrecognisable to those who actually know anything about me, and in the grand scheme of things, will matter little to anyone who does not actually know me, or knows anything about me and in all probably – have no interest in me or my personal life whatsoever.

But I digress….

I am writing this because a number of extremely long and detailed ‘articles’, and the associated comments specifically regarding myself, have appeared online recently, and have been passed to me by a number of people who, understandably, have been greatly disturbed not only by the content, but are genuinely concerned by the obsessive behaviour of the authors and their intentions towards me.

So I spent some time reading through the attachments that were kindly sent to me, and one thing that stood out for me above everything else – was not the actual content, which appeared to have been written by a petulant 12-year old child who had been starved of adult guidance, but the construction of the words themselves which have set alarm bells ringing.

 One of the distinguishing features of an acute and severe mental illness, and one that the unfortunate sufferer is completely unaware of, is in the way they write.

The unique way they construct sentences and paragraphs is often used as a diagnostic tool, which can identify a number of serious mental conditions, as there are not only very distinctive patterns which are impossible to disguise, but can even show what level of a particular condition has been reached by the writer.

I have, therefore, by way of some admittedly basic research, discussed a number of these comments with a trusted healthcare professional, who has confirmed that what I showed him, are textbook examples of something known as ‘Word Salad’, which may be a term already familiar to many of you, and it illustrates what has been written about me, and subsequently sent to me to read – perfectly.

I will use one direct example, taken from one of the many comments that have been published about me, which will hopefully illustrate what I am trying to explain.

It was posted earlier today:

“I would say this problem is further compounded by the fact that prior to stating what he did, that [name removed] had already informed the totally innocent man that the completely false allegation were made by [name removed] of the Outlaw blog, and he works with the police and has administrative support given to his site by the police as part of his mental therapy. Oh dear!!!

So, I would also say that Mr Totally Innocent Man, did an exceptional job of having [name removed] and [name removed] totally consumed by their own consumption to such an extent that they subsequently went running back to [name removed] and [name removed] with completely false information from the interviews that they so wanted to present in order to be seen as helping out their evil little infiltrators.

It is just a pity that [name removed] and [name removed] are so removed from reality and are so lacking in knowledge that they could not ascertain that in doing so, they simply cemented the notion held by the completely innocent man that they are very corrupt and were acting well outside the boundaries of the law so as to allow them to further the act of perverting the course of justice, ain’t it.”


The dictionary definition of ‘Word Salad’ is: ‘A confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of written or oral speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia’

Which is admittedly worrying, as schizophrenia can be a very serious illness indeed, which at times, manifests itself as the sufferer presenting in a delusionary, anxious or animated way, and is often accompanied by episodes of erratic and extremely violent behaviour, which can, and has had fatal results for those unfortunate to have been in the vicinity.

From what I can ascertain, and from a trusted source:

‘Word Salad’ is also a symptom of ‘Narcissistic Psychopathy’, and becomes evident when: The Psychopath/Narcissist becomes convinced they are being threatened and will often use what is known as ‘Word Salad’ in an attempt to gain control over people. It is vitally important not to engage with any person exhibiting such behaviour, as any interaction, is for want of a better word – HELL! They are not saying anything at all, they are just shouting at you, and before you get the chance to respond to one of their outrageous statements and incessant and obvious lies, they are already halfway through writing (at great length) the next. Please watch out for the warning signs as it may not only save your sanity, but your life itself may depend on it”

Which is nice….

“‘I don’t know if you have ever been the object of someone’s obsession – but if it’s not of your desire, it is horrific. It is truly awful.’Tippi Hedren

Technology now does seem to be everywhere you look.

Almost everybody, using all manner of devices seem to be plugged into and linked to the worldwide web as their primary means of communication.

Ordinarily that would cause no problems other than making people more insular, ironically becoming even less communicative to others around them in the real world.

Social networks are one of the most common online destinations, along with Forums, newsgroups and suchlike that enable people to ‘communicate’ with each other in an assumed ‘social’ setting.

Unfortunately, the internet is also becoming a haven for the type of people who, at one time, spent their evenings writing ‘poison pen’ letters, distributing leaflets to their neighbours and making malicious telephone calls and spurious complaints for their own entertainment.

These people have now wholeheartedly embraced the anonymity that the Internet affords, which means that anyone, who spends any time online, runs the risk of being targeted and stalked.

For the recipients however, the consequences can be heartbreakingly devastating, even fatal in some of the cases that have been seen recently.

That is why you should always take any instance of stalking and online harassment seriously.

It can happen to anyone of course, but it is more commonly used against women and vulnerable teenagers, as they usually spend the greater amounts of time online.

Apart from the stalkers themselves of course.

Stalkers are by their nature, obsessive.

They can spend up to twenty hours every day online.

They are life thieves.

They are faceless cowards.

They have a disturbing need to know everything about what you are doing, where you are going, the people you are with, even how you are feeling.

At all Times.

Any information posted online they can use against those they select as their targets, they will not hesitate to use.

The internet has made it very easy for people who are that way inclined, to spy not only on their chosen victims, but also get information about their friends and family.

If you want to stop or decrease incidences of online stalking, then you must stop feeding their obsession with you.

They are parasites who will feed upon the discomfort, misery, fear and distress they cause.

That is why it’s important to make changes to your online behaviour, becoming more cautious and being extra vigilant to ensure personal information is more difficult, if not impossible for the stalkers to obtain.

It then starves them of seeinģ any visual reaction from you and also denies them the attention they crave.

The most common tactics for stalkers and online bullies may include:

Monitoring you and your family/friends – Watching everything you post online, stealing photos, noting where you go, and who you go with etc.

Spyware – Remotely installing monitoring software on your mobile phone or computer, or even recording your conversations.

Sending texts, instant messages – Sending hurtful or threatening messages to you repeatedly.

Denigration – Sending, posting, or publishing malicious and false rumours and groundless accusations designed solely to damage your reputation.

Distribute photos or videos – Distributing photographs or videos online to embarrass or attempt to discredit you.

Exclusion – Contacting or inviting everyone to events or online meetings etc, but purposely excluding you (Assuming you are in, or was in real-life contact with them that is).

Flaming – Posting an abusive response to something you write so everyone can see it.

Outing – Repeatedly posting something embarrassing about you online.

Doxxing – Posting your personal details, home or work address inc phone numbers, even bank details have been posted.

Bombing – Distribution of handwritten or printed leaflets and posters about you in the area you live.

Threats and Dissemination – Threatening you and then delight in telling everyone.

Confidence tricks – Getting people to reveal information about themselves and then using against them, which is a type of blackmail.

Impersonation – Pretending to be a ‘victim’ of stalking or ‘bullying’ themselves, either openly online, or covertly, via email or direct messaging etc.

Spamming – Signing the victim up for junk email or adult material.

Trolling – Saying something offensive or inflammatory online in order to provoke you into a response.

Bullying by proxy – Getting others to join in, on social networks like Twitter or Facebook for example.

Under no circumstances is it advisable to engage with these people.

It is their intention to occupy as much of your time as possible.

They will see that as a victory.

Any response you make will be twisted in order to make them appear to others as the victim, it also gives them the perfect opportunity to report you to either the social network you use, or even the local police in your area.

Any or all of your online written reponses to them will be edited, or manipulated in some other way, then used against you in quite disturbing and bizarre ways.

No subject is off limits, and nothing is beneath some of these people.

They will target not only you, but your partner, your children, their schools, your friends and work collegues, any disabilities you may have and anything else they think you have any association with.

Thankfully, it’s now a criminal offence and fully punishable in law.

This is not going to be a comfortable read, but I hope that it will in some way, serve as a warning that sometimes, bad things happen to decent people and a guide to help others.
I would like to introduce you to a practice which is becoming all too common these days. It has increased dramatically as the use of the internet has become more widespread and a part of everyday life.
It has a name, it is relatively well-known and is possibly one of the most frightening things that can happen to you, outside of coming home from work to discover that your whole family, including your pets have been slaughtered.


What are Gangstalkers?

They could be considered as undercover agents to a degree. They may be hired by some unnamed, faceless ‘leader’ of some description to stalk a specific person or a specific type of person. Some sources assume that this ‘leader’ is usually involved with politics or a corporation of some description – essentially, the person in charge has to be someone with some perceived power, as well as, or simply, the obsessive need to screw up other people’s lives.

This person in power (or the person/company they represent) ‘recruits’ a small network of people who will carry out the actual stalking.

These people are most likely compensated for their time (who can’t be bought off these days?), or they’re chosen because they can be easily manipulated or brainwashed.

For example, whoever is in charge will hire specific people because they’re easily persuaded that they’re working (stalking) for the greater good of some organisation, or can even be persuaded that they are doing it for the good of their country.

Stalkers are also most likely chosen due to their own vulnerability, i.e, they yearn to be part of a group.

Of course, there are those who have nothing better to do, and those who are drawn to harassing others due to already having sociopathic tendencies.

The Gangstalkers Goal..

“The stalkers wish to drive the target insane & to get him forcibly taken to (and incarcerated in) a psychiatric institution. They wish to make the target become violent, so that he/she can be assaulted, arrested, and taken to jail. They wish to make the target suffer so much that he may kill him/herself. They wish to make the target become poor by making him/her lose their job and spend all their cash moving from place to place trying to escape from the stalkers. They wish to completely isolate the target, so they have no support from anywhere or anyone. Overall they wish to destroy the target emotionally, financially, socially, and physically.”

Who can be the targets?

The victims/targets can be chosen one of two ways:

1) They’re chosen at random.

2) They’re seen as an an enemy or potential threat to someone in power, or a threat to somebody who has something to hide.

The random victims are most likely chosen as ‘target practice’ for new stalkers, or just for the fun of it according to some sources.

What makes them an easy target is that they may be different somehow – whether they dress differently, are homosexual, are of the ‘wrong’ race or religion or are seen to deviate from what appears ‘normal’ to the stalkers.

Accordingly, these random targets are used also as a reminder to the stalking group about what can happen if they anger or try to leave the group- i.e. these stalker groups have an extreme cult mentality.

I have recently witnessed this on Twitter, where a group of stalkers immediately turned on a female member of the group who had dared to ask questions.

Targets can also be chosen as they’re seen as a threat in some way.

These can range from whistleblowers of all kinds, activists, people who used to be employed by a specific company and may have seen or heard something they shouldn’t have, or just innocent bystanders who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allegedly, some organisations will hire people to stalk any of the above in order to silence them, but very often, the targets have no idea why they’re being harassed or what information they’re supposed to keep secret.

In my case, there were many seemingly unrelated but ‘negative’ events which occurred roughly within the same timeframe.

One of which was writing articles, and/or participating or commenting on Blog/Forum discussions and Social Media Conversations regarding certain subjects.

Once I realised this may have been a cause for the stalking, I also discovered several websites and blogs I had visited had disappeared from the internet, I deleted certain articles I had published to see what would happen.

The stalking continued.

UK law in these cases is non-existent, especially if you REALLY wish to speak your mind

(Sometimes, on such blogs as mentioned above, the people writing about such conspiracies and wrongdoings are actually connected to the same people doing these wrongdoings.

Which means, you really have to sift through information carefully because even if you’re just stating your opinion, people will either read your headline and ignore the content, or they’ll make you their next target).

Essentially these stalkers are hired for a specific purpose, or just select you at random to abuse you until you’re in the grave.

Doing so will harm you in ways often worse than physical damage, but of course, ’emotional’ or ‘invisible’ abuse leaves no visible trace.

Being gang-stalked is similar to street theatre – except all the actions and words are directly focused on you.

The stalkers want you to appear crazy to your family and friends, in the hope that eventually this perceived ‘craziness’ will drive your loved ones away from you

*You may also have to accept and be aware that sometimes the ones that aren’t driven away may be one of the stalkers themselves*

Stalkers want you to engage them in order to achieve another huge goal:


If your time is taken up trying to solve the mystery of why these things are happening to you, let alone seeing a psychiatrist or doctor due to all the stress/anxiety it’s causing you, the stalkers will consider this a victory, and they’ll continue tormenting you until you’re completely broke, isolated, and/or attempt suicide.

There have also been reports of mysterious ‘accidental deaths’ and ‘suicides’ occurring worldwide within the past few years, all of which may have been connected to Gangstalkers. (

(Although their initial aim is not to cause actual physical harm, as that leaves a trail, if you get someone isolated enough, let alone someone whom the world wouldn’t miss and thinks is crazy, then murder isn’t too big a step for these psychopaths to take).


Would you be surprised to learn that the NHS is Microsoft’s single largest customer.

So does that then lead you to assume that Microsoft is an NHS partner?

I ask this because this is how Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s worldwide health director sees the future of Healthcare:

“In my keynote address, I pointed out that the most innovative and progressive uses of information technology in American healthcare tend to be found in organizations that function as both providers and payers of care such as Kaiser, Group Health Cooperative, or UPMC. In such organisations, there’s an incentive to provision care in the most medically appropriate, expedient and cost effective manner with a focus on prevention. This means if a member’s need for information or medical services can be addressed just as safely and effectively with an instant message, e-mail, phone call, tele-consultation, or e-visit as could be accomplished by means of a face-to-face traditional office visit, that’s exactly what will be done. No waiting for an appointment, taking time off work, driving somewhere, waiting in an exam room, etc. just for a simple bit of information or reassurance from your doctor. Typically, these organisations are also leading the way in making electronic medical record systems securely accessible to patients who are interested in maintaining a personal health record. They are also doing some of the best work in preventive health services, home monitoring, and chronic disease management. I believe the NHS is not only locked and loaded for the next 60 years, but it is in excellent position to lead the world by example in the application and use of information technology to improve the health of all citizens.”

So, the more tele-medicine is used, the more profit for this particular NHS partner.

Is that what he is saying?

Tele-medicine can have a hugely positive effect on healthcare, but in the wrong hands can also be very dangerous.

It needs to be used at the right time, in the right circumstances, by the right people.

Do you think that doctors had quickly get their head round telemedecine soon or the huge multinational corporations may be the ones that will dictate how to diagnose, manage and treat patients?

Doctors need to get a better understanding and assume control of the telemedicine revolution before others do.

Remember that name ‘Tele-Medicine’.

Because one way or another, this will be firmly in place before most people have even noticed.

Psychiatry on the whole is a fraud…… From whatever angle you try to look at it.

The 300 or so classified ‘disorders’ listed in the bible of psychiatry, are invented by committees from pre-selected menus of behaviour patterns.

That list of ‘Disorders’ is increasing by the day

It’s a crooked, grubby and incestous relationship between the profession of psychiatry and the cash generating drug industry.

It’s a drug-dealing machine, and almost all the drugs they peddle are toxic and dangerous.

Not one mental ‘disorder’ has ever, in any patient, been verified by a physical, chemical or biological test.

That is because there are no tests.

When you understand that, it is a simple matter to start thinking that the process of diagnosing people with these labels means they can easily be debilitated by chemicals.

That makes any nation weaker.

That scrambles people’s brains.

That sedates people.

That makes people easier to control.

Looking at it from another viewpoint, if a person is ‘diagnosed’ their thoughts and ideas are no longer considered ‘legitimate.’

And you did read that correctly…

Diagnosis is a clever method of disabling original thoughts and ideas.

If a person is considered mentally healthy, then his thoughts and ideas have power.

Therefore a ‘diagnosis’ renders any such power null and void.

Effectively silencing those who have become ‘dangerous’ to the plan.

That may well be the reason you never hear talk in the media about mental ‘wellness’.

It is not good for the controllers to publish a list of mental wellness.

It doesn’t work for them.

They need more diagnoses of mental disorders.

They need more people focusing on their own mental and emotional problems.

They need more “disorder” talk on television.

They need people to accept the notion that they are all, in some way, “disordered.”

That’s the deception and that’s how it works.

There was a time when nobody was diagnosed with anything and the world was much better off.

These days it seems everybody is diagnosed with something, and things are much worse as if you hadn’t noticed.

The gradual increases in ‘diagnosed’ levels of mental illness runs parallel with the gradual and deliberate reduction of nutrients in the food supply.

Coupled with the amount of toxic chemicals and psychotropic drugs in the urban water supplies it is not that surprising if you take time to think about it.

There is a reason for is, and it’s a simple one…. Control.

You put more and people under that system and they fall into line.

Classic ‘Fear Politics’.

They develop a different concept of their lives.

It’s all about giving people lower expectations.

But you just cannot come out and tell people to lower their sights, you have to give them a reason.

And psychiatry is one of those reasons.

It’s just one more faked science, and a fraud.

There will be a lot of new ‘disorders’ in the future, involving words like “non-empathic.”

People who don’t have sympathy for others who are diagnosed with mental illnesses will then be given their own label.

Can you see the plan now?

In the very near future, everyone (except the leaders of course) will need adjusting.

The list of disorders will expand on a massive scale, as will the drugs.

This is the basic lie, and the propaganda will tell you that “so much more is understood these days, so we must diagnose everyone who was previously undiagnosed”.

There are very few true mental ‘disorders’.

Those are very serious in nature and of course should never be compared with the fictitious disorders that are so prevalent today.

But even these can be treated by wholly natural methods, which of course have been aggressively suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

People do suffer, they experience pain, they may become confused, they may have severe nutritional deficits, they may be toxified, they may be under the heel of political repression, but most are not mentally ill.

They never were.

It is a simple as that, the ‘professionals’ step in and make decisions based on a fabricated science and then prescribe the chemical ‘solution’.

You can submit or just say no.

The Buzz word is DISORDER.

“If you’re not for the new order, you are disordered.”

Throughout history, fraudulently diagnosed mental infirmity has been used as an effective method to silence dissent.

Because it works……

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