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As the Outlaw enters it’s fourth year of publication and 2015 comes to a stuttering close, I thought I would take a minute to reflect on something.

When I first started writing for this site, a small part of it’s remit, was identifying a number of people as not being who they publicly present themselves as being; which meant of course – that I just had to be working for the British Security Services.

As time passed, however, the Outlaw had somehow, seamlessly ‘switched’ to being attached to the inner workings of none other than the National Security Agency – where it had been, according to some, tasked to ‘undermine the UK Alternative Media’ and specifically target the websites of one Christopher D Spivey and others.

At the time of writing though, I am still alleged to be getting paid to publish the Outlaw, but not by a professional mainstream media journalist, (which in a backhanded way, acknowledges the standard of the articles) which was the rumour doing the rounds back then – but by none other than the National Crime Agency and am now officially; being ‘handled’ by the Met, the North Wales and the Greater Manchester police forces.

All of these allegations have emanated from the depths of the darkest of minds, and minds belonging to those who also claim to be speaking for the ‘common man’ and those without a voice of their own; the quaintly-titled ‘Alt Media‘, (Translation: Aversion to the truth) and have been liberally spread around various Social Media platforms like a rather unpleasant and highly infectious STI – and by any number of faceless and equally deluded CSA ‘Truthers’.

Pernicious and repugnant Internet campaigns like #paedobritain and it’s rabid supporters have a lot to answer for also – as 2016 will attest to.

Ain’t the Internet great?

Have a great Christmas one and all, and may all your Gods, of whatever flavour and form they happen to consist of …. Bless you and watch over you.