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An increasing number of people who have Rhesus Negative bloodtypes are also known to suffer from any number of what are commonly known as ‘Autoimmune’ diseases.

Many of those who have suffered for years with these often disabling conditions, have been asking questions both online and of their own healthcare professionals, as to whether there is any connection to the Rhogam injection given to Rh Negative women during their pregnancies …. and their autoimmune illnesses.

RHOGAM, for those who are not familiar with it, consists in part, of blood products which contain antibodies from any number of women who had developed a reaction to their own babies; and in practice it’s similar to receiving a blood transfusion or an organ transplant, albeit on a very much smaller scale, is far less intrusive, is a lot easier to administer, and is certainly more common.

However, although it does not appear to be common knowledge, it’s becoming evident that it’s use may also cause autoimmunity in many cases, due to something known as ‘Microchimerism’, which can cause the body to naturally attack what it sees as being ‘alien’ cells.

Although there does appear to have been a number of low-key studies carried out; from what information I have been able to discover through my own research, and have been hearing from the people who have contacted me about it …. there also seems to be a reluctance among medics to even acknowledge it’s existence, let alone discuss it with a concerned patient as being a distinct possibility.

Which once again is a common pattern when attempting to get answers from mainstream medical practitioners, in regard to the unique properties of the Rhesus Negative bloodtype and any associated health problems.

“Microchimerism is when a person has cells in their body that originated in a genetically different individual”



“If there was nothing before God created everything, 

Then where was God before that?

Where did God come from?

If the Bible had never been written, would we have known about God from a more original source?

Did the Israelite scribes invent God for some reason, or did they have access to earlier records concerning him?

If so, what were they?”

These are all questions asked by Laurence Gardner in his book THE ORIGIN OF GOD

He works on the theory that perhaps the Annunaki/Anannage are not Extra-Terrestrial in any way, but scientifically advanced people that lived in higher regions due to that being the best place to survive a number of ancient life threatening flood catastrophes.

The classical definition of Nephilim is “those who descended” and the singular nephil in vowel free semitic root language means “cast down.”

The books of Enoch and Jubilees both use the term ‘Watchers’ instead of Nephilim.

The Watchers were actually craftsmen and surveyors and were cast out of Eden because they brought weapons into an agricultural area.

The original Eden projects were at Kharsag and Eridu.

The floods wiped out crops and the land had to be re-worked and the Anannage needed workers so quoting the tablet of Ashnan and Lahar “for the sake of the good things in their pure sheepfold, man was given breath,” which according to the westernised biblical translations was done in “the image of the gods.”

There are records of crops being ‘genetically altered’ going back 9000 years and even the word ‘clone’ is a derivative of ‘klon’ the Greek word for twig.

Nín-kharsag (Enki’s sister and wife) was apparently an anatomical specialist and there are documented accounts of a creation chamber at Eridu called Bit Shimtí (Akkadian for breath-wind-life) with mention of Enki’s semen being saved for the cross fertilization of certain life forms!

After initial trials with animals (Chimera/legends/mythical creatures anyone?) 6 organically different types of ‘humans’ were created before the first real success.

Enki and Nín-kharsag were instructed by Nammu (his mother) to create 7 males and 7 females by mixing 14 pinches of tí-it (that which is life) as cultivated emryos into the wombs of surrogate mothers that were survivors of the deluge.

Another cultured embryo was placed in Nín-kharsag’s womb to produce a separate line of kings.

Alternative and Ancient Titles for G.O.D.

El Shaddai – Shining Lord of the Mountain

El Elyon – Shining Lord of the Height

Ilu -Kur-gal – Shining Lord of the Mountain

Not a definitive answer to the eternal question by any means, but certainly worth consideration and further study in my opinion.

SOURCE: Unknown