Despite what the Outlaw has been reading on Social networks, and in some darker corners of the Alternative Media for that matter – the owner is not dead, or has he had concrete poured on top of his resting place. Neither has he gone insane and been sectioned, nor has he succumbed to a ‘Hacking’ operation by persons unknown. As you may be able to see, the Outlaw has undergone some radical changes, so has simply been taken offline in […]

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I published an article on the Outlaw earlier this year which looked at the science and methods used by government scientists, specifically during the Nazi era, to standardise blood groups. By ‘standardise’ I mean changing the universally recognised A, AB, B & O Haplogroups to a single ‘OO’ or ‘O’, which was considered by the Nazi’s to be the purest bloodtype. I worked from various sources, both online and the old fashioned way (books and hard copy documents), bringing together […]

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