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From it’s enviable position as being the greatest publicly-accessible repository of all of human history and knowledge, the Internet, like anything else devised by man, is open not only to manipulation, but is one of the most successful tools ever devised to spread disinformation and propaganda on an unprecedented scale.

A single composite image (MEME), or any number of completely fictitious claims or accusations, can circumnavigate the planet within a matter of seconds and before very much time has passed, can become embedded in the human psyché to the point where not only ‘official’ historical records become redundant – but many years of painstaking and genuine research can, and will be dismissed by millions of people who will not investigate beyond whatever appears daily in their social media timelines.

What many people see in front of them every day on social media, or any number of ‘conspiracy’ websites, becomes accepted ‘truth’ to them, which is unfortunately, not only extremely lazy, but will not allow the natural human thirst for knowledge to progress beyond whatever is spoon-fed to them by anyone who has a desire, or an agenda to distort and twist the truth.

One of many such beliefs on the www, is one that has been doing the rounds on a number of ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Truther’ forums and websites for a few years now, and one that besides being completely ridiculous to anybody who can perform even the most basic Internet search, is one of many that the Outlaw will attempt to show are nothing more than a complete pile of excrement.

Digitally-manipulated and cleverly worded maybe, but excrement nonetheless.

I am referring in this instance to an image, and one of many that have done the rounds over the years, that claims that Angela Dorothea Merkel (Nee Kasner), is in fact the daughter (or a close blood relative) of none other than Adolf Hitler, due to some vague facial resemblance.

Image taken from Facebook

The image claims to have been taken in 1937, and shows a seated Hitler with his arm around an unnamed child, and contains a superimposed image of Merkel with the caption ‘Now it’s making sense’, which leaves the viewer in no doubt as to what the image is attempting to imply.

The child in the image looks to be around 5-8 years of age, which would put her year of birth around 1929-32, which although is only a ‘guesstimate’ on my part, would certainly not date that image to a different decade for the claim to have even been possible, as Frau Merkel was actually born seventeen years after that photograph was taken.

I can say this with some confidence, because Angela Dorothea Merkel was born in Hamburg, Germany on July 17, 1954.


While on the subject of past and present German Chancellors, there is something else which for some reason I cannot understand, and has become the subject of heated debates among the conspiracists and truthers – which is the ‘Merkel-Raute‘, a hand gesture favoured by Merkel and has since been adopted by many politicians and statesmen, including the ex-Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The ‘Merkel-Raute’

A number of people have interpreted this gesture as being a ‘Sign of the Illuminati, so therefore anyone using it must be a member of this alleged secretive, notoriously evasive and all-powerful group of elitists that run the planet from behind the scenes – which is not something that I want this article to get bogged down with, as I have almost zero evidence of it even existing in the true sense of what is being disseminated on the Internet.

What is known, however, is that Merkel, along with 120-150 other members of the European and North American political elite, is certainly a member of the secretive BILDERBERG group, which meet annually at various locations to allegedly ‘foster dialogue between Europe and North America’ – which again, is something that most people know very little about, but will be looked at in length on this site at some point.

“The Merkel-Raute, or the Merkel Diamond, or the Triangle of Power is a hand gesture made by resting one’s hands in front of the stomach so that the fingertips meet, with the thumbs and the index fingers forming a rough quadrangular shape. It has been described as ‘one of the most recognisable hand gestures in the world’.  Asked about how the Merkel-Raute was introduced as her trademark, Angela Merkel stated that ‘there was always the question, what to do with your arms, and that’s how it came about. She chose the gesture without being assisted by a counsellor because ‘it concerns a certain symmetry.'”