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I originally published the following post on the 29th October 2015, and for reasons that are not relevant, nor is there a pressing need to divulge here, I opted to use the ‘Protected‘ feature, which required a password available only


The ninth in a series of real-life Outlaw heroes ‘Peerless’ Jim Driscoll (1880-1925) is still regarded as the finest proponent of the classical, upright boxing style, and a fighter who is almost always included in lists of the greatest fighters


I am fascinated by cemeteries. I have visited dozens over the years while researching my family history, countless history projects, or as is more often the case, just to wander around if I have a spare hour to enjoy the


The only time I met Steven Messham after leaving Bryn Estyn, was in the Secure (Punishment Block) Unit of an ‘Approved School’ that according to the the West Glamorgan Local Authority was a ‘Farm.’ I had been in the Unit