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Over the last few days, I have been attempting to find a definitive link between the Bryn Estyn estate in Wrexham, and the virtually unknown ‘other’ Bryn Estyn estate, which was built at New Norfolk, Tasmania, by Lieutenant Henry Lloyd during 1840.

After a lot of digging, I have now found that link, (the details of which will appear in the book I am currently writing) and upon discovering what I needed, I happened upon an article , ‘The Life of Artist Henry Grant Lloyd (1830-1904) and his December 1857 Illawarra Watercolours’, by Dr. Joseph Davis B. A. (Hons), Dip. Ed., PhD and published on the website in April this year., according to it’s ‘about’ page: ‘is a platform for academics to share research papers. The company’s mission is to accelerate the world’s research. Academics use to share their research, monitor deep analytics around the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow. Over 96 million academics have signed up to, adding 23 million papers. attracts over 62 million unique visitors a month.’

Now those numbers by anyone’s reckoning, are staggering, wouldn’t you agree? and if true, would give anyone who’s work appears on the site, a massive platform on which to present their research to the wider world of academia.

So with that in mind, I was somewhat perplexed when parts of Dr Davis’ article seemed very familiar to me, in fact, I could have written them myself.

This paragraph for example, which on first reading only stood out because I had noticed that the name ‘William Middleton Massie Lloyd’ was not one I had encountered before, and for good reason, as Dr Davis appears to have made an error in his identification of ‘Richard Myddleton Massie Lloyd’ (1751-1814), who actually commissioned Joseph Turner to build the first “Bryn Estyn Hall”.

I must admit, it did have me scratching my head at first, and thought the name mix-up was a simple error, or typo, but the paragraph’s wording, and it’s familiarity was something I simply could not ignore, as it was too similar to a paragraph that I had written for my book, which has not yet been published.

The above excerpt, from my book ‘Investiture Hill’ is indeed similar in its wording, but not markedly so, but when you consider that what is going to appear in the book is a more polished version of what I originally wrote, then things will hopefully become clearer.

Reading through the rest of Dr Davis’ paper, I noticed that he had also included a number of images that were also very familiar to me, two of which are freely available on the internet, and therefore could have any number of sources, but one image Dr Davis has used – pictured below – I can state, with all confidence, has only one source.

That source is me.

I can state this because I created the image myself for inclusion in my book, in order to highlight the true location of the original Bryn Estyn Hall, and its proximity to other buildings in the parish, using an 1840 map of Beiston.

So where had Dr Davis, obtained the image?

At first, I admit I could not answer that question, but then I remembered a video I had uploaded to Youtube during July 2018, ‘The Forgotten History of the Bryn Estyn Estate – A Photographic Journey (1620-2018)’, which contained the image in question.

There is another image in that video, which left me in no doubt whatsoever, that Dr Davis has used information from my video to include in his paper, (which has appeared on, because due to an typing error on my part, was also the source of his error in using ‘William’ (Middleton Massie Lloyd), instead of Richard, which I mentioned at the start of this article.

I have no objection whatsoever to anybody quoting my research in order to add something to an article or paper or book they have published, however, when an ‘academic’ publishes part of that work to a well-respected academic website with a readership of millions each month, and does not include the source of said information, i.e: myself – then that is an entirely different matter.

There is really no excuse not to quote the source of the information that Dr Davis has used, as my name was clearly stated below the Youtube video, but on the plus side, I had not previously noticed my error, and as a consequence have now removed the video.

So in conclusion, my original typographical error, has fortuiously proved that some ‘academics’, however qualified they may appear, are not only reluctant to quote the source of some of their research, but fail to cross-reference the information they use, and ultimately publish.

I really should not be wasting any more time on this, as there are more important things I should be doing, but this is something that needs to be attended to.

Following on from an earlier post on this site, where I highlighted the conspiratorial nature of a claim made by the barrister Barbara Hewson, she has not only reiterated that claim, which is that I am somehow part of some fictitious ‘team’ of online trolls, she has now doubled-down, and made an even more outlandish claim.

On 13 January 2019, in a post on her blog entitled ‘The Devil’s Cleaners – Part VI’, she published the following:

Which is correct, inasmuch as I was charged, and subsequently convicted of malicious communications; however, Ms. Hewson follows that with a somewhat bizarre inference, that the person who had got me convicted, was then arrested himself a few weeks later, as ‘Retaliation’ for what had happened to me.

Not only is this new claim as equally ridiculous as her  ‘Troll Team’ claim, it also has an palpable air of desperation about it, which is, as recent events have shown, completely understandable.

What I believe Ms. Hewson is doing, is attempting to distract her readers away from what I will suggest as being the real reason for the Met police arresting her friend at his home, and unlike Ms. Hewson, I will not rely solely on any one person’s skewed narrative to support my version ….

So with that in mind, would it be that hard to believe that Ms. Hewson’s friend was not arrested as a retaliation, nor was it an act of revenge, when in fact, Ms. Poulton had herself been subjected to a long online campaign of harassment, which included a number of threats to her person.

I am not aware of everything that Ms. Poulton endured, but if she had received even one-half of what myself and my family were subjected to for years, then she was, in my opinion, fully entitled to report the perpetrator, with the view to getting him prosecuted.

The following tweets are only a small cross-section of what was publicly posted, which are, you may agree, directed at one person, and one person only.

‘BEHEAD yourself’?

‘She’s finished but I like to pour concrete on graves’?

Those tweets are a random selection of dozens, perhaps hundreds, that were posted on that platform, and there were also a number of harassing videos posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, Google + and dozens of blog posts, and any number of malicious, and what could be viewed as threatening comments, posted to a number of unrelated  websites.

This audio segment was extracted from one such Youtube video, which as well as attempting to belittle and ridicule Ms. Poulton, also reveals what I believe to be the source of Ms. Hewson’s claim, that Ms. Poulton and myself, were/are part of some fictitious #Teamoutlaw troll group.


This next audio segment, again extracted from a deleted Youtube video, is a whole lot darker, decidedly more disturbing, and was in my opinion, published online for one purpose; to harass and frighten it’s intended target.

Whether this ‘message’ was aimed directly at me, or at Ms. Poulton does not really matter, as it’s menacing tone can to my mind, only be interpreted one way – the speakers intent is a clear threat to somebody.


Taking all, or even some of the above into account, can Ms. Hewson still realistically claim that the person who posted those tweets, and produced those audio segments, was only arrested as a retaliation to something that happened to me?

Are those truly the actions of a totally innocent victim, caught up in a type of vendetta, or a knee-jerk revenge against him, as Ms. Hewson appears to be alluding to?

Especially as the examples I have posted here, predate his arrest by many months!

It also raises the question as to why Ms. Hewson is now going to such lengths to defend somebody, who she herself claimed was ‘abusing’ her, and had collected examples of said abuse as screenshots – a few months previously?

Which is a rather odd U-turn on Ms. Hewson’s part, would you agree?

What is not so strange, however, is Ms. Hewson’s deafening silence, on the recent news that the same man pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to an un-named female, at Salisbury magistrates court last Friday (1 Feb), which earned him 80 hours Community Payback, a surcharge to his victim of £85, and £85 in costs.

I shall end this with a small video compilation I put together last night, which contains but a small selection of the online harassment and threats that have been aimed at myself, and my family, over a four year period from the same source(s).

‘Ye Sons of the heroes, whose bravery tamed,
The proud-soaring Eagles of  Rome;
Ye sons of the patriots, whose ready swords shamed,
The Saeson that threatened your home:
Say what is your Watchword? “It is, and shall be,
We are Sons of the Cymry, we are Sons of the Free.”

When the Norman by treachery entered your land,
Your ancestors rushed from their hills;
Repulsed the invader – then sheathed the red-brand;
The mountain-air Freedom instils!
What then was your Watchword?
“It was, and shall be,
“We are Sons of the Cymry, we are Sons of the Free.”

The Leek is your emblem, and bravely your Sires,
That emblem have borne in each clime;
The thought that inspired them, your hearts yet inspires;
And will to the end of all time!
For what is your Watchword? “It is, and shall be,
“We are Cons of the Cymry, we are sons of the Free.”

Oh! cherish the language your ancestors spoke;
Religion, and Liberty’s tongue!
‘Tis upright, and honest, uncalled by a yoke;
The language the Cymry bards sing!
To you then how sacred, that language should be,
The language of Cymry, the word of the Free!

And never let discord, or cowardice come,
In the seats where your fathers have dwelt;
Oh! never let Fashion, that new-fangled Drum,
Be heard, where the Bard’s strains were felt!
Beware of the Saeson; our Watchword must be,
“We are sons of the Cymry, we are sons of the Free.’

From: ‘SOLDANELLA, A Fragment.’

George Lloyd
Brynestyn, Wrexham
1 January 1839

Among the research for a history book I am currently writing, I happened upon an online news article from November 2011,  which outlined a campaign to raise funds to restore the neglected last resting place of a Great War pilot, and Military Cross and Légion d’Honneur recipient from Wrexham.

‘EX-POLICEMAN Wayne Cronin-Woyday is man on a mission. [sic].

He wants to secure the funds to restore the gravestone of a Wrexham war hero, a pioneer fighter pilot killed in the first world war in a tragic accident. Captain Arthur Henry Leslie Soames, 27, who won the Military Cross and the French Légion d’Honneur, died in 1915.

He was carrying out a ground test experiment at the Central Flying School and although behind a tree 90 yards away, a bomb he was working with exploded and he was hit by debris.

He was among the first pilots in raids on the Western Front in 1914 and it was stated that the impact of his death was such that the King wrote to his commanding officer asking about the circumstances of the incident.

Capt Soames’ gravestone is in the graveyard at All Saints’ Church, Gresford but the 93-year-old stone is laying down and is almost covered with grass.

“It is a pity really. he was a very brave man and being local his grave should, if possible, be restored, ” said Mr Cronin-Woydat.

“I’m not blaming anyone for the condition of the grave. Councils do get a small amount of money for the upkeep of official war graves, but Capt Soames was buried in a private family grave which does not qualify.

“Like so many families of that time, members have passed away and there is no one to see to them so I am looking for help in raising the money needed for the restoration.”

Capt Soames served as a 2nd Lieutenant with the Royal Welch Fusiliers and then the 3rd Kings Own Hussars before being transferred to 4 Squadron Royal Flying Corp which was posted to France before being posted to the Central Flying School.

The Soames family lived at Bryn Estyn Hall in Rhosnesni and Capt Soames’ father, Frederic, ran the Brewery in Wrexham, which eventually became Border Breweries, which was later taken over by Marstons,

The Soames family has links to lord Baden Powell, founder of the Scouting movement, and distant links to Winston Churchill.

The links to the Baden Powell family led to it paying for the original Scout hut in Rhosnesni.

Mr Cronin-Woydat lives with his wife, Joannah, in Gresford.

His grandparents were from Poland and Ukraine and both were taken by the Nazis during the Second World War and ended up in Italy. Due to Stalin’s purges, it was unsafe to return to their homelands so they came to this country.

Mr Cronin-Woydat joined North Wales Police in 1994, and before his retirement, served in Wrexham, Gresford and Gwersyllt.’

This article was of interest to me for two reasons; the first being that the Great War pilot was Captain Arthur Henry Leslie Soames, the eldest son of Frederic W. Soames, the Wrexham Brewer and businessman, and the man who built Bryn Estyn Hall in 1904, and secondly, the restored grave may have been able to offer additional information for the book.

A few days ago, I went to Gresford to view the grave, and as the following photographs show, the restoration appeal had either not been a great success, or Mr Cronin-Woyday, had lost interest, or was in some way, unable to undertake the task.

The grave itself was fairly easy to locate, but was badly neglected, the whole area was choked with ivy, weeds, grass and layers of accumulated dirt and rubbish, which quite obviously had not had any attention for what appeared to be decades.

As I was there anyway, I found the head groundsman, who was working on the other side of the churchyard, and sought permission to tidy it up a bit, as it was a shame to see the last resting place of not only a highly decorated war hero, but also a pioneer airman, who was one of the very first pilots to fly over occupied France at the start of the Great War, in such a state of neglect.

Something of a local historian himself, the groundsman was aware of the significance of the Soames name in Wrexham, but knew little about the grave other than it hadn’t, like so many others in the churchyard, been tended for many years, and nobody to his knowledge had shown any interest in it’s upkeep.

As it was a nice day, blazingly hot in fact, I spent the next few hours removing as much of the overgrowth as possible, with the intention of returning the next day with some tools, to clear away everything on and around the grave, and reveal the final resting place of Captain Arthur H.L. Soames MC, in it’s entirety.

After only a few minutes work, it soon became obvious, as I began to reveal more and more of the plot, that Captain Arthur H.L. Soames, had been buried alongside his Grandparents, Arthur and Anna Amelia Soames [Nee; Gilstrap].

After almost an hours work, and bearing in mind that I was only using my hands the clear the plot, from beneath a particularly dense accumulation of well established ivy and grass, another marble slab began to appear, this time on the left hand side of the main grave, which was in a far better state of preservation, due to it being completely buried under about four inches of earth and plant debris.




BORN JUNE 2nd 1857

DIED MARCH 8th 1926



BORN APRIL 13th 1858

DIED MARCH 24th 1940






Capt R.W.F. T.D.

So what had first appeared to be, and was reported in the Wrexham Leader as being the grave of Captain Arthur Soames, following only a couple of hours work on my part, turned out to be not only the family burial plot of one of the most influential (and wealthy) industrialists in Wrexham’s history, but had been hidden from public view for the last 36 years!

I returned the next day as planned, and despite it pouring with rain most of the afternoon, managed to clear the remainder of the plot, revealing every aspect and detail, and to estimate what would be required to complete the restoration.

Rather surprisingly, despite the grave now being 126 years old, and being badly neglected for over three decades – very little work is now required to restore it to it’s former condition.

Which I hope to complete over the next few days.

One side of the decorative edging needs realigning and resetting on a new brick foundation, a weed discouraging membrane will be laid under a layer of ornamental stone chips, a small amount of tidying up to finish, and it should hopefully, with regular maintenance, assume its rightful status as a site of historical interest and remembrance for the town and people of Wrexham.






*All Images © 2018*

Today’s publication of an amended version of the Macur Report, which investigated the deeply flawed Waterhouse inquiry into Child Abuse in North Wales Children Homes, and which was first published in a heavily redacted form during March 2016; has revealed that ex-North Wales police chief Gordon Anglesea, was in fact being investigated by the force with a view to his being prosecuted for child abuse, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided against it.

This latest version of the report also adds weight to the persistent claims from witnesses, that incriminating images that showed Anglesea being involved in illegal sexual activity had actually existed, and had been subsequently destroyed.

North Wales child abuse review now names Gordon Anglesea

A former senior police officer jailed for indecently assaulting boys has been named in a revised version of a judge’s review of an inquiry into abuse of children in North Wales.

Gordon Anglesea’s name had originally been redacted from Lady Justice Macur’s report published in March 2016.

Welsh secretary Alan Cairns said his conviction and death meant there was “no reason” to keep his name secret.

Exceptions have been made to prevent identification of victims or witnesses.

Lady Justic Macur had reviewed the £13m Waterhouse inquiry into child abuse amid concerns that although it found “appalling mistreatment” of children over 20 years its remit was too limited.

Her review found no evidence of alleged historical abuse by prominent figures.

Anglesea, a former North Wales Police superintendent from Old Colwyn, was convicted in October 2016 of indecently assaulting two boys.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, dying in jail in December 2016 at the age of 79.

Welsh Secretary Alan Cairns told MPs on Tuesday in a written statement:

“in light of Gordon Anglesea’s death there is no reason for his name to be redacted, except where there is any risk that victims, witnesses or other individuals might be identified. I have therefore laid a revised version of the Macur Review Report with references to Gordon Anglesea reinstated except where an ongoing risk has been identified. The other redactions in the report remain.”

Prosecution dismissed

The newly-published, partially unredacted version of the report shows thar North Wales Police had wanted to prosecute Anglesea some years previously, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided against it.

Lady Justic Macur said that the decision not to prosecute may have deterred witnesses from coming forward to give evidence to the Waterhouse inquiry.

The report also reveals that one witness believed pictures depicting Anglesea involved in illegal sexual activity had been destroyed.

Lady Justice Macur also investigated his links to Freemasonry and whether that had led to a cover-up.

However, she concluded that “considerable efforts were made in pursuit of evidence against Gordon Anglesea” by the Waterhouse inquiry and that she found the investigations into Freemasonry were in accordance with the weight of evidence before the tribunal.

A UK Government spokesman said:

“The Secretary of State for Wales is committed to ensuring that there is as much transparency as possible around the incidents that took place in North Wales since the 1970s. The redactions in the initial Macur report were made in line with advice received from Lady Justice Macur to protect victims, witnesses and ongoing criminal proceedings. The amended report published today removes redactions relating to Gordon Anglesea, except where there is a risk that victims, witnesses or other individuals might be identified.”


It has been noted that the Outlaw has not been updated with any new posts for a while, so with that in mind, I have taken some time out to reassure the regular visitors and readers here that there is nothing amiss whatsoever; and that there is a reason why it may appear that I have, to all intents and purposes, been …. M.I.A.

I have, for the last month, been working flat out on a book commission which has been not only time-consuming, but damned hard work when one has to consider the amount of legwork and intensive research which needs to be done in order to gather enough material, to put a project like this together.

The subject matter itself, has been for years a bone of contention for a certain group of people who have claimed total ownership of it, and they have in the past, viciously defended what they consider to be their own exclusive property; and it’s for that reason I have had to keep what I have been doing ‘under wraps,’  mainly due to the unwanted and hostile attention, including both physical and legal threats I received the last time I was invited to discuss this on a platform other than here.

As many regular readers have come to expect from me, the way I have chosen to approach this project has been markedly different to anyone, or anything else, and I can guarantee that the finished work will not be focusing on the immediately obvious.

It will I believe, be like nothing else that has been put out there thus far, at least in regard to it’s subject matter, and I say that with confidence because believe me when I say that I have spent an inordinate amount of time wading through the complete dross that has already been put out there, while searching for evidence of it.

What I will say, however, is that there will be a lot of information to be found within it’s pages that has not been made generally available before, and will include a number of images, including photographs that I have taken myself, which most people will have never associated with a notorious ex-Community School in North Wales before, and of course have never been made public as far as I am aware.

What the book will do hopefully, is take the reader on a journey, and one which starts on a fairly innocuous patch of land in north Wales in the mid-16th Century, which has been passed down through generations of families who’s ancestry can be traced back to the Norman Conquest, and then proceed through the times of the Welsh Princes during the 12th Century, through Simon de Montford’s rebellion against King Henry III during the second Baron’s War, through the English Civil War in the mid 17th Century and into and beyond the Industrial Revolution and the first great and terrible world war.

It will introduce you to people you will probably have never heard of before, like the first white European that ever ascended a snow capped-peak in the Himalayas, and one of Britain’s military aviation pioneers, who was awarded both the Military Cross and the Legion d’Honneur for his bravery, and upon his death in 1915 was personally acknowledged by King George V, a Banker that printed his own currency, and a host of other characters.

All of the above events and more, are woven into the history and the very fabric of that big house and estate on the outskirts of the town of Wrexham, and despite what most people have written about it, and have read about it and ultimately believe is the definitive version …. the real story exists where you least expect to find it.

There will be very few words to accompany this post for obvious reasons, but regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of the significance of the following Tweets ….

They relate to breaking news about an issue which maybe, just maybe, also finally mark the beginning of the end of a recurring nightmare; not just for me and my family – but also for the large number of people that have been adversely affected.

Twitter 1


Twitter 2

The conviction of ex-north Wales Police Superintendant Gordon Anglesea, has for many people, finally presented solid evidence to support the endless rumour and speculation that a paedophile/abuse ring has been operating, in and around north Wales, for the last four decades.

The guilty verdict that was handed down at the Crown Court at Mold on Friday, to the Freemason and Rotarian ex-policeman Anglesea, has shown that despite the endless obfusction, the continual distraction and the numerous attempts to cover up the nefarious activities of a number of people, the truth is now, at last, finally beginning to emerge.


I must admit that the guilty verdict came as a surprise to me, because having lived in the county of Wrexham for the last few years, a place where, to all intents and purposes is deep within ‘the Belly of that particular Beast’ …. and finding myself on the wrong side of the NWP and the courts (resulting in two arrests and a Malicious Communication conviction) – which I am in no doubt came about as a direct result of trying to discover what really happened at the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home.

Experiences which admittedly, were harrowing at times, and proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt; that there are certain individuals that really did not want anybody, especially an ex-‘guest’ of the care system in Wales like I was, digging around and asking awkward questions.

It cannot have escaped the attention of regular readers of the Outlaw, that there has been a sustained online campaign to discredit me, and to bring about as much personal difficulty and discomfort to both myself and my family, which again I believe – has only happened because of certain events I was suspected of being a witness to.

I was at that time, an ‘unknown quantity’ and someone who had not appeared on any radar prior to 2012.

I was not known to any established ‘CSA groups’, I had never been interviewed by NWP, I had never given a statement about alleged abuse or mistreatment, nor had I offered testimony to the Waterhouse Inquiry, so effectively there was virtually nobody in north Wales who was aware of my existance ….

I ‘went public’ in November 2012, around the same time as Stephen Messham appeared on BBC Newsnight, and I had set up a personal website which became the Outlaw.

Within days I was approached by a number of abuse ‘survivors’ online via Twitter, one of whom was a one-time high profile witness at the Waterhouse Inquiry, and was a prominent figure in the associated media coverage.

This alleged ‘survivor’ had also become very active on social media around this time, and had taken to attacking Stephen Messham, and any one else who was speaking publicaly about their experiences of childhood abuse, paying particular attention to those who had an association with north Wales and Bryn Estyn.

As I had very little personal knowledge in regard to the whole north Wales affair at that time, I had no reason to believe that someone else who had been in the care system, would want anything else than to seek recognition and/or justice for any mistreatment they had allegedly suffered.

It turned out that I was very much mistaken in that belief, as after speaking to this ‘survivor’ online and via telephone for a few months, I had invited him and his wife into my home.

Within days of his visit, he had, without any reason that I was able to understand at the time, began to focus his attacks on both my family and myself, attacks which, within a few weeks had become somewhat sinister and threatening in nature, and which had left me with no option but to report a number of incidents to the North Wales Police.

It is fair to say that at that point, the north Wales Police were sympathetic and were helpful, they informed us that although the attacks on us were ‘vile, threatening and obsessive’ there was little that could be done as ‘no laws had been broken’.

The online obsessional abuse continued, and a large number of malicious complaints were anonymously reported to Wrexham Social Services, Wrexham Council, the Local Education Authority and at one point, our neighbours were sent leaflets through the post claiming that I was ‘an abuser of women and children’ and had both my photograph and address printed on them.

My wife was followed each time she went shopping, we received an anonymous phone call that our 13-year-old daughter was being watched as she walked to school, and the caller reminded me: ‘Remember what happened to April Jones’…. The harrassment was horrendous and continued non-stop for many months.

The north Wales Police were aware of every aspect of what had been happening to us as a family, but were seemingly unable or unwilling to help us, as for much of that time I was languishing on bail following an allegation, which was found after seven months of investigation (including the seizure and forensic examination of my iPad), to be wholly malicious and false.

The police were also very aware of the person responsible, but again appeared reluctant to act even when presented with ample evidence of his behaviour, behaviour which, according to the National Stalking Helpline and a solicitor we had instructed to assist us, was “a clear course of conduct which amounted to ‘Stalking causing extreme fear and distress'”.

But nothing happened and the attacks continued.

During this time, the person who was harrassing us almost on a daily basis by then, had somehow enlisted the help of a number of other online entities, some of whom were Child Abuse ‘Campaigners’ allegedly, at least that is what they claimed to be and their social media profiles and websites certainly gave testimony to this, and within a short time that group had joined in with the attacks on me.

There were some incidents that occurred around this time that now seem so bizarre in their execution that they belong within the pages of a fiction novel, as I still struggle to understand how they actually happened, and that if I (and thankfully others) had not witnessed them I almost certainly would not have believed them myself.

But I digress….


It is my sincere belief, that the conviction of Gordon Anglesea is the first step along a road that will finally lead to the truth of what really happened in north Wales.

I remain steadfast in my belief that the focus of any investigation should not be concentrated on Bryn Estyn, as the conviction of Anglesea has shown that the abuse in his case did occur elsewhere in the County; an ‘Attendance Centre’ (since demolished) in Wrexham and an unnamed private residence frequented regulary by child abusers, and which backs up the claims made by other victims of abuse in north Wales.

It also adds weight to the many claims that the north Wales Police may have been complicit in covering up allegations of abuse for decades, that they have purposely focused on Bryn Estyn only and that genuine witnesses have not only been purposely ignored, but NWP have given their tormentors free rein to harass and threaten them to the point where a number have been driven to the point where taking their own lives has seemed to be the only option.

It may also offer answers as to why only certain alleged survivors have been lauded by the media and have been given prominent platforms at official Inquiries, such as Waterhouse, where their allegations and testimony, however flawed, has been eagerly accepted as the ‘Official’ version.

Despite all of this, it is my belief that with the conviction of Gordon Anglesea, the dam has now finally been breached, the floodgates will slowly open and the real perpetrators, along with the roles of the ‘Enforcers’ that operated in every care home in Wales, (with the full knowledge of some of the staff) and who selected and ‘softened up’ vunerable children to be further abused, the enablers, those that turned a blind eye, and those that have covered up and willingly assisted in criminal activity will finally be identified and brought to justice.

NOTE: ‘This post has turned out to be a lot longer than I initally thought it would when I started writing, and does appear to have wandered somewhat, but bear with me a while longer, as what I have outlined above is connected to what may appear in the mass media in the very future.

I am writing from a personal perspective, as not only do I feel that if people were actually made aware of what I have been subjected to in the attempts to stop me talking, and the lengths that certain people have gone to to try and scare me off, then it’s obvious to me that if there was nothing to discover, then I would not have attracted the kind of attention that I have.

I have not reported on the way that the North Wales Daily Post have favoured certain alleged survivors over others, and appear to have been steered towards reporting on only certain aspects of the north Wales story, as well as ignoring a number of genuine survivors who have contacted them to try and set the story straight.

I have not even began to scratch the surface of the true extent of what myself and my family and friends have endured at the hands of these people for the past four years either, that story will keep until a time I decide to disclose, and the Outlaw may not be the platform to share it anyway, but rest assured, it will be known when the time is right.’

I originally published the following post on the 29th October 2015, and for reasons that are not relevant, nor is there a pressing need to divulge here, I opted to use the ‘Protected‘ feature, which required a password available only from myself to read the post in its entirety.

At the time of publication, a number of readers contacted me to obtain the password, on the strict understanding that nothing would be copied and shared publicly, which appears to have been the case as nothing has emerged on social media or certain blogs since its original publication, which almost certainly would have happened had it been published on an open platform.

I am only publishing it openly now, to challenge some of the many lies and deliberate fabrications that have been published about me online, by a small, but irritatingly persistent number of keyboard warriors on Twitter, and by the always charming Gojam, who publishes the ‘Needle’ blog, and the equally personable conspiracy blogger Christopher Spivey, who appears to have of late, fallen hook, line and sinker for any fiction that passes his way or, as in this particular instance, his complete failure to seek out evidence (or lack of) to reinforce any of his allegations about me, or to perform even the most basic checks on the history of his source(s).

One of the most disseminated untruths that has been inserted into the Twittersphere and the aforementioned websites about me, is the allegation that I was ‘Never in care’ so therefore I have no experience of any events that took place within the care system, to me or to anyone else, and as such have ‘No right’ to comment.

I have allowed these idiotic, and laughable claims to permeate social media, without challenging them until now, for three reasons;

  • The first being that I simply did not possess enough physical IE:DOCUMENTED evidence at the time, which I could present here to back up what after all, would simply be words on a website.
  • Secondly, to allow myself and others, time to identify those who have purposely spread those lies, and to collect the evidence of their participation in the spreading of those lies.
  • And thirdly, I am only too aware that the greater majority of people who use the Internet and use social media/blogs/forums etc, have grown ever more weary of the seemingly constant personal battles and endless bitching which is evident everyday, and therefore, have very little interest in reading about something which is of little interest to anyone not personally involved, especially as there are far more important issues that the Outlaw and other websites of its type could be addressing.

The small group behind disseminating these lies, and have been observed purposely attacking, and attempting to discredit anybody who speaks out online, about not only their own experiences of childhood brutality and abuse, but of events they have witnessed which appear to back up the claims of others, who have also spoken out.

It is the task of the legal machinery of this country to investigate, and hopefully prosecute and punish crimes against the person such as those involving the physical and sexual abuse of children, and although the said system is not perfect by any means, it’s all that victims of crime have available to them at the present time.

It is not the job of mostly anonymous and ill-equipped and mostly uninformed people on the Internet to stand as judge, jury and executioner in issues of this nature, nor have they any right to undermine, threaten and participate in the vicious attempts to discredit witnesses of what are after all, very serious criminal acts which deserve the maximum punishment that the law, as it is, permits – and knowingly interfering with that process is not only immoral, dispicable and illegal, it can also allow the guilty to go unpunished, which to the people who have been observing, appears now to be the ultimate aim.

To protect the perpetrators of appalling crimes against children, both of a historic and a current nature.

So with that in mind, what follows is the original, previously protected  post, with an addendum containing another item of documented evidence which was not available to me when the original post was published.


Like any number of people who have spent any time languishing in the UK establishment care system, I have attempted to locate my records a number of times, albeit unsuccessfully.

Many records have been destroyed or ‘mislaid‘ due to various reasons, and one event that immediately springs to mind was the unexplained fire in 1996, at a Pickfords warehouse in Lightfoot Street, Chester, where a number of care records relating to former residents of Bryn Alyn Holdings, were in long-term storage.

I myself witnessed, (from behind the relative safety of a chain-link security fence) the contents of various filing cabinets being thrown onto a large bonfire during the demolition of Glamorgan Farm School, during the mid-1990’s, which could have contained personal records, log books, accident logs etc – of any or all of the thousands of residents who had spent part of their childhoods there.

So it did happen, there is no doubt about that, and many ex-residents have spoken publicly about hitting a virtual brick wall when attempting to locate any written documentary evidence about what, after all, was an important part of their own lives – which then makes it difficult to not only ‘back up‘ their claims of any abuse or maltreatment suffered whilst in care, but also, to prove they were actually there.

An increasing number of ex-care residents, especially those who spent a greater part of their childhoods in ‘Approved or Community Schools’ and ‘Assessment Centres’ run by local authorities, and those in private hands, have related in great detail how they have been effectively silenced from speaking out, because their own experiences were not supported by official documentation.

On a personal level, up until two weeks ago, (September 2015) there was no actual physical (written) evidence of the time I spent in care apart from a number of fading photographs and a handwritten Duke of Edinburgh’s Award achievement book which are, at this time, thirty-seven years old.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Log Book and photographs.

There were four photographs initially, but one was stolen from my house in 2013, and I was unable to recover it, but nonetheless, it existed as do the others in the above image.

But again, that image is not ‘proof‘ or ‘evidence‘.

Neither are the following images, as many teenage lads, and girls, did the D of E Awards, while they were at regular High Schools and Colleges.

Glamorgan Farm School


West Glamorgan Fire Service 25/4/1980


However, the dates recorded on the images above are significant, as during the last couple of weeks, I have had a legitimate reason to apply for and receive a number of disclosures from the PNC (Police National Computer) in regard to what records the UK police hold on me.

One of the disclosures relates to an event, which has become the subject of an obsessive smear campaign on Twitter and a number of ‘Alternative Media‘ websites and forums, one of which is owned by a fairly prominent and self-styled ‘Investigative Journalist’ who has claimed to have seen evidence that ‘Jimmy Jones, was never in care and so must also be lying about anything he has experienced‘.

He has of course, never once published any ‘evidence‘ of his claims, which appears to be the common theme amongst a number of social media commentators and Alt Media bloggers, who rely entirely on their own words and personal opinions, and resort to launching personal attacks and starting smear campaigns against those who question them.

Porth Juvenile Court 11/9/1978

The disclosure above shows that I attended Porth Juvenile Court on the 11th September 1978, from where I was remanded into the care of the local authority, until 20th December, where I appeared at Cardiff Crown Court.

From September until December, I was resident at a number of Assessment Centre’s and Residential Homes in both South and North Wales, and from December 1978 until May 1979 I was at the prison at Knox Road, Cardiff, from where I was sent to Glamorgan Farm (Approved) School, where I remained for the remaining thirty months of my original sentence.

Glamorgan Farm School was of course, a local authority residential ‘Approved School’, and part of the establishment care system of this country.




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As some people may already be aware, I recently appeared in court in Mold, and was subsequently convicted of: ‘Improper use of a public telecommunication system’. I have since obtained copies of a report that was compiled, some of which I must assume was drawn from my care records, and was duly accepted by the court and was not challenged by the prosecution.

(A number of lies have also been spread online in regard to the actual events of that trial, and after seeking legal advice, I will also, in time, be addressing those untruths, and will only refer to the actual trial transcripts, as opposed to the rumour, hearsay and complete fiction that has currently been made available online.)

This report not only gives a background of the events which have taken place over the last three years, against both me and my family, and which ultimately led to my subsequent appearance in court – but also offers an outline of my ‘offending history’, which states clearly: ‘Mr Jones has an offending history, but this took place over thirty years ago. An offence of criminal damage led him to spend many years in the “care” system, spending time at various secure or semi-secure units in both Wrexham and Neath” – which corresponds and supports the above documentation of the original article.

Every so often, I read something that I know will stay with me for a very long time.

From well-loved books I have read and re-visited many times, through well-written magazine articles, right down to blog posts that I have stumbled upon quite by accident while looking for something else – there will thankfully, always be examples of the written word that will leave an indelible mark.

The following extract is one of those; it’s a poem contained within a book of poetry, written by a man from Birkenhead on the Wirral, and one which narrates his life – in verse.

Stephen Wynne was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar, after he suffered a complete breakdown on his 33rd birthday in 1999, which may have been the result of his battle with the drugs he had turned to, following the suicide at age 26, of his younger brother Peter in 1994.

Peter had been taken into care in North Wales as a boy, following the breakdown of his parents marriage, and it was discovered years later that he had been tortured, tormented and physically abused whilst residing at the Bryn Estyn children’s home.

Stephen Wynne (1966-2010)

Stephen sadly, also took his own life in 2010 after a courageous battle with his condition, aged just 44.

His book ‘A Migzie Tale’ was published following his death in 2010 by Xlibris in the United States, and although copies are getting increasingly scarce now, a few are still available to purchase online, the proceeds of which – go to his son Callum.



16 February 2000

I’d been doing Peters portrait, finally making a start

Drawing all the detail, in photo state of art

I received a telephone call, from my darling mother

“Have you heard the news?” She added, “It’s about your brother

Go and buy a newspaper, Daily Mirror or Daily Mail

It’s about Bryn Estyn; it’s like the weather as a gale

It tells of all the horrors, with Childrens abuse

And tells why Peter died, and chose to use a noose”

I finished what I was doing, all things made a drop

And hurried down the High Street, to a paper shop.

650 was boldly written, on the heading page

That’s how many were abused, roughly as a gauge

Perverts run the children’s home, where the kids did dwell

Sexually abusing them, making lives a living hell

An investigation started, when Peter made a complaint

With another who’d been abused, and both became a saint

Both went to the police, and started the interviews

When the story surfaced, it was highlighted in the news

I started to read the Mirror, to find out all the fact

And read a certain paragraph, of someone Peter had attacked

He’d spotted him in a pub, then he went straight home

And got a Samurai sword, whilst he was on his own

He broke the sword in half, and put it in his jacket

Returning to the pub, to make an awful racket

As I read the paragraph, I instantly realised

Why Peter had attacked him, which was no surprise

The abuser was abused, which he freely admitted

But was never punished, or even ever committed

Peter then got punished, and of which got sent to jail

For a six-month sentence, sending him off the rail

Peter had struck his face, 3 times with the sword

Slashing open the abuser’s nose, with the anger stored

Bryn Estyn got shut down, when the news had shaken

16 then committed suicide, if I’m not mistaken

With soon getting the answers, of Peter’s suicide

I wish he hadn’t done it, and hadn’t bloody died

I read the Daily Mail next, reading pages of a few

And saw Peter’s  picture, not just one but two

There was a story written, why he was in care

With some slight confusion, coz the reporter wasn’t there

I won’t give all the reasons, but he broke my mother’s heart

Making her so very ill, with all the things he used to start

He’d been given 2 options, I remember much of them

One was to change his ways, and to be good again

He chose the other option, which of course was care

It was his own undoing, and why that he was there

He’d been a little tear-away, always in a fight

I always blame the divorce, which had caused the plight

Another thing the story said, he was missing his head-stone

Where he was laid to rest, buried on his own

I had wanted to choose it, but was locked away

And several years had passed, before that I could lay

He’ll never be forgotten, although he is deceased

So my darling Peter, brother Rest In Peace

(9 November 1967 – 6 January 1994)