Founded in 1826, ‘The Society For the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge’, (mainly through the ministrations of  Lord Henry Peter Brougham ) despite being overlooked and largely forgotten by history, has been experiencing something of a Renaissance over the last few years, and in a not totally unexpected manner. I very much doubt that many people today, [even some of the Outlaw’s regular readers] will have even heard of the SDUK, let alone have a working knowledge of it’s original aims […]

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The invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440, should be included among the greatest events in the history of the world. Culture and knowledge, until then considered a privilege available only to certain classes, were brought into the mainstream by typography. By 1450, German inventor Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press process, with refinements and increased mechanisation, remained the principal means of printing until the late 20th century. The new printing presses had spread like wildfire through Europe. By […]

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What appears in the history books is not the real history of the world. Real history is conducted in secret and is almost never documented. Real history revolves around a handful of power-players, together with a small number of secret societies and closed associations. Real history is all about conspiracies whereas history, as it appears in books, resembles a crime scene investigation. Events occur, and the historians come along later and try to work out what caused those events. But […]

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