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I really should not be wasting any more time on this, as there are more important things I should be doing, but this is something that needs to be attended to.

Following on from an earlier post on this site, where I highlighted the conspiratorial nature of a claim made by the barrister Barbara Hewson, she has not only reiterated that claim, which is that I am somehow part of some fictitious ‘team’ of online trolls, she has now doubled-down, and made an even more outlandish claim.

On 13 January 2019, in a post on her blog entitled ‘The Devil’s Cleaners – Part VI’, she published the following:

Which is correct, inasmuch as I was charged, and subsequently convicted of malicious communications; however, Ms. Hewson follows that with a somewhat bizarre inference, that the person who had got me convicted, was then arrested himself a few weeks later, as ‘Retaliation’ for what had happened to me.

Not only is this new claim as equally ridiculous as her  ‘Troll Team’ claim, it also has an palpable air of desperation about it, which is, as recent events have shown, completely understandable.

What I believe Ms. Hewson is doing, is attempting to distract her readers away from what I will suggest as being the real reason for the Met police arresting her friend at his home, and unlike Ms. Hewson, I will not rely solely on any one person’s skewed narrative to support my version ….

So with that in mind, would it be that hard to believe that Ms. Hewson’s friend was not arrested as a retaliation, nor was it an act of revenge, when in fact, Ms. Poulton had herself been subjected to a long online campaign of harassment, which included a number of threats to her person.

I am not aware of everything that Ms. Poulton endured, but if she had received even one-half of what myself and my family were subjected to for years, then she was, in my opinion, fully entitled to report the perpetrator, with the view to getting him prosecuted.

The following tweets are only a small cross-section of what was publicly posted, which are, you may agree, directed at one person, and one person only.

‘BEHEAD yourself’?

‘She’s finished but I like to pour concrete on graves’?

Those tweets are a random selection of dozens, perhaps hundreds, that were posted on that platform, and there were also a number of harassing videos posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, Google + and dozens of blog posts, and any number of malicious, and what could be viewed as threatening comments, posted to a number of unrelated  websites.

This audio segment was extracted from one such Youtube video, which as well as attempting to belittle and ridicule Ms. Poulton, also reveals what I believe to be the source of Ms. Hewson’s claim, that Ms. Poulton and myself, were/are part of some fictitious #Teamoutlaw troll group.


This next audio segment, again extracted from a deleted Youtube video, is a whole lot darker, decidedly more disturbing, and was in my opinion, published online for one purpose; to harass and frighten it’s intended target.

Whether this ‘message’ was aimed directly at me, or at Ms. Poulton does not really matter, as it’s menacing tone can to my mind, only be interpreted one way – the speakers intent is a clear threat to somebody.


Taking all, or even some of the above into account, can Ms. Hewson still realistically claim that the person who posted those tweets, and produced those audio segments, was only arrested as a retaliation to something that happened to me?

Are those truly the actions of a totally innocent victim, caught up in a type of vendetta, or a knee-jerk revenge against him, as Ms. Hewson appears to be alluding to?

Especially as the examples I have posted here, predate his arrest by many months!

It also raises the question as to why Ms. Hewson is now going to such lengths to defend somebody, who she herself claimed was ‘abusing’ her, and had collected examples of said abuse as screenshots – a few months previously?

Which is a rather odd U-turn on Ms. Hewson’s part, would you agree?

What is not so strange, however, is Ms. Hewson’s deafening silence, on the recent news that the same man pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to an un-named female, at Salisbury magistrates court last Friday (1 Feb), which earned him 80 hours Community Payback, a surcharge to his victim of £85, and £85 in costs.

I shall end this with a small video compilation I put together last night, which contains but a small selection of the online harassment and threats that have been aimed at myself, and my family, over a four year period from the same source(s).

“ They that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same”

(Job 4:8)

Ordinarily, I would never use the main body of any mainstream media article on the Outlaw, but I have decided to make an exception in this case, due to the conflicting and misleading accounts that are emerging online in regard to the recent outcome of an appeal launched by one Christopher Spivey against his conviction for the harrassment of the family of the soldier Lee Rigby.

I have long been of the opinion that it was an act of complete lunacy to appeal against the courts decision, as it was a commonly-held belief that he was treated extremely leniently when he was given a six-month sentence only, that being suspended for two years after the actions that had led to his subsequent conviction.

Daily Mail 21st January 2017


He should have taken it on the chin and walked away, showed some dignity and then kept his head down, like any normal person would have done – but that was not to be the case and he has continued to publish harmful, untruthful and exceptionally damaging articles about anyone who he deems worthy of his attention, his latest targets being the family of a four-year old girl who recently died of Cancer.

And that is all I am going to say on the matter.

‘Spivey was originally convicted in July 2015 of two charges of harassing Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure. He was also found guilty of two offences of sending grossly offensive or menacing messages by public communication between May 2013 and November 2014.

Spivey received a six month prison sentence, suspended for two years and a lifetime restraining order banning him from any future contact with those involved.

He was also banned from publishing any material about them on the internet and ordered to pay £2,000 costs and his computer equipment was forfeited.

Judge Morgan left that sentence in place and ordered Spivey,unemployed and on benefits, to pay a further £2,000 costs’





I have no idea how many of you watched the ITV EU IN/OUT ‘debate’ last night, which featured Prime Minister David Cameron and UKIP leader Nigel Farage, but I guess that more than a few of you are reading about it online this morning.

As the title of this post suggests, the Mass Media are expected to report on current events in a completely neutral and unbiased manner, and from what I saw last night and have been attempting to highlight since this site started in 2012 – reporting ‘Without Fear or Favour’ is something the Mass Media has clearly forgotten.

A perfect example of this was on display during lasts night’s TV debate, where the spokesmen representing both sides of the IN/OUT campaigns were answering questions from an audience comprised (allegedly) of members of the public.

But was that strictly the case?

According to a number of my sources, one audience member, who accused the UKIP leader of ‘Fearmongering‘ and ‘Racism‘ among other things, is now thought to be not an ordinary ‘member of the public’, but a HUFFINGTON POST Blogger named Imrael Morgan, who is a ‘Diversity ‘Expert‘ and a professional broadcaster.

Now, it’s entirely possible that the woman was in the audience as a legitimite member of the public, and one who was genuinely concerned about how the result of the EU Referendum was going to effect her personally, which she has every right to do of course; but for the purposes of this post I will assume that she attended the debate in her ‘Professional’ capacity.

And it’s that connection which has piqued my interest and generated this article.

The Soros-owned Huffington Post, has previous history when it comes to trying to steer opinion in favour of the established order on any number of subjects, and first came on my radar in 2012, when another Huff Post blogger and author (who shall remain nameless) gave a platform on the HP website to a woman who has since turned out to be one of the most pernicious, vicious and prolific trolls on Social Media.

That Huff Post blogger, has also struck up online ‘friendships’ with a group of equally vicious internet trolls, a number of whom have since been arrested for harassment and are currently under investigation by at least four separate UK police forces and one in Europe.

This group (who many people now believe are organised and funded by people within the mass media) specifically target survivors of Childhood Abuse, their supporters and a number of small independent agencies who assist them.

*Particularly so if those survivors have made allegations about anyone within the British establishment.*

So how many more ‘audience members’and how many of those supposedly randomly selected people who have been paraded by the mass media to express ‘opinions’ on the EU Referendum, are in fact acting on their own volition?

Because in my experience, if you want to judge the true mood of a country, or to get the truth about any subject – it would be wise to avoid the Mass media as a source as you would anyone else with a highly infectious and ultimately deadly disease.

On November 25th, 2014, at 11:30, the following comment was published on this site.

Coincidentally, this site was ‘hacked’ shortly afterwards.

This comment, along with other damning information in regard to one Julian Gilbert, AKA ‘Thomas Pride’, AKA ‘Dexter Spaniel’, and undoubtably a number of other fake online personas – was subsequently, and mysteriously, deleted.

It has now been reproduced here in full, with the kind permission, and indeed the blessing of the original author.

Outlaw, I never comment on blogs. Whether I agree or disagree with them I will generally wait until I have a private opportunity to talk with the writer. However, I had to comment here.

As a journalist and broadcaster I have come to understand that I upset some people. This could be for any number of reasons, including jealousy (they are not realising their own ambitions and they are mad that I am, or at least they perceive I am) through to these people have something to hide and they are concerned that I might be the type of person to uncover it. Or they could just find me annoying. Fair point.

Tom Pride is not a typical hate in that he once liked me. See here:


Self Explanatory really considering these days he refers to me as a Daily Mail/Express hack and phone hacker.

I am glad to see him revealed here. He needed to be. Predators like him must always be shown for who they are, for their behaviour is utterly vile and the worst of human nature.

For three years Julian Gilbert has spouted his lying, libellous bile about me. He has taunted me by refusing to reveal his true identity. He has spread untruths about me, and put myself and my family in jeopardy. And why?

Well, the first time he wrote lies about me his comments section went from a typical 4-5 comments per article, to between 300 and 400 when he mentioned me.

Its a pity you have behaved so shark-like Julian, because you are capable of brilliant writing. Its a shame you use it for utterly vile purposes.

I mean seriously, what is wrong with you?

I realise you have plenty on your plate. Being a father to two children who require regular hospital attention makes my heart go out to you. As a parent where if my daughter even so much as coughs my heart is pounding, I can only imagine the pain you and your wife must have endured over these last few years. And I truly feel for you Julian, that must be terrible.

Then there’s your online persona. Man alive. You have some issues. Primarily, your presence is not a positive presence. Despite outward appearances – ‘Tom Pride takes care of the people’ – ou do more harm than good.

The truth is you use my name to give an appearance that the Establishment – who you laughingly associate with me – is threatened by you. That’s just daft. Hardly anyone out of the blogosphere knows of your existence and certainly you are not seen as challenging the status quo, mainly trying to capitalise on the iniquities of it.

Even other bloggers can’t stand you – you are viewed as untrustworthy – and know your ‘work’ to lack honesty and credibility. Never let the truth get in the way of a few hundred more blog hits eh, Julian?

Where are your morals? Is this really what your parents and loved ones want and need for you in your life? Is this how you want to be remembered? As a man who told lies about others, didn’t care how it hurt and harmed the other person, and did it all behind the safe, unchallenged mask of anonymity.

Well fuck that!

If you say something about me, something intended to damage me then I have a right to know who you are.

And now I do.

I’m a bit disappointed to be honest. I thought you would be a bit more exciting instead of Mr Vanilla Man, a money-ed Ex Pat, who has lived in Poland for two decades. Jeez!

No wonder you have to resort to satire and plain old lies because you are not actually experiencing Britain like those of us who live here. Consequently your lack of real life knowledge is replaced by fiction.

And you apply that to many topics you cover. About Government, about media, about people like me. You have no experience of these things but you do possess an active imagination, sadly influenced and discoloured by a plethora of bigotries and stereotypes. Your behaviour towards me has revealed a very unsavoury character.

Round about the same thing happened to David Icke after my time spent with him.

That’s the thing about me, Julian, I believe that the true person, no matter how much PR they try and use to represent themselves, always emerges. I love that about human psychology, don’t you?

There’s such a beautiful rhyme and reason to it.

Talking about creativity … I heard Bourbonese Qualk. And may I say you were very wise to give up pursuing a music career.

So where to now Julian? We all know that Thomas Pride can only go on for so long and reach a certain audience. Your peak has happened. Sadly it came on the back of other people’s misery. You had a chance to do something good Julian and you blew it. I feel for you. But I also feel for your family. For their sake, as well as your own, get some help. You have a talent that is going to waster and is dying a slow, painful and public death.  Take care.

I wish you no harm, Julian. I will not take another moment to ponder the whys and wherefore of your behaviour, commenting here is my closure on this situation.

I am in the middle of two documentaries and a book, and they are important and have greater reach that your upset with me. You have my attention here only because I want to see it put down on record for others to read and on a forum that is respectable and does not trade on lies to get hits.

When you first started smearing me I must admit I was a bit shocked. With your twisting of words and half truths I realised that you were no different to the newspapers you claim to despise. And then it hit me. The fact that you are not in newspapers or on the radio or TV when other political commentators are, really hurts you.

I get really annoyed with people who read your blogs and think they are superior to readers of some of the newspaper I have written for. But they are not. Far from it.

At least newspapers have to go through some legal vetting, you write your lies and publish them. No fact checking, no quality control, and all from behind an anonymous avatar. Clearly a model that wouldn’t require a critical and questioning readership.

Julian I expect you to take segments of this and twist it like you took my original tweets and twisted them into me being a hacker, even though you had repeatedly been told the truth of the story by Outlaw. But you chose not to tell you readership that because the truth in this case would get in the way of the story you want to push. That of me being a hack and a hacker, when in reality I am neither.

Its both vile and a lie, but you are known only to a few thousand people and so your influence and reach is too small to do anything about. Thing is Julian, seeing as you pursue the idea that I am a hacker, you should really – as lee has already advised you – report me to the police. Its a serious crime as a journalist to do such a thing and you have a responsibility to see that it is pursued. I welcome a legal situation with you Julian.

Bring it on. I shan’t be instigating anything because defamation cases are out of my financial reach, and, as I have already explained, your not that well known and I want to focus my energy on the big boys I have to deal with.

So report me to the police, Julian, and make sure to give me the crime number, please. I will of course, cooperate fully with the police on such a serious accusation.

But you won’t will you?

it doesn’t pay you to pursue it beyond your own blog. Its all about blog hits isn’t it Julian? But when all is said ad done you still have to look your family in their eyes and know you’ve done the best that you can by them all.

Good luck with that. No amount of satire is going to save you there.

Sonia Poulton