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The world’s media are desperately trying to whip up support for an all-out military assault on Bashar Al-Assad and Syria, based on what now appears to be yet another falsehood, and one which has followed a long line of other falsehoods up until this point.

The alleged ‘Sarin attack’ on Syrian civilians on April 4th 2017 for instance – which we were told [by the mass media] to believe without question came from the Assad regime, was followed by a statement from the White House which stated that they had ‘concrete evidence’ that the source of this atrocity was the Assad government.

Following that statement, a leading weapons expert has since claimed that the attack was in fact, ‘staged’ which of course raised a number of questions as to who was actually responsible.

Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), issued a series of three reports in response to the White House’s finding that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad perpetrated the attack on 4 April.

As any student of history will be acutely aware of, almost every major conflict that has occurred during the last couple of hundred years, were also based on falsehoods, and accompanied by propaganda campaigns run by the mass media, who are nothing more than agents of the state.

You don’t even have to be a student of history, nor need to possess a particularly long memory to be able to find examples of this practice, it is not at all difficult to cast one’s mind back to the 2003 invasion of Iraq which, without Tony Blair’s insistence that WMD’s [falsely] existed, and Labour MP Anne Clwyd’s entirely false claims in Parliament, about Saddam Husseins’ regime utilising a ‘People Shredder’ to silence his political opponents – may never have happened.

Assad is also only too aware, (as is most of the world who still have the ability to think independently that is) of what has now happened in the countries that the United States and it’s allies ‘liberated’ previously …. and by forcibly removing the leaders of a historically volatile middle eastern region; leaders who, despite everything written in the media, kept the entire region relatively stable and prosperous, and whose removal led to the entire region descending into complete chaos, and where slave markets (and other niceties such as torture and mass murder) are now freely operating in the open.

The total destruction of Syria has been the ultimate aim of the political elite for a few years now, and the main stumbling block to that plan, was Bashir Al-Assad himself, and his desire to defend both his country and it’s people, and his total refusal to capitulate, despite every dirty trick that has been played.

Assad’s dogged and ultimately righteous defence of Syria, has now reached the point where every ‘rebel’ enclave has either been completely decimated or driven from the country altogether, which was something also acknowledged by the American’s who were, until the recent ‘Chemical Attack’, poised to withdraw their ground forces.

Bashir Al-Assad, with the help of his allies had triumphed, and every attempt to elicit a forced regime change in his country had been thwarted, a six-year proxy war waged by US-backed insurgents was an abject failure – in reality, he had won.

Bashir Al-Assad is also a well-educated and highly intelligent man. But one does not even have to be particularly bright to know that in 2017, the US Military, without even waiting for  confirmation as to the real perpetrators, had launched Tomahawk Missiles into Syria following the alleged ‘Sarin’ attack.

So why would an intelligent man, knowing that he has all but won a war, and when the western superpower that backed your enemies is about to leave your country, then launch a chemical attack against what has turned out to be his own citizenry, and who were mainly women and children?

Especially when the repercussions following the first act [of alleged terror] consisted of American Tomahawk missiles indiscriminately raining down on your country.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It’s not only irrational, it is the act of a complete lunatic – neither of which applies to Bashir Al-Assad.

The only people who can possibly benefit from Assad’s removal and the ultimate dismantling of Syria, are those who are also hell bent on enabling the unchecked territorial expansion of another country in that region.

The video below is something I put together a little over two years ago, in an attempt to highlight what I believed was Syria’s immediate future, and some of the propaganda methods that were used to bring about it’s ultimate destruction.

We are I believe, at this moment in time as a species, closer to extinction than at any other time in our history, and until people wake up, stop paying attention to the complete garbage that is spewing from every mass media outlet, start thinking for ourselves, and stop supporting the complete lunatics who are in charge – we are all but finished.




Many Western Government’s and the controlled mainstream media rely almost entirely upon the simple fact that many, many people are completely disinterested in world affairs, or have very short memories indeed.

The Media are currently attempting to focus your attention on, as well as drum up support for yet another invasion to combat the latest ‘terrorist’ threat, namely the notoriously elusive but hastily constructed ISIS terror Group, who are alleged by the media to be the real reason behind the instability in Iraq.

*Special media attention is being given to the displacement and refugee status being given to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Iraqi’s, which may yet prove to be an important aspect if this scenario plays out the way it’s meant to.*

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary William Hague and the UK Foreign Office are making overtures towards Iran, offering to re-open the British Embassy in Tehran, quoting ‘Circumstances are now right’ to re-establish a diplomatic relationship.

Iran, unless you have forgotten, was fairly recently, a part of what ex-US President George Bush referred to as an ‘Axis Of Evil’, and who, were the main focus of attempts by the media to portray them as being the ‘Mortal Enemy of the West’.

Iran are now the main powerhouse in a very volatile area, they have ties to both Russia and China, and are also seen as being an obvious threat to an alleged globalist agenda to destabilise the whole region.

Western Governments do not make a move without consultation or a direct order from the state of Israel, who also, were threatening an all-out attack on Iran based on their alleged Nuclear capability.

Israel have remained unusually quiet over this, in case you had not noticed.

Is this now a case of ‘my enemies enemy is now my friend’ and to bring these nations together, united against a common adversary ?

Or is it yet another attempt to lay the foundations of a road that can only lead mankind to the brink of another world war ?

Any student of history cannot fail to draw certain comparisons between recent events and certain significant events that preceded and continued throughout the second world war.

We can only hope that these current events lead to a different conclusion, I very much doubt it though.


On October 16th 1933, Franklin Roosevelt granted diplomatic recognition to the Soviet Union.

The Communist government was very close to financial collapse due to a myriad of internal problems.

Giving them this diplomatic status literally saved a government, which, had been ostracized by virtually every other government in the world at that time.

Throughout the rest of the 1930s and the 1940s, two disparate groups infiltrated dozens of agents or members into the US Government’s executive branch under Roosevelt.

Namely, the Communist Party and the Council for Foreign Relations.

While these two groups had radically different motives, they both shared the same aim, which was, in essence, to weaken and eventually destroy American freedom and independence from within.

Almost nobody today, remembers that the second World War began in 1939 because the Soviet Union, as well as Germany, invaded Poland at the same time.

The Soviet Union was equally responsible for the onset of that war as Germany ever was.

This was common knowledge and universally condemned at the time.

However, in 1941 when Hitler attacked Russia, the world’s media made a complete U-Turn, and Russia became a “noble ally” of the Allies and turned against Germany.

Of course, it required the United States to supply the Soviets with the required hardware in order to fulfil their role in fighting the war.

We know now that the rest of the world dutifully fell into line, rushing to “save” Poland and ‘liberate’ the occupied countries of Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, at YALTA, before the war was over, the United States State Department, agreed that in exchange for their ‘assistance’, the Soviet Union would be allowed to add Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, half of Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria to its territories in Europe.

Before the addition of those countries and people at the end of the war, Russia had a population of around 160 million people and controlled an area, a great deal smaller than the Russia of the Czars.

Soviet industry had been almost totally destroyed by the Nazi war machine.

Communism was a third rate power, militarily, industrially and economically.

There was conceivably, no apparent reason for the whole of Eastern Europe to be handed over to the Communists other than to concede to the power and influence of Communist agents within The US State Department.

During 1945, General Dwight Eisenhower ordered that an operation Codenamed “Keelhaul” be implemented, it’s main purpose appearing to involve the rounding up and shipping people back, to “their own countries of origin”

This effectively ensured that some 2.5 million Soviet citizens found themselves stranded in Germany and the occupied countries as prisoners of war, slave laborers, or rootless refugees.

From 1944 to 1947, these people were forcibly repatriated in a number of operations, during which, many committed suicide rather than return to Soviet slavery.

The numbers included all refugees from communism: men, women and children, soldier or civilian, male or female – even though many of them had been fighting on the side of the allies during the war.

Since all of Eastern Europe was by then under Communist control, sending these people back was quite literally, a death sentence, some by means of immediate execution, the remainder by slow extermination from being overworked or simply starving to death in enforced labour camps.

These people were routinely rounded up at bayonet point, forced into railway freight cars and shipped off to their deaths.

No accurate records were kept, but a conservative figure estimates their numbers of being between 2 and 5 Million.

The elimination of all these anti-Communist’s therefore made the Communist domination of Eastern Europe much easier.

The American, as well as the European public remained blissfully unaware of this action which Eisenhower enforced rigidly, even though it violated international law, the laws of his own country and also, the laws of humanity itself.

Many Germans were prosecuted at Nuremberg for similar crimes, but the total control of all media outlets ensured that Eisenhower, and those under his command who were accomplices in this outrage, were never officially accused of doing anything wrong.

Ike directly ordered that Operation Keelhaul, ensured that deporting these wholly innocent refugees from eastern Europe, placed them directly into the hands of Josef Stalin.

The Communists, more often than not, machine-gunned these unfortunate people the moment they arrived on Soviet territory – sometimes while they were still being held on the trains.

Almost all of these people had committed no crime, unless of course they had been judged as being guilty of being displaced white Christian’s, who didn’t want to live under Communist tyranny.