Before you like and share any of the fake news being published by the mainstream media on Facebook and Twitter, before you join the marches, before you organise protests and before you sign any petition calling for the banning of a state visit to the UK by US President Donald Trump, try and ensure what it is exactly that you are so angry about. Because what you are being told by the mass media – may not in fact, be what is […]

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Facebook has blocked the broadcaster Russia Today from posting on their own Facebook page, which according to an RT spokesperson: ‘is to prevent Russia Today from streaming the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.’ It has been alleged by various mass media outlets that a dispute (over a supposed copyright violation) has arisen because the broadcaster had ‘livestreamed outgoing President Obama’s final press conference’. Video screened from the White House is ordinarily copyright free, and it is unknown at this point who the […]

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