If this does not make you angry, if this does not make you incandescent with rage, then I really am at a loss to know what will…. Because I for one am most certainly not going to stick my fingers in my ears and say that I’m ‘Alright with this Jack’. JACK MONROE-THE FACE OF MODERN POVERTY EDIT: MINISTERS SET TO FORCE WORK RELATED ACTIVITY ON EVERYONE IN ESA SUPPORT GROUP

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What will £508,000 ($766,851 – €706,375) buy today? For the average person, who may choose to invest it wisely, it would mean that they would never have to worry about money for the rest of their natural lives – for a government, however, it seems a paltry amount when one considers the daily running costs of a county. For example, £508,000 would pay the average salaries, for one whole year, of: 20 Paramedics 20 Police Officers 20 Teachers 19 Nurses […]

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Frank Jordans @wirereporter MONTREAL GAZETTE At first glance Christel Paweski’s small plot of land, with its garden gnome and flower beds, appears to be the epitome of comfortable German retirement. Tucked away among the flowers are rows of potatoes, peppers and cabbage that the former nurse carefully tends. But her gardening isn’t a hobby – it’s survival. On her meagre pension, Paweski simply can’t afford to buy groceries at the store. Paweski’s plight and that of millions of other Germans […]

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