2017 AND ALL THAT ….

As 2018 fast approaches, end-of-year resolutions being de rigeur and all that, the Outlaw would like to take this opportunity to wish it’s readers all the best for the coming year, and outline a little of what they can expect to see published here throughout 2018 and hopefully beyond. Very few people can accurately predict what will happen next year, but despite that, a number of posts have already appeared online, (like every year previously) which loudly proclaim that ‘2018 […]

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As anyone who writes and publishes their work online will testify, there will always be someone, or as is more often the case these days, groups of people, who will be offended by or will take issue, or simply do not like, or have any number of reasons to feel uncomfortable with what you are writing about; and will do almost anything in their attempts to stop you. Since it’s inception in 2012, the Outlaw and it’s creator/owner/administrator, ie: Yours Truly, has been the target of every type of […]

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The Outlaw, and those who contribute to this site via the comments, have been aware for many months now, that there has been an organised online campaign to discredit, and attack survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We have known since the setting up of the initial CSA inquiry, that there has been a concerted effort to ensure that no genuine and/or credible survivor would be allowed to participate, nor be allowed to present any evidence that may be damaging to […]

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