Even if you have forgotten about the proven lies told by Tony Blair and the British and US Government’s about Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Even if you have forgotten that on two occasions, the United States tried to frame¬†Assad for “Gassing his own people” in 2013 and 2014. Even if you have forgotten that President Assad actually surrendered all his chemical weapons some time ago, a FACT confirmed by both the Pentagon and the United Nations. Would it […]

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If the land invasions and subsequent assassinations of Middle Eastern leaders like Muammar Quaddafi and Saddam Hussein has taught us anything, it should be the repercussions of such actions taken against allegedly ‘rogue’ states by the western powerhouses, and the total chaos that follows such actions. With that in mind, why are the western allies now attempting to overthrow yet another government in the region in a similar manner?   Is it because the ruling Assad family belongs to the […]

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Since Germany introduced border controls, dramatically halting all train traffic with Austria, a number of European countries are set to follow Germany’s lead, as it is becoming obvious that the infastructure of many European countries, simply cannot cope with the overwhelming numbers of refugees entering the European Union. Germany’s interior minister, Thomas de Maizi√®re, had no option but to announce these measures after German officials said record numbers of refugees, the overwhelming majority of whom came from Syria – had […]

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