The attached video should be viewed in regard to the recent events in Charlottesville that have of course been covered heavily by the mass media, but are not giving their audiences (ie: You)┬áthe full, and more importantly, the true picture. I am sure that you are able to decide for yourselves as to why this may be, and draw your own conclusions as to what is really going on in the United states at the present time. Please keep visiting […]

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Despite what the establishment and the mass media are trying to make people believe┬áby every means available to them, the biggest threat to any nation, to any people and to any decent society is not the ‘Rise of the right wing in Europe and America’. In fact, the opposite is true if anything, and the biggest threat by far, (discounting crooked establishments and the corrupt mass media) are the large numbers of people who have been seduced by very well-funded […]

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There are few people who are not by now, acutely aware of the poisonous political climate and bitter division, that has emerged following the Brexit referendum and the US Election. According to the mass media and the liberal left, the blame for all the anger, the reported incidences of civil unrest and animosity, as well as the alleged increase in ‘Hate Crimes’ and random acts of ‘Racism’ …. Lies squarely on the shoulders of the political right; specifically the ‘Far […]

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