Whenever I hear the word ‘Unprecedented’ in regard to any reports of an ongoing ‘extreme weather event’ in the world, it almost always gets my attention. I always watch closely how these events are being reported upon by the mass media, the various theories being put forward by the tame experts, and what the establishment mouthpieces are saying, as well as what is being published by the Alternative Media and on social media. From what has emerged so far, in […]

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‘Shape Shifters,’ ‘Reptilians’, ‘Lizards’ and ‘Aliens’. How often have you heard lurid stories of this kind especially when associated with people who share the Rhesus Negative Bloodtype? Could there be a reasonable explanation for this? Or are you convinced there is actual evidence to support these theories?   Polycoria is a pathological condition of the eye characterized by more than one pupillary opening in the iris. It may be congenital or result from a disease affecting the iris. Axenfield-Reiger Syndrome […]

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How old is the human race? While figures vary slightly, modern anthropological and genetic studies confirm a similar length of time. Yet the existence of hundreds of apparently isolated artifacts do not fit into this standard narrative. Some of these findings even question the true origin of modern human technology, while offering valuable clues into the profound mystery of the origin of our species and our science. One example of these technological curiosities that stubbornly refuses to fit into the […]

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