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Now that the mainstream media appear to be running with the story of how VIP Paedophile Accuser ‘Nick,’ was charged some eight months ago, with what are being referred to as ‘Paedophile Offences’ – I have decided to publish a short article only, for readers to post their own thoughts about what is going on.

I have no intention of being dragged into any aspect of CSA Advocacy again, any more than I would volunteer to be blinded with a red-hot poker – which is no reflection on genuine survivors in any way, but those who know me will know exactly what I mean, and will be able to understand why.

What I can say, however, is that I am in daily contact (privately) with a number of genuine CSA survivors, all of whom are understandably appalled, (but not at all surprised) by this latest revelation, and like myself, have never subscribed to the #ibelievenick mantra that has been circulating on social media since it began.

I will continue to support genuine survivors to the best of my ability, as they do me, that will never change, but I will never again add my voice to any public displays of ‘Paedo Hunting,’ nor will the Outlaw lend it’s support to any of the more fantastical claims that have emerged.

I have already walked along that road, and have along the way, met with many of those who claim to be CSA Survivor ‘advocates’ and ‘supporters’, and among their disparate ranks – I have encountered some of the most wicked, duplicitous, cruel, disgusting, stomach-churningly disturbing, inherently evil and downright dangerous people a person could ever have the misfortune to meet.

Which should, I hope, tell you everything you need to know.

I have already offered my opinions on ‘Nick’ and his ilk, and despite the Daily Mail’s claim to have been the first to voice suspicions about ‘Nick’s’ credibility, back in 2015, regular readers of the Outlaw may recall that an article,  ‘Survivor or Storyteller’ was published here around that time, as well as ‘Nick Nick’ in 2016, both of which, asked salient questions about the whole Operation Midland/Nick saga.


What does it mean to be human?

Biology of course gives one answer inasmuch as if your DNA is consistent with the genus Homo Sapiens, you are human.

Homo Sapiens in their turn, are the last surviving species of the Genus Homo (Homonid), of which modern humans are a subspecies of.


But Humanity is a far more complex issue than that, and even considering sociology or behavioural patterns, it is still difficult to definitively classify what makes one truly ‘Human.’

Conscious thoughts and actions are not unique to the human species, so what is it that sets humankind apart from the rest?

Where then does Humanity enter the equation?

After all, humanity is what is generally believed to set humans apart from every other species isn’t it?

If you could design and build a human being from scratch for example, at which point would you cross the threshold into what is clearly defined as Humanity?

And would reversing this construction by slowly removing certain parts, mean you run the risk of crossing the threshold into Inhumanity?

So how do you classify and ratify the stage at which, makes one Human?

Does adding empathy make one more human?

Does removing the ability or desire to feel love or affection make one inhuman somehow?

If the brain is physically altered in a non-standard way, would you still recognise that person as being human, even when they appear as being so, but their behaviour does not?

These questions may at first, appear somewhat surreal or belong in the realms of science fiction, but during the next few decades, given the advancements in technology and biomedicine, you may have no option but to confront these and then attempt to find the answers.

Transhumanism is a growing movement that believes we can, and should, improve the basic human design through technology.

The mainstay of this, is I believe, life extension.

Through Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, cloning and other rapidly emerging technologies, an unlimited lifespan may prove attainable in the very near future.

The transhumanist advocates are also heavily invested in the technologies that boost human physiology and intellectual capability far beyond what humans were designed for.

Technology like Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (TDCS), which increases reaction times and learning speeds, by running a very weak electrical current through the brain has already been tested by the U.S. Military to train snipers.

Snipers who, although are among the finest marksmen on earth, also possess no fear, any visible emotions or a shred of the compassion that makes one even vaguely human.

That is only one of many applications already being used today.

There is an expression in the UK, ‘Swings and Roundabouts,’ which implies that what you gain on the swings, you lose on the roundabouts.

So will the cost of creating a slave race of cold, soulless and obedient ‘superhumans’, (which is the real aim of Transhumanism) be the very thing that makes them human?

Their Humanity?