I have believed for a long time that people who have the Rhesus Negative bloodtype, are markedly different in many ways.

One of these, is the way that Rh Negs process and utilise oxygen.

Mainstream medical information is, as I have learned through my own experience, very scarce in relation to this, and very few doctors are not even willing to discuss the possibility, let alone have any advice.

So when I found the following article, it reinforced my belief, that not only were my original suspicions correct, but that others were now experiencing and discussing similar effects on themselves.

Recent studies suggest: Smoking cigarettes affects rh negative people more than rh positive people

As more and more studies are being focused on the rh negative blood factor, more and more differences in regard to health related subjects come to light.

RhD phenotype modulates the influence not only of latent toxoplasmosis, but also of at least two other potentially detrimental factors, age and smoking, on human behavior and physiology.

The negative effect of smoking on health (estimated on the basis of the self-rated number of common viral and bacterial diseases in the past year) was much stronger in RhD-negative than RhD-positive subjects.

It is critically needed to confirm the differences in health response to smoking between RhD-positive and RhD-negative subjects by objective medical examination in future studies.



  1. This is very interesting, thanks. I found out that I was RhD Negative when I was given an Anti-D injection after a pregnancy. It wasn’t explained to me why I needed the injection at the time (though I was very young). I remember mention of ‘blue baby’, which I have since researched online…now I know that I got that injection because I am RhD Negative! Anyway, it is interesting to hear about differences between Negatives and Positives! Thanks.

  2. OldGit says:

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  3. OldGit says:

    I now recall something I read years ago.In Japan,your employer will want to know your blood group because the Japanese believe that some blood groups perform better at some tasks than others.

    Some are good team leaders,some problem solvers,some work well without supervision,etc.(This was some 20 – 30 years ago,& I haven’t looked it up,but will now do so.)

  4. OldGit says:

    Well lookee here! I just googled “japanese blood groups” & this is what came up.Investigate at your leisure.



  5. OldGit says:

    Utterly off topic – like most of my posts,but take a look:-
    Cut & paste from SteveQuayle’s website:-

    Dear Mr. Quayle;

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    God bless always in His service. JDF


  6. OldGit says:

    Oh,this is a goodun:-


  7. I’m A RH neg and after reading this post…it answered a question, that I have had for some time. I’m not proud, nor am I ashamed…that I am an intravenous methamphetamine user.(I believe that this is my most important life lesson,because of the multiplicity from this experience) Anyway…when I shoot the drug in my vein…more often than not…I can feel it burning inside, as it travels. Perhaps this has something to do with the oxygen?…

    • ADMIN says:

      We have all done things we are not particularly proud of to a degree, and from your personal experience – and the absence of related clinical testing, you may have discovered something which confirms the Rh Negative oxygenation theory….

  8. karen hart says:

    Very interesting. I am negative blood with extremely low blood pressure so much so that the NHS have scaled me as abnormal, but my body function is healthy despite not fitting into their ratios.

    When meditating or at rest I can reduce my breath to barely breathing and become very still both in my mind and body and I am not that well practiced or disciplined at meditation.

    I have never smoked.

    I recover from physical exertion very quickly.

    There is some profound knowledge contained in utilizing the breath and and it would seem that the negative blood types have a natural aptitude to control body energy.

    The swamis write pages and pages of mystical narrative because they believe others less than them have to earn the knowledge and not just share it.

    Thank you for the information.

  9. Deb says:

    I’ve been smoking for 38 years and I feel just as healthy as the next person, for the most part.

    • ADMIN says:

      That would depend on how healthy the next person is feeling I would guess Deb.

      Do you remember how you felt before you starting smoking?

      Most long-term smokers do not, and it therefore makes sense that they become accustomed to the way they feel after smoking for so long – until they quit.

      It’s only then that they begin to feel the difference I believe.

  10. Solar Hadouken says:

    Im an avid smoker (A negative) and i can attest to this, the addiction is horribly strong, and i can feel myself dying as i smoke. quite sad, mind over matter i guess

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