Science cannot explain us, Medicine cannot categorise us, Theology does not recognise us – and most people simply cannot understand us.

We do not conform to any known evolutionary template, nor do we ‘fit in’ with the greater majority of humankind.

We are tracked and monitored from birth, we are studied, viewed with suspicion, feared, adored and loathed in equal measure – we are unique.

Nowhere else in nature will you find a species like ours, one that physically rejects all other blood types but it’s own, nor will you find another species who’s females naturally reject a foetus which carries another blood type.

We can freely donate our blood to all, yet to receive any but our own type will cause untold illness, disease or death in us.

We are Rhesus Negative.

We are nature’s Outlaws.

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  1. Hi there – Not sure if this is relevant, but the below discussion on YouTube had a different take on rhesus neg blood types and one which possibly explains why the elites see the populous as irrelevant fodder.

    Apparently all the highbreds or hybrids at the top of the hierarchy are O neg and so have no monkey blood in them. All the other rhesus neg blood types have a bit of monkey blood and all the positive blood groups are pure monkey…apparently.

    I don’t know what this means for anyone in the populous who is not from an elite family but with O neg blood.


    Round Table w’ Lily Earth – 16 March 2015 discussion about Rh neg blood types starts at around 1:04:35


  2. Liking the new look site Jimmy. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  3. The amount of ignorance on display here is shockingly sad. Let’s start by actually understanding the meaning of words.

    Ignorance meaning: Unlearned. To be lacking knowledge, information, or awareness.

    Allele meaning: A genetic definition. One of two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome.

    Active meaning: working, operative (among other various uses for the word).

    Inactive meaning: not working, inoperative (among other uses for the word).

    Why are alleles important? Well in the context of understanding the RH factor in human blood, the following is a layman’s explanation for you.

    First we need to understandd how alleles effect and impact blood types. Let’s use the blood type A for example, Dad is type A blood and Mom is type AB. What does this mean? What is the exact combination of Dad’s blood with “type A” blood.

    The only way to know that exact answer is to know the blood types of both of Dad’s parents. Dad either has two A type alleles (AA) or an A and an O allele. For the example we will assume that Dad is A O. People with blood type A O are called type A. Same thing goes for type B blood. The child would have a possibility of having either AA, AB, AO, and BO blood type.

    With this example their child would have a 50% chance of being type A blood, 25% chance of being type B blood, and a 25% chance of being type AB blood.

    The same applies to the RH factor gene.

    Let’s say with the same continued example that the Mom is RH + having 1 allele being positive and one being negative, while the Dad is RH – having both allele being negative. It is possible for mom to have both alleles positive as well.

    Regardless, the child would have a 50% chance of being RH + and 50% of being RH -.

    Now to connect the examples together to help you understand, when factoring in both blood type and RH factor, the child would have a chance of being AA+, AA-, AB+, AB-, AO+, AO-, BO+, and BO-. Regardless if the child were to have AA+. AA-, AO+, AO-, they would once again all be the A blood type.

    By inserting all the data into a Punnett square, you will find that the child would have a 1 in 4 chance of either being A+ or A-, or a 1 in 8 chance of being AB+, AB-, B+, and lastly B-.

    Now let’s assume for a minute that the child in question was in fact, A- blood type. Does this mean that this child has the blood of different species? Unlikely…..

    If this child has A- blood type, this means that the active allele in the blood of said child are the AA- or possible of AO-. Either way, the child is A- blood type.

    Just because the child has A- blood does not discount or remove from their genes that they had the chance to be A+ or any of the other combinations for the matter as well. All that it means is that clearly the child’s active allele, from both parents were the (-) from mother and (-) from father, since the only way to be (-) for the RH factor is to have both allele (-). Her mother was still (+/-) and the child’s father was still (-/-), and the child still shares the genetics from both parents.

    In fact two RH+ positive parents are still able to have a child whom is RH -. Please try this simple and easy google search for the following information. Enter into your google search bar “can rh positive parents have an rh negative child”. and you will see the following:

    “Only if your genetic type is — will you be Rh negative. This means that if both parents have Rh+ blood with the +- genes, they could have children who are ++, +-, or –. In other words, their children could be either Rh positive or Rh negative”.

    As clearly spelled out above, rh- blood is simply determined through statistical probability based on the blood type of the parents. You are not aliens! Morons perhaps, but not aliens.

    I have not read for some time such unsupported, nonsensical drivel as what ive read on this site. I would not normally post in retort to such since ” you should never argue witn an idiot, they will pull you to their level and beat you with experience”.

    I have only commented at this time because i am concerned for my sister’s mental health. She has been “enlightened” by your site (and other similar ones peddling similar baseless, factually inaccurate rubbish). I ask that you practice a bit of critical thinking, some fact based research and consider the potential implications of putting such misinformation on the internet for the vulnerable to access.

    1. Thanks for your expansive (although blinkered) comment Simon.

      You are of course welcome to post what you freely admit are your own ‘assumptions’, inasmuch as anyone who comments here is offered the same opportunity, but without being referred to as ‘idiots’ or posting what you refer to as ‘nonsensical drivel’ as you have done.

      Where in the above article was the term ‘Alien’ used or referred to by the way?

      Maybe you should follow your sisters example and allow your mind to expand to the point where you are open to the endless possibilities, and therefore, able to explore some of the unexplainable wonders and anomalies this planet throws up once in a while.

      A lot of so-called science is fatally flawed, religion is terminally stunted by its myopic view of the world and its mysteries, and unfortunately, most people have been taught to fear without thinking, and, as you have demonstrated here, simply attack the things they clearly lack the basic ability to understand.

      Your obvious anger is palpable and sadly, it’s a fairly typical response in my experience.

      You really have to work on some of your issues my friend, and attempting to ridicule people’s beliefs in an attempt to demonstrate your own level of perceived intelligence – will not add any weight to your argument.

    2. My dad was O negative like me and Mom is O positive and so were my 2 younger brothers.
      There are no A,B or AB in the family tht I am aware of. Type O seems to be dominant in my blood line before my generation.

  4. I’m guessing this guy don’t have O rh negative blood…..I do…and apparently I’m awesome

  5. Today I listened to the podcast you did with the higher side chats and as fellow o rh negative blood carrier found it very interesting can you recommend any books etc I can read to learn more as I’m now fascinated and curious

    1. Hi Giles, thanks for your comment. I cannot recommend any books per say, as I am not aware of any that are not fiction-based. There are, however, a number of websites and forums who have a wealth of information published by fellow Rhesus Negs for you to go through at your leisure.

      I shall post any suitable links either here, or on this site’s ‘Links’ page.

      1. Hi my name is Kristen. I would really like to talk to you Jimmy but I can’t really do it on this site. I am B- and also have a blood disease called Von Willebrandes type 3 which is like Hemophilia. I have had several things happen since I was a child and have felt very targeted. In Kindergarten I was taken from class and tested for several hours. I was shown flashcards and many other hearing and writing, mimicking and relaying phrases that I heard. I got over college level on a test that other people usually do very poor on and that was seeing details that others usually skip over. I walked at a very young age and was taken to crawl therapy at age 12 because it was said that since I skipped crawling all together and started walking at 7 months old that I must not have developed a part of my brain as a consequence. I have been a walking medical anomaly. .. I have had several surgeries and some mutations such as a double uterus and one brown eye one green. At a very early age I started zoning out so to speak and so I had to see a doctor for petite Mal seizures. I have had sleep paralysis since I was very young and PTSD. I have been treated terribly by government agencies for doing nothing. Pulled over for invalid reasons and fake warrants. I will not go into detail about this, but I have been harassed. I have vision abnormalities and see things that I guess shouldn’t be there but I didn’t ever know it was abnormal until I went to a retinal specialist and neuro-ophthalmologist. I have a lesion or what they call a scar in the back of my left retina and a lesion in my brain in the left parietal lobe. There are so many things but I am wondering if I could talk more privately? I enjoyed reading all of your comments. My whole life I have just felt different and have been very ill. I have 6 autoimmune diseases and feel very Isolated at times and misunderstood. Xo

  6. Come on people! No use to argue over such uncertainties – religions and sciences have proven to be wrong over and again. I am of the AB RH NEG group and all I know for a fact is that I am certainly a ‘survivor’, have an inquisitive mind and a thirst for more and more knowledge. I have had no longlasting friendships during the course of my life and felt misunderstood and not belonging to any group in particular, adapted extremely well to any culture and studied religions as a matter of curiosity. I believe humans to be one with the universe rather than trying to find out if I am of an extraterrestrial origin. What difference would it make? The theory of evolution, the theory of God, the theory of everything and nothing. Theories are just that. Just read on and ponder on content – I believe that, as humans, we are a very interesting species yet so destructive and eager to be controllers over other species on this planet. I was born an Aquarius and I am a teacher… shared my limited knowledge with thousands of students while traveling around the world – the world became my teacher whether they were RH+ or RH-. So there. Whichever blood type one is from, we are all unique and special and our curiosity to seek truth is well founded as we are all here to learn for our soul’s sake..and we all die for a good reason. I will let you think of the reason for our human condition ‘mortality’ or for our immortal soul. I am happy just to be alive and to have had the chance to experience all that this world has offered me.

  7. General (semi vilifying) description of RH neg. (from ‘Fluidic) Space’ (vein)

    Species 8472 was the Borg designation for a tripedal and apparently highly xenophobic non-humanoid species whose actual name is unknown. 8472 was first encountered by theFederation starship USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant in2373. The species originates from a dimension called fluidic space, accessible by quantum singularities. They are believed by the Borg to be the apex of biological evolution. (VOY: “Scorpion”, “Scorpion, Part II”)


    Its all there. Borg satan commies, Western power ‘nice lucifer’ good guys. Three legs- Cauda Tail. (Not the most flattering)
    Telepathic, etc etc

    Parenthesis = vein translation to my rh neg thoughts

  8. So what if Star Trek species 8472 is referred to as xenophobic?
    Borg started it and got their comeuppance.
    Bloodlines preceded religious fables.
    Rh negs can be mean to each other.
    Never doubt.

  9. I watched that round table chat as karen2 suggested and found it to back up huge amounts of my own intuitions. I am an Rh neg and have been targeted by the state from a very young age. I am also descended from an ancient Celtic royal bloodline. What I have been put through is no different from the most vile deeds of war in third world countries and yet I live in a first world country. I am a survivor and there is no help or protection for me at all… from anyone! What has kept me alive and protected me to this day is Mother Earth. It is truly amazing… the earth really is a sentient being and she is majorly pissed off!
    I have had to get all my education via correspondence, been harassed out of every university I attend and denied any rights to participate in this system at all.

    I have a deep connection to this planet, this is my home and feel that the state of the planet is the state of our souls.. Raped, scalped and brutalised. There is much healing to do and if people won’t cooperate in this then everything will be brought to a head and the Earth will cleanse herself of theses parasites once and for all.

    There really is a virus on this planet at the moment.

    There is something not of this planet here and it has been parasitising us for a very long time. Particularly the women and children. Destroying the strength of a people.

    I am certain that I am a different species to most of the humans in this place.

    I have returned often to this site and am very grateful that it is here. I believe that the time is now for me to emerge from my cocoon and reach out in the hope that we, the Rh negs, as children of the Earth can join this tremendous power flowing through us for what we are all really meant to be doing.

    As custodians and caretakers of this beautiful living planet.

    The time is now!

  10. I’ve always felt my home is in the outer limits. even at a very-very young age i felt ageless. I’ve had a number of culture shocks here on earth, but none compares to looking up to the skies and the cosmic universe. i have writings and art that depicts my flight and journeys here and beyond. i’ve kept this knowing to myself for 60 yrs, in man made time. i have meet my kind or tribe over the years.. we just know each other. it’s far in between, i embrace my part of the human race and have been guided to study and understand. i cannot embrace the comprehension of the undesirable attacks on my caring and kindness. it is not a weakness-just an act of the desire to help in the most needed ways. we are one here and beyond. even my family can shout me OUT. lets shed light on indifference.for we all are a unique part of the puzzle that connects and binds the universes, this is the first timme i’ve spoken out. only my writings and art conveys my awareness. i am o- rh factor. that’s a genetic fact. please do all you can to love this planet and purge the negitive vibration and the acts of narssism. Charmagi78.

  11. (from an 0 negative)

    Why Human Life exists
    Where Human Life came from
    Your purpose for being here
    Why is there so much evil here
    * God, Creator, He is that He is. ( I AM)
    * His first Creation was His only Begotten Son. (We call Jesus)(Colossians 1:15)
    * I Am ‘Spoke:’ (bang)’ the Worlds into existence. . …’
    * Other sons of God were created by Him, (myriads of them) (sons of God, spirits, angels, messengers’, different ranks of angels).
    * They dwell in His Domain ( the third Heaven) and go back and forth to earth.
    * Many Solar Systems were created in the ‘second’ heavens. (space)
    * A rebellion occurred in God’s Heaven ( 3rd heaven), and one son, Lucifer (angel), due to his pride, was removed and cast out of the third heaven to this planet, Earth,
    in our universe. A third of the others sons (spirits) also rebelled and were removed..
    * [Vegetarian creatures were created here in an earlier earth age, and then carnivorous and perhaps other creations prior and former earth ages.]
    * It ended in wickedness and a worldwide famine and flood causing earth to become and remain void of life for a period of time prior to the creation and design of humans.
    * GENESIS: God (Eloheim) and His sons (angels, spirits) in God’s heaven, decide to re-create the planet earth. (Another earth age)
    * Thus: OUR history begins in the first book in the Bible, Genesis.
    They, Creator God and His angels, re-create a nice Earth that has been void and uninhabited for an unlimited time..
    * Then God has a Plan to test His beloved sons; He created flesh, in His likeness, for them to dwell in;( a Tent) to Be Born of Water (woman) and live a short life on the re-created planet Earth, to see if they will, without former memory, freely choose Him as their FATHER. (we must be born of water and the spirit to enter into the kingdom of God) ( John 3:5 )
    * God, who is Spirit (Holy), with the help of his angels (Gen 1:26, Gen 3:22), created different races of men and women and told them to multiply; then ‘they’ create another race of man, called Adam (ruddy colored) with the knowledge to cultivate and grow food…
    * Then the Testing began.
    * In the Garden of Eden, Lucifer appears as a beautiful male angel (Original Hebrew word could be translated serpent or shinning one) and beguiles (seduces/sexually) Eve and Adam. Adam was told not to partake of the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’). Both partook. Eve conceives 2 sons; One, Cain, is the seed of Lucifer; Abel, the son of Adam, although neither are listed in Adam’s genealogy. (Genesis 5, I Chronicles 1, Luke 3:38) (Punishment from God comes upon our first ancestors: The woman will have pain during childbirth, and her desire will be towards her husband (Who did Eve have a desire for prior to Adam??). The man will have to work hard for his food); (Cain and Able are twins- Eve continued in labor after having Cain and bore Abel.) ( Genesis 4:2)
    ‘Heteropaternal superfecundation’,’ Twins can have two different fathers.)
    (One brother killed the other out of jealousy-hatred) This is why we have war and. . .. . .. . …evil. (note Gen:6), and all of this we inherited.
    * Other ‘fallen-rebellious ‘angels took human women and procreated offspring with them. (Genesis 6, Book of Enoch and other scriptures.) Their DNA is mixed into the human race through several thousand years. (Jesus/ the Messiah had to come through a pure line without that DNA which is why Genealogy was so important to the Jews.)
    * God had a plan, and HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, FIRST OF ALL CREATION, first Angel (Colossians 1:15) was willing to BE His Father’s WORD to mankind(; God’s Word brought to mankind.) To live in a body of mortal flesh, lead a sinless life, do all good things, and because of Jealousy from Lucifer and his offspring, (Satan’s Seed), Jesus, God’s, “(Jehovah “to the Hebrew nation), His first begotten son, agreed to be painfully crucified (as prophesied), as a payment, in order to Buy Back (Redeem) the fallen spirits (his brothers-us) inside our temporary bodies, promising us a new body “mansion.’ He became our Redeemer, Savior, co-Creator, and King and Lord. Through Him, Jesus, who brought His Father’s Words, made the Way for us to once again, communicate with our Father. We can now ‘ Know and Choose to Know our Father. (intimately)’ God’s will is that we choose this Relationship here, with Jesus and His Father, while still in these mortal bodies (John 17:3 – ‘and this is eternal life, knowing the Father and His Son, Christ Jesus’) ; If we ‘choose’ this relationship and ‘sanctify’ ourselves.
    * We will have an Eternal Home and Eternal life, when we shed this body of flesh. Being ‘resurrected and returning to our former home.” We will have a spirit body, like Jesus did after He resurrected, that will never get sick or die.(a mansion where Jesus dwells). We will be known by those there that knew us when we were there before.. ( I Corinthians 13:12) (Our Father and Jesus knew us before we were born here! (Jeremiah 1:5 -“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born”) ( born of water/woman)
    * Jesus said “you MUST be born of Water and the Spirit.” John 3:4-6
    * If we don’t choose Him as our Father and Jesus as our Lord, we could perish! John 10:28.
    * Is there ‘marriage between man and woman’, after leaving these bodies and being resurrected to eternal life? Jesus was asked this question. His answer: (Matthew 22:23 – “you will be like the angels.” In other words, ‘no.’ Angels don’t marry. You will be known by others as you were known previously to being born of water/woman, in these flesh bodies, for this temporary time on this earth. (David writes in Psalm 103:20 –“Praise the Lord, you his angels. . .. . .who obey His word. . …)
    * God’s Son, Jesus (as we know Him), rose from the dead, 3 days after burial, and was seen by over 500 people at one time and walked, talked and ate with them 40 days. They Watched Him ascend above the clouds, with other angels, until they could no longer see Him.
    * He said He would return in the same manner as they saw Him leave. (John: 14 “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, (Jehovah/Yehovah/Ya/Yahweh is the name as God identified himself to the Hebrew people), believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going.”)
    * He said He will return . . .. . .. . ..We should always be ready. . .. . the anointed writings in the Bible give us signs to when he will return. God always hears a repentive heart His Holy Spirit is our Teacher and will give us every answer to every question we ask, if we truly seek answers from Him and if He decides we are ready for them. (John 14:26)
    John 15:7 “If you abide in Me and My Words (Father’s Words) abide in you, ask Anything and it will be done for you.”
    Our purpose here on Earth: To develop a Relationship with our Father (God) through Jesus, His son, who makes the way for us to go back to our Father for eternity.

    1. While we can admire God for his teachings and creation one must recognize that evolution is creation in action.

      All atoms are made of charged and neutral particles. For the atoms to be formed of energy and then fused into larger atoms that make up everything in the known universe implies miracle of sorts. We would not be anywhere without it.

      This debate between creationists and evolutionists is a silly waste of time between those who like to believe and those who like to think.

      Here is a question for you all.

      Is there tendency for RHD positive people to feel and believe and do we RHD negative people prefer to think and know?

    2. I would advise accepting direct statements in the bible from God about himself and what his policies are and disregard the human opinions and mythology about history (Semitic campfire stories)…..
      Especially anything that glorifies any particular tribe or people.

  12. Rh- and targeted from day 1.

    Extended family of certain social/fraternal orgs on both sides, part of one side lives in Bavaria.

    No “group” membership in immediate family.

    Scandinavian/British heritage. “Basque-like” look today. One of my grandfathers aquaintences was a Shriner who offered to go back to the old country to find our relatives.

    They treated my mother like crap in the hospital, and soon after birth it was discovered that I had a broken leg. Child services tried to remove me from my parents (who aren’t that type to do such things – and have been subjected to poor treatment due to their bloodtype as well but they are oblivious – one is definitely functioning MPD/DID). Unfortunately they are highly manipulated by others.

    I had light hair when a toddler that went brown as I grew. Hazel eyes with a yellowish ring. Red tinge to hair especially in summer. Can’t handle really hot heat.


    Was harassed, bullied constantly as a child- lots of “good cop bad cop” routine. Abused mentally and physically by trusted people within the community (certain aspects of ritual abuse).

    Had friends that felt “set up”.

    Had dental surgery around age 11 where they may have done more than just my teeth (now have a deviated septum and can’t smell as well… As a child I recall my senses being great).

    Knocked out for wisdom teeth out around age 20 that followed with sinus infections for a few years.

    Relationships set up… And failed.

    Community harassment.

    Job loss and manipulation (like mind control-ish…) that led to a forced mental health route. Due to them getting to my parents they probably knew they would have an experiment on their hands with my birth.

    I was always taught by my parents (again just to be clear, they messed with them too) to trust my doctor…get vaccines etc.

    I’ve always been fit, and conscious of trying to be healthy, never felt like I fit in…was always concerned for the well being of the planet.

    Attracted to nature. Love to swim.

    Mother developed funny symptoms , shortness of breath…athsma-like… Migraine headaches, Father started to get burning sensation in chest (possible electronic harassment) both now on meds and witnessed times where they appear to be “controlled”.

    Sibling had unexplained pains randomly, and a hospital visit where they wouldn’t stop shooting morphine (as if they were trying to get rid of them).

    Got a vaccine a few years ago and harassment got worse (possible RFID due to the way it’s been).

    The yellow ring around my eyes is gone. Ringing in ears.

    My sibling married a person who is trying to literally take over my family (a psychopath). This person uses NLP and certain trigger words, and also tries to get certain phrases to be said. This person has a Jesuit-Catholic upbringing.

    I now see the number :33 all the time especially on the clock. It’s a nightmare. More to add but I’ve said enough.

    Please keep up the good fight.

    I think this may be one that had been lost.

    The manipulation and true “matrix-like” feel of what has been my life makes me wonder if I could have ever been who I was meant to be.

    I’m sure you know this – but for others…Do Not fall for any big pharma b.s.

    And watch out for anyone who seems too nice or too good to be true. Peace, love, and prayers.

    1. Hi J.B. Thank you for your comment.

      You have probably already guessed that very little of what you have written comes as a surprise to me – or any number of other Rh Negs.

      My email address is on the site if you ever feel you want to discuss anything.

      Take Care.

    2. Also Scandinavian/Brit, I have not been as outwardly harassed as you have, but it all has a familiar ring to it… even the sibling/marriage stuff. 33 follows me from my birthday to my name to the people I attract into my life. Def something going on in my swedish side with the family. Gpa was apparently a mason. I was a nightmare to take to the doctor as a child. Never trusted them from day 1 as long as I can remember. I also remember things from when I was very young with a very “adult like” understanding of them. As if I was the same “old soul” consciousness trapped in a kid.

      1. Apparently some rhesus positive get attracted to the rhesus negative, but is not always for a good purpose.

        Careful there.

        Best would be that the rhesus negative establish close relationship with only other rhesus negative, for more positive experiences. Lets get together. Email:

    3. Thanks for the advice. I wonder if all the rhesus negative have some type of surgery around the age of 12. I think we should all get together for moral support and information. Some of us have learned more than others along the way. Email;

    4. Relationships set up… And failed.

      I know that all too well. Women avoid me like the plague and I am a straight guy.
      May be they are a different species than me. Short of a blood type test is there
      physical characteristics common to O neg women that are easily detected by sight?

  13. Sorry wrong email was submitted to the above post. This one is correct. Also should mention part of abuse took place at a church daycare :/

  14. Hi jimmy I liked your higher side chats. I am really confused over my a negative type. we reject our babies and as for me my mrsa that I contacted should have been with me all my life according to my doctor is gone. My hazel eyes have always been green amber gold, I awoke one morning to have the color grey and my body is going through other changes that I don’t understand. the veins on my right hand form a pyramid, with 3freckles in the form of Orion’s belt yes I love my astrology. I have dreams of looking up to the sky and seeing very rapid dot to dots of the world leaders instead of the constellations. is big dipper is JFK orion is Russia and so on. lots of things and I know this all sounds crazy. But my Body feels it is reversing the aging process. Is this possible, are these traits? I am very bothered about the right hand thing. Any advice? And I have never known a doctor to discuss rh-. they will just not talk about it. thanks for helping the negs to figure things out. Jenny

  15. So what the heck are we, lol? Human Alien beings or of Nephilium or fallen angel, Anunnaki or reptiles. I am baffled.

      1. Jesus did say that he and his kingdom was not of this world. May be people ought to take him at his word and discount the fairy tales about him. By the way I am a type O negative also.

  16. I feel so sad for all those individuals who feel so ‘alienated’ from normal society, I too have experienced such alienation but I am not RH-. Could it simply not be that as individual, who do not feel they fit in, are nothing more than outsiders. The world is full of us and some are RH- other are RH+. The world can be bad and sad and human being strive to fit in, sorry RH-, you are just like the rest of us. The danger with posting scanty information, with little fact, is that vulnerable individuals can perpetuate their own alienation by believing they truly are another species, that is unhelpful in the journey of life.

    1. If we are not the same as others then believing lies to the contrary will not make things better. In fact within us RH negatives there may indeed be no serious problem at all. We are a different subspecies group with our own biological, social and political interests and the RH positive types will just have to learn to live with that. I would not be surprised if they would be up the creek without a paddle without us.

  17. I am an A-. I always wondered why I hated authority so much in my life. I have had so many weird experiences. In school they used to pull me out of classes and test for weird things. Every single day I experience supernatural things. I can tell if people like me with their first words… I have never fit in and neither has my family. My sister, mom, grandmother and great grandmother are all Rh-. We need to join together.

  18. Hello, this is my first time on your site. I was a foster child, then adopted. Don’t know much about family or their genetics. I do know my mother was RH neg. and so am I. I have had strange things happen to me since I was a child. Thought I was either crazy or haunted. Was super religious until I would share my “gift” or “curse” with them then I was almost treated like I was a demon. Keep to my self, and try not to have time to really meditate or be spiritual. I am a nurse who hates her job and have been striving to get my masters in soil science but the universe seems to be fighting my success. Have even had a change in my health that has slowed me down. Have recently confronted my doctor about the my blood type and my change in health. I know I am RH neg by not sure what type. I asked her but she said she did not know. I have been at Indian Health for many years, birthed many children with help of Rogam, how does she not know my blood type. Very evasive, still do not know but keep getting new mess. Trying to go back to University one more time, then I will give up.

  19. not sure if you got my last post. I have had strange things happen to me since I was a child. Thought I was crazy or haunted. I was religious at one time but when I shared my “experiences” with them I was not to liked. I do not seek “experiences” now and I do not meditate. I have RH neg. blood and have several children with help of Rogam shots. I am a nurse who was jumped by a patient and has gone back to school to get degree in Soil Science but it feels like the world is fighting to keep me from succeeding. So many bad things happen to me. I have recently gone to my doctor, have had some health changes, to find out my specific neg factor I have but she said she did not have that information. Find that hard to believe since I have been with Indian Health for many years. I am going to try one more time to get back to University this Fall but this will be my last try. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere.

    1. Gena when I was very young like 3 or 4 years old my O positive mother and her sister made threats to put me in a reform school or a mental institution.

      Back then I wasn’t aware of being a O negative but since I found out my blood type in 2009 it put a whole new spin on my life history.

      All the medical testing, psychological examinations and social problems points to one basic truth.

      I am different from much of society.

      It is a species difference plain and simple.

      Even my two O positive brothers view me as an idiotic freak of nature and talk down to me and I happen to be the first born. I would venture a guess that Cain and Esau had something in common with Jesus beyond being first born.

      They all probably were RHD negative just like myself and others.

      When it come to succeeding I might point out that when one is surrounded by Turkey’s it is hard to soar like an Eagle. You have to operate secretly, do what is needed for success and take your critics by surprise. Leave them dumbfounded.

  20. Also had my DNA done and that Anunnaki was there. I was also pulled from class as a child and had weird tests, think I might have even been left handed or ambidextrous but was forced to use only right and left feet. That’s a weird memory.

  21. Dealing with abuse while being compelled to respect the laws is just a tad intolerable.
    Civilization is veneer thin when you really think about it.

  22. I only became aware of the possibility that i am RH-(maybe O-) yesterday. I only started researching the science ect. last night after a conversation about my birth with my mother. Apparently she was told by the doctor that she should not have another child after me as it would develop complications. She then told me that she had a very rare blood type and thats where the conversation ended.

    1. Hi Anthony, welcome to the Outlaw, if you want to know anything, just ask 😉

      If your mum is Rhesus Negative, then the complication that would arise in her pregnancy would be if she carried an Rh+ foetus, if you are Rh- then they shouldn’t have been been any issues (at least in regard to her Rhesus Status anyway).

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