An increasing number of people who have Rhesus Negative bloodtypes are also known to suffer from any number of what are commonly known as ‘Autoimmune’ diseases.

Many of those who have suffered for years with these often disabling conditions, have been asking questions both online and of their own healthcare professionals, as to whether there is any connection to the Rhogam injection given to Rh Negative women during their pregnancies …. and their autoimmune illnesses.

RHOGAM, for those who are not familiar with it, consists in part, of blood products which contain antibodies from any number of women who had developed a reaction to their own babies; and in practice it’s similar to receiving a blood transfusion or an organ transplant, albeit on a very much smaller scale, is far less intrusive, is a lot easier to administer, and is certainly more common.

However, although it does not appear to be common knowledge, it’s becoming evident that it’s use may also cause autoimmunity in many cases, due to something known as ‘Microchimerism’, which can cause the body to naturally attack what it sees as being ‘alien’ cells.

Although there does appear to have been a number of low-key studies carried out; from what information I have been able to discover through my own research, and have been hearing from the people who have contacted me about it …. there also seems to be a reluctance among medics to even acknowledge it’s existence, let alone discuss it with a concerned patient as being a distinct possibility.

Which once again is a common pattern when attempting to get answers from mainstream medical practitioners, in regard to the unique properties of the Rhesus Negative bloodtype and any associated health problems.

“Microchimerism is when a person has cells in their body that originated in a genetically different individual”


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  1. Off topic – but you know how on a previous comment I said I had contacted the EU Human rights dept some years ago, to ask questions about why the British Government are being allowed to crucify disabled people with these callous cuts and taking their money away & was told it was a UN issue and not under the remit of the EU Human Rights Dept?

    Well AT LAST the UN have ruled that the cuts to the disabled are violating disabled peoples rights.

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    She lied of course, because she is just planning to repackage the same callous scheme & in fact, if she gets her way, even more people will be badgered to death by the changes – including people with terminal illness.

    People in the Support Group of ESA are her next targets. They are in the Support Group because they have been deemed totally unable to work, backed with full medical evidence and Specialists reports – a category most people will know is REALLY hard to be placed in.

    Ahh but what do they know? Theresa May thinks those people need to be forced to have ‘work related interviews’ – and if they don’t comply, she aims to sanction them too.




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    1. Pretty much ‘Desperation Alley’ over there now OG, his delusions are plain to see.

      He is a 60-year-old for Gods sake, he acts like a 6-year-old.

      Perhaps he should just walk away now before he becomes a complete laughing stock.

      And you cannot log blocked visits that accurately in WordPress, even using Wordfence …. he is making it up as he goes along again.

      1. Just when you think he can’t get more deluded, he writes another endless “article”…and let’s use that word advisedly as it will encourage his delusions of ‘journalistic’ grandeur.

        My biggest problem with our dear Uncle Fester’s contributions to comedic writing is the challenge of deciding what is more ludicrous. The idea that – for example – Mary Berry is in fact Camilla or the even more unbelievable proposition that there are still any people out there will actually pay money to see more of this scam artist’s shite…

        1. And funnily enough, I was speaking to somebody only a few days ago, who attended the same school as one Max Spiers.

          He was in the year above being older, and was a mate of Orlando Bloom who was also at the school.

          So if anyone out would like to do a cursory search on Bloom, the facts are easily discovered.

          Spiers certainly existed as a person at that time – not that any of that matters of course, as that would only get in the way of the sprawling yarns that some people weave.

        2. Mary Berry is Camilla? That has got to be the most insane so far!

          An oaf hiding behind the convenient skirt of ‘Free Speech’. With friends that say everything people need to know.

    2. @ OG No mention of the sudden disappearance of Moderator Fabookas Facebook Account (deactivated 7 days ago), or his disappearance in his own ‘pen name’ or under the other known guises he uses to post comments on THE DARK PLACE?

  3. This interests me greatly as I have had the Rhogam for my last child and have all sorts of auto immune issues. I am empathic so I stuggle on a normal day keeping my energy positive., all this info is disturbing and can get you down a bit. Just wanted to say that I am thankful there are other people here, like me.

    1. Misty, please learn how to meditate and receive our harmonic frequency. I go there often to learn and teach. I am fortunate, I was taught how to put myself under hypnosis when I was very young (11) .

      1. I meditate almost 2 hours a day. I do frequencies and binaural, isochronic and subliminals..

        There is one specifically for DNA activation. I guess I am hoping someone has answers that will help us on our journey. I do feel differently and stronger after doing them especially the DNA one. Hoping this will activate and kick out these nasty cells that do not belong to me…

        I never had postpartum or anything with my first two kids. (negs) But I have battled anxiety and energy issues my whole life.

        Thanks Jimmy and Jenna for responding. Namaste. 🙂

        1. I’ve just recalled an American case from some years ago.

          Now I can’t recall all the exact details but it involved a woman who was claiming some kind of state aid for a baby she’d had – but the DNA test said that the baby wasn’t hers.

          After some kind of protest from her and/or the baby’s father,a DNA sample from a different area on her body was taken & this matched the baby’s DNA.

          Turned out she had 2 different DNA’s.

          IIRC she was referred to as a “chimera”.

          Your title just reminded me of this case!

          As I say,it was a long time ago,so I’m remembering as best I can.

    2. Rh negative mothers are often lied to by medical staff members. I talked to one rh negative mother who said that she was told that it would kill her if she didn’t receive the rhogram shot. I didn’t ask her if she believed it but simple logic shows why what she was told is false. Rh negatives would be extinct if what she was told is true.

  4. If I am doing subliminals and frequencis, will that awaken my cells again? Or are they gone?

  5. Interesting theory, however I developed lupus long before I had Rhogam. I am adopted so I don’t know any family history. Now 45 and have had the shot six times.

    1. Rhogam kills mother”s immune system to defend baby. If a mother have auto-immune desease may be good to her. Although if a mother have a very sensible immune system or dangerous white cell’s lack, then rhogam could be a serious risk for her health.

      Microchimerism is not so dangerous as Jimmy said if a mother have a right immune. My blood is lethal for everybody (unknown antibodies) but my grandmother survived a blood transfusion of mine in 1992 without problems though all my red cells died in her body around a month.

      She lived 15 years more without autoimmune desorders. She had the rare AB-like type, too but she was rh+ and I am rh-.

  6. Seems to me that there is an ever increasing case for proper research into the links between mercury (whether in vaccines or fillings or whether else), and autoimmune diseases.

    Mercury is one of the top 10 pollutants in the world. But it;s quite safe in your mouth or injected into your body.


    You only have to do a search for ‘amalgam & autoimmune’ or ‘mercury & autoimmune’ to see that there seem to be quite a few studies on the subject by Scientists & Medical Researchers, many believe that there is cause for concern.

    In fact Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany & France have banned or heavily restricted it’s use in dentistry.

    If you look at


    it seems they are keen to banish amalgam waste from dental fillings & batteries from damaging the environment; so much so, there is actually a proposal for banning it by 2022 by the European Parliament. (Yet here in Britain & in other countries, they still continue to use it in dentistry (especially NHS).


    Between 2008 & 2012, The Scottish Government had paid £400,000 for people who claimed their fillings were making them ill to have them removed (even though obviously still the PTB are not accepting that that the evidence is gathering for the case that mercury and autoimmune diseases are most likely to be linked).


    (Imagine the cost of everyone in the UK with an Autoimmune condition having their amalgam fillings replaced at the Governments expense).

    Imagine the link being proved without doubt & someone bringing a test case against the Government & it winning, bearing in mind, as kids none of us had a choice but to have amalgam fillings, or go to the dentist – we even had them visit schools to do dental checks.

    Dentists used to get paid per filling and before the changes in the 90’s, were happy to do NHS Dentistry. It was only in the 90’s when changes were made to how they were paid for NHS work, quite a few started accepting Private Patients only, because the NHS work was no longer financially worthwhile.

    Then imagine, the Government having no excuse for disallowing peoples disability benefits claims for autoimmune diseases, because they were responsible for pecking people to see a dentist regularly.

  7. There is a large gap between my kids and i had no health problems after my first and I did not get the Rhogam. I did on my second and have suffered a number of unexplained illness ever since. So this now makes sense to me

  8. I can now go to my physician and ask him to consider this as a possibility for my crappy health. Wish me luck!

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  11. Hello there!! Thank you for the information on the website, I have just begun to read you so I am sure there is more but maybe you can fast track me… Have you ever found any connection between RH- and “Torus Palatinus”

    it just seems to me it is another anomaly and I wonder if other RH- people have it.

    1. Thanks for your comment Judy, and welcome to the Outlaw.

      This Link will take you to all the Rh Negative posts on this site.

      I have not come across palette problems like Torus Palatinus in regard to Rh Negs before, but that’s not to say that other readers are not aware of it …. It’s certainly an avenue to explore.

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      Many inkslingers are perfectly decent and respectable people, they are safe, they are socially responsible, they take great pride in their work …. and are decidedly more talented than the kind of scratcher you refer to.

      1. The article concentrates on the CONTENT of the inks, & it’s pretty worrying. Just glad I never went in for any.

      2. Some Councils have online registers of Tattooists – which makes it very easy to find out if the iffy ones working from home are registered. Some claim to be, but in fact their Local Councils have no record of them ever having been registered.
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  14. Apologies for being totally off topic, but I’ve had some sort of epiphany, (or a clonk to the head), because I am coming around to Spivs facial comparison idea.

    I tried it myself, just to see if there was anything in it.

    Here’s Dogman, Spivs Head Moderator & a Dog Trainer called Dogman.
    Spooky isn’t?

    1. Isn’t it just ….

      So if that facial comparison guff is genuine, then the two people above are one and the same.

      If it’s rubbish, however, it shows that the numerous claims about one person really being another person altogether etc – are a load of codswallop.

      Catch 22 kind of thing.

      1. Thanks Jane. Faces you do not really want to see as you’re going home after an enjoyable night out.

    2. I’m not convinced that you have the right pic for Dogman, are you 100% sure? Because if you are right, then I am wrong, but I’m sure I’m not lol.

      1. Hi Mike, the alleged pic of ‘Dogman’ on the left of the comparison posted by Jane, was sent to me via email by the man himself.

        Whether it’s actually him is the only point of argument, but if it’s not, I would have to question why he would be sending pictures to people which he claims are him when they are not.

        I appreciate what you are saying though, and until evidence emerges to prove otherwise, then I must assume it’s him.

        1. Dogman’s comments on the Spivblog are often unintentionally funny. I laughed out loud for days when he had that argument with another poster a few months’ back and then Dogman threatened to “take him outside” whilst linking to some really corny country and western You Tube video.

          He’s also the undisputed internet king of cut n’ paste (mostly from Wikipedia).

          It’s evident that he has pretensions about being some sort of intellectual but never quite got there. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder about that – like he feels cheated in some way or inadequate so he tries to overcompensate.

          Similarly with the paranoid ‘hard man’ act. He actually comes across as really insecure and naïve for a 61-year-old male as his silly reactions to criticism (or even just another point of view) resemble more that of a 13-year-old frightened schoolboy.

          I don’t know, perhaps he stopped developing at that age and is a little boy in a man’s body.

          1. Just to add, when he offers people ‘outside’, when they front up to him (from behind a PC screen, he then bleats about them picking on an old man of 61).

            And if he is the Dogman Dog Trainer, then he’s lying about his age too, by about a decade.


        2. If you can stomach it, you’ll see the same bloke (but older than the photo he provided), cowering behind his master, next to the woman who was in the Daily Mail group shot after his conviction & appears at the pub after they were celebrating his conviction for harassment.


          Same man can also be seen pushing the pushchair outside Chelmsford Magistrates with Spiv, so I think there’s a fair possibility it is him.

          See from 14.41 on the following clip


          Spiv calls him Steve, he told Jimmy he was called Steve too.

          Dogman the Dog Trainer (the photo on the right in the facial comparison) has a brother of the same name.

          Just sayin’ 😀

  15. Spivey is yet again using a so called dying dog to gain sympathy and get his minions to donate to his site.

    How do we know these dogs even exist?

    After all EVERYTHING is a hoax according to Divey Spivey.

    So I put it out there now that both dogs are photoshopped.

    The upcoming saga of his soon to be dead dog (which he does not have in the first place) is only written about so he can get his followers to send him money.

    And you know for some strange reason a dot ORG site like Spivey’s costs £300 A MONTH! to run.

    How come?

    He certainly got a bad deal there LOL!

    Who else has a dot ORG site that costs £300 to run every month?

    Dogman by the way. Hmmmm, strange nickname.

    A Google search shows that the infamous sick forum Beastforum (mentioned in the controversial TV documentary Animal Passions about zoophiles!) also has an old member called Dogman.

    And aint it a coincidence that this Beastforum member called Dogman also talks about cover-ups and conspiracies on there (when he aint discussing the sexiest dogs ass pics!)

    You been outed Dogman.

    And Spivey’s diildo and pink dress pics have still to be explained. LOL!

    1. If only you knew how much shit will be heading my way because of that one comment TT.

      His minions will be reporting this site to not only every animal cruelty/welfare organisation there is, but also furiously emailing the secretive government department known as the ‘Ministry of Magic’ where the Lookie-likies who run everything are created.

      Dontcha know ….

    2. Oh my my Tom Thumb!!! If that is true (& there’s no way I’m Fact Checking that 1 – NO Siree!), it would make much sense. That’d make the 3rd 1 of them into such hideous stuff.

      As for the dying dogs – the old Rottweiler he 1st begged for, I suspect was dead long before it’s 2nd death for donations purposes. Leaving him with the now allegedly sick Jess.

      Then he got the weirdest looking alleged pedigree Labrador.

      And then as if by magic, another adult Rottweiler appeared, making that 2 Rotties & a strange looking Lab.

      Why pay for a life of sofa loafing, chain smoking, a car & running costs & owning 3 big dogs you can’t afford (pretend dogs or not), when some other mug can donate free money?

    3. Spivey should be on the seafront in a tent with his crystal ball telling fortunes, I always imagine him there with dark eyeliner and big hoop hearings, and a scarf tied around his head.

      The old dying dog “routine” is a very good tear jerker and gets the hopelessly naive suckers to send in their “hard earned” well, benefits money mostly.

      He’s used it before, a few times if I recall, you can be sure he’ll do it again, he’s a real brazen sob.

    1. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks …. Questions are starting to be asked as to why they appear reluctant ‘leak’ info on nefarious activity within the state of Israel.

      Strange that don’t you think?






        JUST SAYIN’…

        1. Or the possibility exists of course, that Mr Assange (and Wikileaks) are not what they claim to be at all.

          I have found in many instances over the years, that the quickest route between two points – is a straight line.

          1. O.K. Maybe Israel IS providing the leaks, but I don’t think that really matters because, in all the years he’s been going, NO-ONE has ever been able to disprove the truth of what he’s revealed.

            In Clinton’s case the Dems have blamed the Russians & others, but haven’t attempted to disprove or deny the truth of the emails.

            Instead they’ve relied on their control of, & collusion by the US media to hope that not too many people know about Wikileaks & all the conspiracies & dirty deals they’re showing up.

            Don’t forget I’ve been following this election & all that has come to light very very closely ever since it began.

            My recollections of US elections go back to “I like Ike” & “Madly for Adlai” in the 50’s & there’s simply never been an election like this one.

            The amount of dirt & stuff that’s come out is incredible.

            I could easily post 20 links per day to new developments,as they come so thick & fast.

            No wonder so many in the US are saying “BEST. ELECTION. EVER!”.

  16. Can someone in the “troof movement” please explain why Chris Spivey now thinks that Sonia Poulton IS Katie Hopkins.

    I mean if this is true (and it must be if Spivey said so..anyone saying otherwise is a SHILL,TROLL AND STALKERRRR!!!)

    Then how did both Katie and Sonia appear on This Morning sat together?

    Surely Holly and Philip would of noticed something iffy?

    I’m really worried that Spivey is losing it so much that while he is sat on his sofa all day long (being funded by his followers Paypal donations) he might end up going completely barmy and go on a mass spree with his rusty tattoo gun.

    And thats another thing. How can a “professional tattooist” like Lord Spivey be skint? Anyone else here on £50 an hour and still potless?

    Just sayin……..

    1. Simple answer?

      Sonia Poulton and Katie Hopkins are categorically NOT the same person, I can 100% guarantee it.

      As for your other query(s)?

      Only one person can possibly answer that with any degree of accuracy….

    2. Tom have you never heard of Photoshop?

      Isn’t it obvious that Katie Hopkins was photo-shopped onto the ITV This Morning sofa next to Sonia? Only in Spiv Land of course. Just sayin’ 😀

      And this week, everybody appears to be David Cameron in that same insane little world.

      Essex Council have no record of him ever being registered as a tattoo artist, despite the photos of him tattooing people from his less than clean house & dozens of photos of tattoos he claimed to have done that were on his Bebo (Spiv&Nat08) Bebo account. I also have a screenshot of one of his clients claiming the Spiv is his tattoo artist.

      Seriously dodgy & downright dangerous.

      They appear to be completely ignoring the obvious striking similarities of the Spiv Head Moderator Dogman & his doppelgänger Dogman the Dog Trainer (Staffordshire Police Dog Handler on a career break) & the allegation about the Bestiality website membership.

      No surprise there then. ; )

    3. If I was Spivey, I would have scanned all the available TV footage possible to find out if any of my “lookalikes” had ever appeared together on screen, I assumed this is what he did, so that this “Katie and Sonia” situation wouldn’t occur, because if he noticed it, then he wouldn’t include those two in his scam perhaps?

      Maybe he missed it?

      Or more likely he’ll say they have got masks on, you really cannot win with the paranoid and delusional, and this one’s a blatant conman too imo.

      1. What I can’t understand is how Spivey keeps on telling us how much the establishment is against him yet just how many times has he been let off now for charges that most other people get sent down for?

        Didn’t give the judge a funny handshake on the way out, eh?;)

        1. Especially as he constantly claims the Police and Judges are paedophiles. And Crusty got let off by a Judge in the GANDALF trial by a Judge who was later convicted of paedophilia charges.

          Maybe it’s an altogether different kind of handshake they are exchanging?

          And when your Head Moderator is an Ex Staffordshire Dog ‘Handler’ on a career break, seconded to Spooks Meter Maid …..

          He’s a bit quiet – not busy deleting a trial of memberships to unsavoury websites of course.

          Hanna Banana is also the name of one of the trolls Dogman claims is plaguing their grim site with hundreds of comments.

          Which, just for the record, is nothing to do with with Jimmy or me. (Nipping that 1 in the bud before someone pops out from behind a skirt & start making stuff up.)

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  18. This thread started early in November. It’s got lots of links as the posters begin to uncover what the strange wording in the emails really refers to.

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  19. Using the same “face recognition software” that Chris Spivey used I have found that Spivey himself is infact the following bald/shaven headed crisis-actors.

    GARY GLITTER (remember the wig was always a disguise!)

    DAVE COURTNEY (celebrity gangester and self confessed killer)

    IAN STUART DONALDSON (Right Wing frontman of band Skrewdriver who “died” in an “accident” IN 1993)

    DOMENYK NOONAN (shaven headed TV gangster wears “glasses” to disguise himself)

    CLIVE HOLLAND (shaven headed TV presenter for…..the BBC!

    DOMINIC LITTLEWOOD (shaven headed tv presenter…. uses the name “dominic” again)

    But the strangest thing I found out is that Spivey is also Gail Porter!!!!

    Dogman refuses to acknowledge all this and is in on the cover-up!!

  20. I am an RH negative American woman. So while I was pregnant I had hives a lot. I was gestational diabetic and had a pain in my ribcage. I got the rhogam shot and the hives disappeared. One strange thing is while i was in labor I was hooked up to insulin even though i didn’t need it while I was pregnant. What was strange is the Dr told me that she has never put that much insulin into a mother and have both the mother and child survive. I wonder if their is a connection between rh negative and gestational diabetes. They sent me for tons of tests after and my blood sugar before and after and was stable. I barely ate when I found out because I was scare of sugar and the effects. My blood sugar was at 360 most of my labor which I delivered on insulin but naturally (not on anything else). What is even stranger is the pain in my ribcage never disappeared. 5 years later I still have it and the Doctors can’t explain it.

    So I don’t know if it is Rhogam or just my body attacking nerve endings. There is a lot of mystery with my negative blood. Both my parents are positive and my sister. So it is rare that I even exist with a negative blood type.

    I have also read that RH negative can’t be cloned or microchipped. After my pregnancy my energy runs low but consistent. i don’t have spurts of energy I have energy that goes and goes and a spurt of no energy. Where I need to recoup for a few days and meditate and yoga myself out. I find that after my pregnancy I can’t drink alcohol anymore either. If I do I am crap for days. Most of my friends that are negatives can’t drink, take certain types of birth control and don’t get sick with flu virus at all.

    There are benefits to being rh negative but modern medicine is not one of them. I am not having another child. I had one and in nature I could have probably gotten away with just one. So i am cool with my body going through that ever again.

    Thanks for letting me share!

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