Included within the blueprint for the Eugenicists Brave New World, it is now apparent that as Rh negative bloodtypes have an ‘issue’ when having children with Rh positives, it means we should now be targeted, as it appears that being Rh Negative is somehow classified as a ‘disease’….

My question is, when did being different, or having certain ‘traits’ mean a person should be classed as having a disease?

Spina Bifida, Hemochromatosis and people with Downs Syndrome also appear to be viewed as being ‘Harmful to their families and the wider society to which they belong.’

The shape of things to come?

“While the science of genetics has increasingly provided means by which certain characteristics and conditions can be identified and understood, given the complexity of human genetics and culture, there is at this point no agreed objective means of determining which traits might be ultimately desirable or undesirable.”

Would eugenic manipulations that reduce the propensity for risk-taking and violence, for example, in a population lead to their extinction?

On the other hand, there is universal agreement that many genetic diseases, such as Tay Sachs, Spina Bifida, Hemochromatosis, Downs Syndrome, Rh disease, etc, are quite harmful to the affected individuals and their families and therefore to the societies to which they belong.

Eugenic measures against many of the latter diseases are already being undertaken in societies around the world, while measures against traits that affect more subtle, poorly understood traits, such as risk-taking, are relegated to the realm of speculation and science fiction.

The effects of diseases are essentially wholly negative, and societies everywhere seek to reduce their impact by various means, some of which are eugenic in all but name.

‘The other traits that are discussed have positive as well as negative effects, and are not generally targeted at present anywhere.’


8 thoughts on “OF THINGS TO COME?

  1. You seem to be advocating (or at least making an excuse for) the genocide of people with certain genetic characteristics like the Nazis did.

    1. Where on earth did you get that idea from?

      I am merely highlighting the existance of an existing document containing the plans that Eugenicists promote.

      You then connect me being a Nazi to that?

      Do you see animal shapes in clouds too?

      Nice try Fiddler, but it’s a no go on pushing your warped thinking here I am afraid. 🙂

    1. Absolutely Geoff.

      That is something I am keeping a close eye on. More Mental ‘Illnesses’ are being added to the Psychs’ arsenal almost weekly.

      Everybody will be mad soon. 🙂 Pharmaceutical companies will scarcely be able to keep up with demand for their products. *As Expected*

  2. Cigarette smoking effects RH Negs’ hearts far more than their lungs – and one unusual trait I have discovered among highly conscious Negs is the innate ability to self heal through consciousness, while all beings are equipped with this ability, it seems Negs have a much easier time accessing and implementing this ability to regenerate/heal.

    Cigarettes are in truth horrible any way one looks at it, but more detrimental to RH Positives by far. Also, if eugenics is trying to eradicate the RH Negative bloodtypes, it is done because they fear us, not as a disease that infects the population negatively, quite the opposite, it’s what the RH Negative person CAN do that threatens the paradigm – just to be crystal clear.

    Negs also have the ability to “charm” and persuade others subconsciously, far more than their Positive brothers and sisters, which is why many are used by the parasitic elitists to achieve less resistance from the masses!

    1. I would like to read your further thoughts on why you believe that the paradigm fears the abilities of Rhesus Negatives Jadia, it would make an interesting article and will reinforce the belief among many Negs argument that they are targeted in various ways.

      Thank for your interesting comments.

  3. I don’t know where you get your information but at no time has RH Negative been classified as a disease by the medical community.

    Nor has Spina Bifida, Hemochromatosis or Downs Syndrome been said to be harmful to society by way of their presence. Conspiracy theorists come up with all sorts of nonsense, and it’s gotten so bad the psychologists are now doing studies as to why so many Americans have a predisposition for being conspiracy theorists regardless of topic.

    It’s true that we who are RH Negative have unique traits, but never have I read any material that quantifies it as a disease. A good study in physiology negates any hint of that.

    I am AB RH Negative as is my family and we have NEVER been targeted for any bigotry from anyone in the population or the medical community. I don’t go around discussing my differences out of common sense. People would think I’m bonkers. Not because I’m RH Neg, but simply that I was bonkers.

    I learned as a teen to remain very private because my friends (while still remaining my friends) would tease me for being a witch. Simply because I had some unusual abilities.

    Just live life with common sense, and learn how to weed out the fact from the fiction.

    Referencing other comments, I cannot tolerate cigarette smoke either. Even a whiff of it makes my lungs want to close up. My family cannot eat processed food; all natural foods only. My daughter especially has a very violent reaction to the modern processing of food; winds up in emergency. We have high IQs, (tested) and several of us have interesting mental abilities, and I find positive people highly suggestible to outside influence even when it’s clear that what they are being fed is not so. SMH.

    Everyone in my family also has a thirst for knowledge. Education (school and self teaching) is ongoing in our family regardless of age – we are always seeking answers, always learning, always going to school.

    We simply must.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mae, you have made some salient points.

      However,the subject of this article is ‘Eugenics’, which in my opinion is as far removed from true science and indeed medicine, as any discipline can be.

      The opinions expressed in this article were based on the published views of Geneticists, not medical practitioners nor scientists – a completely different thing.

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