Eugenics didn’t begin, or even end with WW2.

We are are constantly reminded of this, and it is taught alongside the History Textbooks version of the Allies conquest over the evil of the Axis Powers in mainstream education.

But was Hitler only a pawn in a much bigger programme?

Eugenics today, focusses on attempts to deliberately alter people’s blood group to get the much prized ’00 type blood,’ known as type ‘O’, considered by the Nazis to be the purest Bloodtype.

This is still happening today,in full view of everyone and with our full cooperation, via the Blood Transfusion Service, vaccines, food additives, pollution, and more besides.

Prior to the Second World War, the Nazi Blood Protection Law controlled breeding by blood testing couples before they were allowed to marry.

(After All, It is a regular practice of the world’s Royal Dynasties.)

The goal was to get more O blood and get rid of all the others: A, B and AB.

Asiatic B blood type is more common in Jews than Europeans, and they didn’t care if they got rid of a few O’s and A’s in the process.

It is looking more and more likely, that the Nazi’s pogroms were an attempt to eradicate the B type blood by their targeting of both Gypsies and Jews.

The Nazis set up the Society for Blood Group Research, and we now have the Blood Transfusion Service in the UK, with similar organisations in other countries.

The real purpose of blood transfusions is to increase the amount of O blood types, whilst decreasing the others.

I doubt that any front line NHS worker will be aware of this, as many have been well trained.

Scientists have observed that the global trend in Blood Groups is heading towards a takeover of O type blood, though they would expect percentages of different blood groups to remain the same if natural order prevails.

So what is the interference in the natural order?

Apart from the obvious one of war, certain blood groups can change.

Blood itself cannot mutate.

The Powers That Be have less control over marriage and breeding than they used to, or is it maybe they are simply running out of time, and pure blood breeding is way too slow?

Type 0 blood is being stockpiled, and they constantly want more of it.

So Blood Changes are being deliberately created.

The most effective method is by Bone marrow transplant, which is increasingly common.

Blood transfusion can also change the blood grouping. The blood group switches to the donor type for both of these methods.

Guess what type the donor usually is….?

The blood transfusion rules are that O blood can be donated to anyone, but only O can donate to O.

So the O blood types will never change by this method, but the other types could do if they receive O blood, which is the most widely available donor blood, and deliberately so.

Blood tests are used to check blood types and, If I am right, used to acquire more blood by stealth.

It only takes a drop or so to do a test, why do they need 2 or 3 full test tubes?

More and more people are being referred for blood tests for almost any complaint. In fact it seems to be routine in older people. More and more people are having their physical symptoms treated with hospital visits, operations, involving blood transfusions and more blood tests (and often MRI scans too), and these are often young fit people.

(There are much more effective treatments available, ones that make you better, not sicker, you just have to research it further).

Type A blood contains anti B antibodies, and type B blood contains anti A antibodies. O contains both, AB contains neither.

So how is it ok to put O blood into a type A person, thus flooding their A blood with anti A antibodies?

Surely this will create a battle in the blood and the anti A antibodies will destroy the A antigen, resulting in…… ?

O Type blood.

The same goes for B and AB blood types.

The antibodies usually develop in the blood in the first years of life, by sensitisation to food (What is really in factory produced baby milk?), bacteria and viruses.

I must therefore assume that includes all vaccines, which contain viruses including the cancer virus (huge numbers of vaccines are now administered to babies, especially in the USA).

So if you are A Type blood, and you start creating anti A antibodies in response to vaccines, food additives, chemicals in the environment (chemtrails contain blood, for example), you create a battle between the antibodies and your natural A blood.

If the antibodies win, then you become an O blood type.

Similarly for B and AB blood types. I don’t know what the factors are in which side wins, but I am sure plenty of data is being collected for TPTB to analyse their success rate, and what they need to do to improve it.

Blood Groups can also change by malignancy (such as cancer, very common these days) or diet.

Vegetarian girls are being advised by doctors (probably following instruction from some higher authority) to eat red meat, and eating more red meat can mutate A blood to O.

Eating less meat can mutate O to A.

Yet more evidence of the drive towards a universal O Type blood?

O and A blood have only one DNA difference between them so can change quite easily.

B blood has seven differences from A, so is harder to change to or from.

Remember that the Jews had a lot of B Type Blood, and the method used on the Jews was to get rid of them, rather than change their blood types, as the history books constantly tell us.

We are all going along with this, and we accept the given explanations that it is “for your own good” or that of your child.

The whole scheme depends entirely on our cooperation.

But, there are plans already drawn up in the UK for compulsory participation in vaccine trials which will be “for the greater good”.

Interestingly, if two O Type bloods interbreed, they can produce a “blue” baby, with unoxygenated blood.

This may have been the basis for the expression “blue blood” as used for the Royals.
(Though more likely to be caused by the Copper-Based Rhesus Negative type blood).

And they control their own interbreeding by pre-vetting marriage partners, remember?

So it looks like they are going for O blood too.

A continuation of the Nazi programme perhaps?

What really matters though, is what they are doing to innocent people in order to get their way.

I am still looking at how Rhesus Negative bloodtypes fit into the puzzle.

There is definitely some selection going on there too, with the Rh negative being the most prized blood of all.

It is interesting to note that Hong Kong is almost 100% Rh+ after 100 years of British Rule, so there may be other factors at play, such as deliberately creating colonies of certain blood types to fulfil certain functions.

There are 30 different blood group systems, and it is possible that there is some type of Eugenic programme being practised on all of them.

9 thoughts on “BLOODY HELL

  1. I’m A negative – yippee I always knew I was prized 🙂

    Interesting read I’ve read up on my blood type and some of the ‘common’ factors of A Negative blood are scarily me – it really is an interesting topic

  2. As I have O rhs Neg blood, I am constantly pestered by the Blood transfusion bods to donate. Which I used to do, from what I was told, donated O blood is used in accidents, emergency operations etc, but O Neg is only used for ineutro ops (in the womb). A small amount of people with O Neg have their blood screened, ie they take the platelets out. Stopped giving blood after hey way the NHS went all out against the smokers!

  3. Where is the evidence that eating or not eating meat can cause your blood group to change?

    I have been reading your posts on the forum re Rhesus negative blood which I have found extremely interesting. I am A negative.

    Thank you.

  4. I have not given blood for a couple of decades and now I realise that it was a gut instinct that stopped me.

    I intend never to give blood under any circumstances particularly after reading that term blood pharm(a).

    When one starts piecing the puzzle together the world is looking really creepy – the world – as opposed to the natural world, that is.

    The ISO or International Standard of Organisation certainly seems to be pushing to standardise everything. Look at the aerosol spraying across the skies of Britain.

    If that is not standardising light and weather I don’t know what is. And weather modification came out of Soviet Russia, not Germany – Solzhenitsyn placed the fact in one of his short stories.

    I have noted that there are many references to Hitler and the Nazis as being totally responsible for the world’s ills and all of today’s scientism. I would argue that the Leninists/Bolsheviks/Soviets are far more responsible – took many, many millions more lives (in the 10s of millions).

    We simply don’t have the data of their experimentation.

    Prior to the 20th century, Pavlov was experimenting on electrocuting dogs to within an inch of their lives in order to control their nature within.

    There is movie footage of children used in similar salivation control experiments. And many of Pavlov’s techniques are now implemented in schools.

    The non-empathy boggles the mind.

    Being in nature is ultra healing but it does seem as if this place – where ever it is, what ever it is, is something of an insane asylum where souls are recycled – how do we get out of here?

    1. An interesting comment indeed Karen, very interesting – Thank You.

      The Outlaw always welcomes article submissions from guest authors, so if you are ever interested in putting something together covering the same subject matter – or any subject, please feel free to contact me.

  5. This is a really interesting article. I have never read about this elsewhere.

    As for getting out of here Karen, I wish I knew. If you find out, let me know. I always felt that I was living in hell as I read, see, hear, and feel what is going on in the world. I remember years ago reading an article by a philosopher (but I have forgotten his name) where he said that when we are born physically, we have in fact died, and when we die physically, we have in fact been born. Christians believe that when you die you either go to heaven or to hell – well, I think we have all died and here we are in hell. Welcome to hell!

  6. You’ve mixed up a lot of information here. For example, the rhesus factor makes a HUGE difference. Type 0 rh+ can receive any other blood type, regardless of group or rhesus factor. Whereas type 0 rh- can only receive the exact same type 0 rh- blood but is a universal donor. They are polar opposites on the blood spectrum. Type 0 rh- is also recessive and prior to the invention of the rhogam shot in the 1900s, an rh- mother would be very limited in the number of children she could have with an rh+ father. After the first child, her body would attack any subsequent children as alien entities.

    If there is any conspiracy regarding blood, I would suggest it is to change natural law to allow rh- types to breed themselves out of existence. I’m not sure of Hitler’s stance on rh- versus rh+, but jews have one of the highest % of rh- blood as a population. Basques and certain other groups such as scottish highlanders, bretons, south slavs and czecs (all of which were targeted by Hitler, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels) also have a higher % of rh- blood or are carriers. The push to vegetarian or vegan diets is also terrible for most rh- individuals, as the women especially tend to be iron deficient, struggle with absorption of many foods and therefore need a paleo/ketogenic type diet with high fat and protein.

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