Blood Types of Abductees, Experiencers and Contactees: 

What Could They Indicate?


By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D

“An ongoing attempt is being made by abduction researchers to determine the possible significance of the Rh 0- blood type among Experiencers. This effort also attempts to determine possible attributes associated with this blood type.”

If O- blood is nothing more than a mutation, then why?…. 

Why do people think a mutation made it that way?…. 

What are the odds that DNA not only mutated to that extent but also mutated to such a useful degree?

The essence of this compound question is based upon two, as yet, unproven assumptions: that the Rh O – blood type is an exceptional blood line and that its expression confers exceptional abilities.

From a scientific perspective, ABO blood types have been present since before humans diverged from our simian ancestors millions of years ago in Africa.

It’s true that geneticists have yet to determine the precise origin of Rh O-.

In consequence, numerous hypotheses have been advanced to account for its presence in the Human genome.

These hypotheses range from a random genetic mutation on the O blood type to its origin from ancient Jewish or Basque populations, to its deliberate insertion by the Anunnaki or other alien agencies.

Because of it’s high frequency in Northern Europeans, one of the most current hypotheses is the Rh O blood types conferred to its possessors, breathing benefits in colder latitudes.

While scientists have no idea how the Rh O- blood arose, they support the view that it arose from errors in protein replication. The protein chains that make up our genes can be likened to a single card within a deck of cards (the gene). Depending on which card is affected, it could negatively affect the outcome of the deck’s purpose.

Nearly all major mutations or replication errors are dysfunctional and consequently abort the foetus during gestation.

A small number of mutations are either neutral or potentially positive in effect. Those positive mutations which confer a survival or reproductive advantage over a species tend to proliferate within the species over time.

Given the pace of recent advances in genetic sequencing, it’s likely that the mystery of Rh O- blood origin and it’s benefits will be uncovered in the very near future.


Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D., is a retired research scientist and lecturer. His research career at Albany Medical Center Hospital and the New York State Department of Health was centred on the study of birth defects in newborn children. He most recently retired from the Veteran’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida, and is credited with publishing several professional articles on near-death experiences.

He has advanced degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, and is dedicated to the investigation of phenomena that lie on the fringes of scientific understanding. Subjective phenomena include such things as near-death experiences, synesthesia, xenoglossia, savant syndrome and hyperthymestic syndrome or individuals with exceptional autobiographical memories. Objective phenomena include verifiable paranormal experiences, crop circles and strange mutilations of unknown origin. There are other unusual phenomena deserving of the investigation which he occasionally dives into under appropriate circumstances. These ancillary phenomena include instances of foreign accent syndrome, cases of apparent reincarnation, and human abduction experiences.

Richard Bonenfant is also the author of three works of “Faction” or Fiction based on Fact.


  1. Richard Bonenfant is a brilliant researcher and is well respected Jimmy. I would listen intently if he put his name to something.


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    A number of missing person cases, grouped together in 35 clusters in and around wilderness areas, particularly national parks, defy conventional explanations. Many of them involve young children or teenagers who simply vanish without a trace.


  3. I have to share that i am shaken to my core. I wish to thank you for being here for me to come across. I have done lots and lots…. etc on several topics and these are the one’s all in one place! I am O neg and I have to share.. It’s been most interesting. Most of my life I thought I was cursed, that someone somewhere truly hated me that much to play such a horrible joke on me. As I have Matured over time I am putting the pieces of the puzzle together with what I inherently seem to already know. I think I am a knower as well as other abilities. Sorry to go on so, i am just happy to find your site. Thank You again for being here.

  4. What a great find this site is, I am RH – and have recently come to understand why I am able to see what others cannot and sense what they are thinking !

  5. Hi I’m rhesus negative I never really looked into it before but now I have a lot of things about my life make more sense thankyou for this x

  6. 1) Anything not explained is blamed on UFOs … LOL
    2) There’s a good reason rh- are abducted … blood is rare … in demand …
    3) Did rH exist before 1796 … (Jenner’s first vaccine) and we know vaccines are grown on monkey blood … So why call it rhesus anyway?
    4) Most US presidents … rH neg … but what about elections????

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