I have been rather busy during this past week, actively campaigning for the LEAVE campaign, both online and by pounding the streets of Wrexham and Chester, handing out leaflets, talking to people and suchlike, so I have had very little spare time to compose and publish anything on this site.

However, while I was occupied elsewhere, it appears that the Outlaw reached another milestone during that time, which I feel deserves a mention.

An article published on this site during February of 2013, RHESUS NEGATIVE BLOOD – SOME QUESTIONS , has of this evening …. been viewed 1,001,108 Times.

Over a million individual views of a single article, is in the grand scheme of things, not a game-changer, but when I consider that some of the websites owned by those that regularly attack this site, it’s owner and it’s readers; and who’s site views, even when every post they have published are added together – still amount to significantly less than a third of the number of views that a single post here has achieved …. it has given me cause for a small personal celebration.

Of course, all websites rely heavily on their readership, and that number of views would not have been achieved without you, the reader visiting this site since it’s inception in 2012, so this post is dedicated to each and every one of you.



Normal service will be resumed following the Referendum …. Regardless of the result.

Onwards and Upwards,

20 thoughts on “A SMALL MILESTONE

  1. And THANK YOU JJ for such an informative, well balanced and fair minded blog.

  2. A million hits on one article is some going Jimmy. Long may the Outlaw continue along its path

  3. Well done Jimmy Jones. I did notice that that rhesus – article does get mentioned quite a lot online and appears near the top of searches for information about rhesus negative blood and bloodtypes in general.


    “The human eye emits an infrared “beam” that can be detected by animals and insects. As I recall, it is 0.02 mm. wavelength. I have tested the notion with birds ( doves are especially sensitive ) and insects — the cone-nose bug (“Hualapi Tiger” ) is particularly sensitive and will scurry away the moment your glance falls upon them (KILL THEM — they carry a very vicious virus). Two researchers have published this info : Charles RUSS (British Patent : GB 124288) in the 1920s, and Colin ROSS (US patent Appln US20090046246)





    Iceland’s Famous Volcano ‘Ready to Blow’ Any Day Now, With Little Warning:-


    Neocons Scheme for More ‘Regime Change’:-




    20 MIN vid.Covers mostly her time in the White House:-

    Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal:-


  5. Russia and Kazakhstan Offer Crisis-Stricken EU Highway Out of TTIP Misery:-


    Hillary Clinton’s election fraud finally exposed. California stolen from Bernie Sanders!:-


  6. Hi JJ I did just notice that one of the free blogs that attacks you also attacks CSA survivors and women and is not allowing any comments. It has an ‘ABOUT’ page where users are just supposed to supply their personal details and be ‘Privately’ messaged (ie: stalked) by the writer. Their name and address is just prolly passed on to the group of online abusers he is part of. I was just going to ask him if he was going to blog about his best mate being arrested for online abuse and stalking (again) at all and also just ask him about the Police Harrasment Warning Notice he had to sign just not that long ago. I thought he was going to ‘Expose’ himself and some of his online friends especially as he claims to ‘expose Trolls’ and writes at least six blogs a day or even more if he sees something on Twitter that offends him. The cheeky twat is reporting innocent people to the police just about every day& for anything that he finds offensive or threatening (which is just everything you can think of) and still has the arse-faced cheek to blog about ‘False Accusations’. No matter though mate, you have been around longer than all of them, have a lot more interesting things to say and will be still here when all of them are either sectioned, or in jail or just banned from the www for their constant abuse and lies. Just wait and see. Great stuff on here as it goes.

  7. its good to read that some people care enough about their country and the future of its people to be actually going out every day trying to affect change. most of those in the so=called alternative media just sit in their bedrooms and grubby kitchens all day and all night pumping out their endless bullcrap about direct action and how important they are —- yadda yadda bellyache waffle. congratulations Jimmy J and we will no doubt see you and the Outlaw on the other side of what happens today and for a long time to come hopefully. we are privileged to be living in such interesting time don’t you agree?

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