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There are many people that believe human hair can act as a ‘Cosmic Antennae,’ and is an extension of the nervous system, and which can also emit a type of electrical energy from the brain, into the surrounding environment.

Much like an information super highway which relies on copper wires or fibre-optic cabling, human hair can send and receive transmissions along it’s length.

Long hair has been related to an inner consciousness or a ‘sixth sense,’ for thousands of years.

As recently as during the Vietnam war, special forces in the US war department had sent experts to look for talented recruits among Native Americans, who were renowned for their almost ‘supernatural’ and superior tracking abilities.


A group were selected at random and what happened was recorded.

After their recruitment and training, their natural skills and ability to access their sixth sense seemed to have just ‘disappeared’.

Following a series of tests, the older native American recruits, said that after their haircuts they could no longer ‘sense’  the enemy, they seemed to have lost their intuitive power and could no longer access their subtle extra-sensory information.

Comparing the performance of the two groups of men, they found out that long-haired men were far superior at the given tasks and eminently more skilful.

The results of that test ensured that all native American trackers would be allowed to keep their hair long.

Sikhism also requires men to keep their hair long and is considered a symbol of spirituality.

One of the five physical symbols of faith for Sikhs is, the Kesh (or hair) reminds a Khalsa to behave like the Guru’s.

It is a mark of dedication and group consciousness, showing a Khalsa’s acceptance of God’s will.

Long hair has long been a common element of many spiritual prophets such as Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Shiva, or the story of Samson and Delilah from the Bible, when Samson lost his strength with the loss of his hair.


The Vril also maintained that their long hair acted as a type of ‘Cosmic Antennae,’ the female members were known by their exceptionally long hair, which was highly unfashionable in Germany at the time.


  1. Withnail
    Withnail January 1, 2014

    This post reminds me of Danny from the film Withnail & I… “Hair are you arials to the cosmos. That’s why bald people are uptight”!

  2. vikki
    vikki January 1, 2014

    Doesn’t say much for Chris Spivey, then! lol:)

    • Outlaw
      Outlaw January 1, 2014

      Nor Me 🙂

      But strength and awareness can take many forms I have found.

      That did make me smile though as Ghandi immediately came to mind.

      • Ken
        Ken September 15, 2016

        Nice, thanks. I miss my hair, sometimes. But I’ve also, found strength elsewhere.
        Sharing your page, if you don’t mind…

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN September 15, 2016

          Not at all Ken, thanks for the comment.

  3. Robert Gene Michels
    Robert Gene Michels October 10, 2015

    The vril is energy and hair is an energy tranciever antennae for the brain. all good psychics and healers have an abundance of hair.

  4. Jordon
    Jordon December 6, 2018

    Was looking for copper and o neg blood and how to eat for o negs

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