Lately I have began to ask myself that very question.

There are a number of online theories currently circulating, unfortunately there is not one who has managed to get even remotely close.

According to a group of Trolls on Twitter, I am a ‘Convicted’ wife beater who left his first wife in a bloody heap and am now doing the same to my children.

I am guessing they got this piece of revelatory information from trawling the depths of the internet where they probably gave a collective whoop of sheer delight when they found this.


Although the man’s name is similar to mine, the fact that he lives in Cambridge and is 36 years of age, (I am 50) did not seem to matter, as they wasted no time circulating this information on their Twitter feeds that it was in fact…. me.

It was on the internet and it was the only person who appeared to share a similar name, so therefore, without a shadow of a doubt, it must of course be me.

A ‘Fact’ that was so damnably inaccurate, my ex-wife even felt the need to come online in order to attempt to dispel this damaging piece of malicious gossip.

But to no avail.

The trolls had decided it was me, so were unshakeable in their belief, that even the vehement denials of the only two people who could possibly know the truth, were of course, wrong.

You have to remember that many of these online weirdo’s have never met me, the only thing they know about me is what they had found on the internet and what they have made up between them.

One of them however, I have met.

He turned up at my door one day, out of the blue.

He has even admitted that he only visited my home in order to ‘check me out.’

A rather odd thing to do and say don’t you think?

Extremely creepy and stalker-like behaviour some would say.

Needless to say, after we met (he stayed nearly eight hours) he then took it upon himself to perform what he believed was a complete character assassination on myself, through his blog and his abrasive, abusive Twitter accounts, even alleging that I told him of my ‘witnessing a child murder’ among other things.

Bear in mind that was our first and only meeting in person at that time and we had only spoken on the phone and communicated via Twitter previously.

All instigated by him, incidentally.

I did not trust him one iota and was hardly going to pour out my heart to him, (although, judging on the amount of cannabis he smoked in my back yard I did not even think he would remember).

But each to his own, and it is not my style to criticise anybody’s recreational habits, even after he tells anyone who will listen that I am ‘Addicted to prescription Drugs.’

I do not wish however, to reveal things about my personal life in order to prove that to be yet another lie.

* For the record: Our suspicions were raised, when he invited my family to his house, where he suggested my young children should sleep in his house, while my wife and myself slept in his camper van, which was parked in the street outside?*

It seems now though, that I am no longer a 36-year old convicted wife-beater from Cambridge, as the panel of idiots on Twitter have now decided that I am in fact… convicted child killer Howard Hughes.

There are two trains of ‘thought’ that have worked on this apparently.

I recently put a picture of myself on this blog standing outside the main entrance to the Bryn Estyn childrens home.

From that, one moron has deduced that I am either 5′ 1″ or 6′ 8″ in height, and therefore must be Michael Guidi, or Howard Hughes, the man who was convicted for the murder of 7-year old Sophie Hook in Llandudno on the north Wales coast in 1995.


The other Twitter school of Troll thought however, has decided that I am also somehow involved in a ‘Sick’ plot revolving around the 1943 Movie ‘The Outlaw.’

Their logic for this, seems to be that I have an online friend called Jane Russell (her real name incidently) and the movie was directed and produced by Howard Hughes, the eccentric American Billionaire.

So, who is the Outlaw?

None of the above that’s for sure….

30 thoughts on “WHO IS THE OUTLAW?

  1. Small minds of idiots. Non existent minds in many cases. The conversations then went on to say the Actress Jane Russell started an adoption agency, which they then tried to make look sinister. Shame she’s dead or she might kick a few asses. Oh dear, looks like a case of no compo again : ( No compo now, no compo ever. Oh by the way, it appears my protected tweets are now being snooped on by a strange stalker who likes bottom hole licking and wearing womens clothes. Creepy stuff eh? : )

  2. Why can’t people just be decent anymore? All they seem to do is forget about their own lives and delve into others’ lives for their jollies. I believe there should be a method of verifying everyone’s real name and address before they can go online. Everyone can have an account and can sign in with any computer they use and they’re responsible for that account. Persistent troublemakers on social media or anywhere else could be fined, lose access to the net and face prison. I’m fucked right off with people like that who have nothing better to do than to obsessively attempt to ruin other people’s lives. I’ve been trolled too, and despite leaving Twitter 18 months ago, my personal information is still being published. Name, address, partner’s business, health information, and as many lies as they decide is ‘funny’.

    1. I could not agree more.

      I sympathise with you as you have also been the target of these types.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. ?????? This is bizarre. Of course, this does distract everyone from your articles and posts though, doesn’t it?? I hate seeing this kind of thing on blogs, everyone has the freedom to disagree but this just takes it down a level (several) Good luck and keep up with your great articles!

    1. Of course it does and something I would like to avoid. The articles shall continue after what in reality is a rather juvenile attempt to distract and muddy the waters. Thank you for your comment.

  4. I have been watching this surreal and more than bizarre developing dramatic saga for several months now, and to be honest I was not totally sure about you in the beginning outlaw ! However, with developments in the last month or so and after watching both sides, I believe YOU ! sir.

    Not content with the recent news from Laverty that you had been arrested, one would have thought that people who claim to be of Christ and all being so self righteously sure they were right about you, would have been content with your arrest and stopped their attacks and blogs and tweets deliberately taunting you. It must now surely be painfully and poignantly clear, they are the frauds, no one who Claims to follow Christ would then join in the fray, and indeed instigate much of the continued abuse. If they were genuine they would have ceased after their victory, like intelligent Christ like, right minded people do. I wish you well and that things all turn out all right in the end.

    1. As a courtesy only I am replying to this. It’s pointless squirming now as you have said and done more than enough to convince me I have wasted far too much of my time and attention on you. You have made ludicrous accusations, you have referred to me as an ‘evil troll’ and suchlike.

      You have made confidential information available to people who have used it to attack myself and others and have cheerfully joined in with the online attacks on me.

      All this was witnessed and recorded and is now in the hands of people who are better equipped to deal with it than I. I do not want somebody like you to represent me, or anybody like me. I no longer wish to communicate with you or have anything to do with you or anything you claim to represent.

      It is destructive, unhealthy and positively harmful to any genuine survivor of CSA.

      Do not comment on this blog anymore as I will simply delete it.

      As a Catholic, you are surely able to understand what ‘Absolution’ is. That is something I will never offer or wish to grant you, or your online troupe of abusive idiots.

      If you really want to simplify it, I will refer to simple mathematics… What you say has never ‘added up’. I do not trust you, I do not believe you and as you rightly say, the ‘Truth will come out’ but I guarantee that the part you have played will not be viewed favourably.

      Any sympathy and alliegence I have will be better spent dealing with the damage that people like you have caused with your continual, misguided and inaccurate accusations. I would not go as far as calling you a liar as it’s not my place to judge you as you and your online buddies have done to myself and others.

      I cannot and do not wish to read anything you Tweet or write on your blog. Please afford me the same consideration.

      1. the truth hurts you whose arrested me or you your be charged and get what you deserve dont give me all that crap again ok your a nasty man who was arrested that you cannot deny just fade away leave decent people alone

    2. Bit late for that now James, you stupid man, the damage is done and you know it. You should know better Mr Reeves, I once respected you but no more, no way, the way you have attacked The Outlaws innocent family is utterly beyond contempt. You have upset a lot of people by NOT dealing in facts only. Silly little man. You need to apologise to Outlaw publicly re HH.

      1. hey i mentioned jones on tweet and it was jones garden the aunt so damage no theres no damage i tweeted the truth ok take it anyway you want to believe did i lie NO personally hes the attcker hes the one arrested answer that

  5. those comment by others is YOU your false accounts im the only one who tells you what you really are wheres you followers now your arrested all deserted you why cus they know what your really like a nasty man

    1. James it is you who is coming across as the nasty man, not The Outlaw. You have come across both as malicious and extremely uninformed. You come across as a liar I’m afraid Mr Reeves. I saw you gloating on twitter and saying openly that you did not understand why Howard Hughes footprints were found in Jones garden, it was plainly obvious to even the most mentally challenged reader that you were gloating because you mistakenly thought it was JJ, am I right? You owe JJ an apology and yet you have the audacity to come back with yet another nasty & vicious comment, your true colours are very back & grey Mr Reeves. May I suggest you spent less time on twitter and more doing some actual research? It would help you get your facts right don’t you think? Even Janette Scharenbourg ( just_standing2) pulled you up about it. You need to stop it James. You are sat behind a computer hundreds of miles away spouting vile accusations, these are real people’s lives you are interfering with in the most cruel way. I have been reading this blog since day 1 and as a spectator/bystander I felt I had to speak out in support of the Outlaw Jimmy. I for one, as I’m sure many others do, can see exactly how JJ has been set up here. Dark outside forces at work to silence the awful truth. JJ has not been convicted of anything may I remind you of that. I expect he is not at liberty to say a lot of the things he would like to say, you lot took that away, for now.
      JJ I respect you and will continue to read your excellent blog. I see you have an extremely difficult road ahead fighting unknown protectors with dark forces working them. James I suggest you need to take a break as everyone appears guilty in your eyes, you come across as a naive man to say the very least. I would highly recommend you try a salvage a bit of self respect and dignity by apologising to JJ, because at present you are looking not only very silly but dangerous and untrustworthy.

      1. cus you read the blogs since day 1 you write them so do tell why you were arrested not from one complaint about your blogs but many no decent person wud attack people continually on your blogs like you do youve been caught now pay the price

  6. Loose lips sink ships James and your old lips have been very loose in all of this – such underhand tactics you have used to spread malicious rumour and disinfo about J. It is you who is the nasty person, you have tried to creep round J that many times, then stabbed him in the back and he has done nothing but be supportive and kind to you, even giving you the benefit of the doubt after you have been dead mean about him several times.

    Leave these comments up J – and any others you get, show these muppets up loud and proud. What these disgusting people have done to you over the course of a year is wicked beyond belief.

    So he starts by backtracking and creeping, then ends with his usual tone of crazy abuse? Nothing new there then eh? Go back to your little nasty friends Catholic man – leave J alone and 1 more thing, his true friends are right by his side every step of the way, always have been, always will be.

    Off you go James ‘Reeves’ – back to the malicious gossip mongers from whence you came.

  7. absolution from you who you think you are god lol you sicken me with what youve done to people on here attackin them on blogs remind me why you were arrested? im the truth your the liar carry that with you always never forget it

  8. I hope James R reads these comments.

    What should be known is this – for every person who tweets or blogs, there are at least ten who watch.

    I’ve spoken to a lawyer who has been following this case, and many other people with a professional interest. 100% of them support Outlaw. It’s not difficult to see why.

    Rewind the clocks back a few months – it was Laverty leading the charge – aggressively, against Adeybob (Monad Time), Paul Rogers, Gojam etc.
    Although Laverty was correct – at that point – he’s nature put people off. That seemed to be stage one of the plan.
    Now, however, he seems to have seamlessly switched sides and was immediately taken as a friend by the people he was formerly attacking.
    It doesn’t take a genius to see this – just someone who can read and digest the information.
    That group then set to work at ruining reputations of abuse survivors who were previously trusted.
    James R – your reputation has been shot to pieces by your association with this group and your repetition of their lies. No one will ever believe you again – and I’m talking about people with a professional interest in the abuse cases.

    Now – a few people still believe that James R can redeem himself.
    It would require a few things…
    1. An apology here, on this blog. I hope Outlaw will reconsider and let you post. It’s in both your best interests.
    2. Same goes for Twitter. People read tweets without joining (it’s available for reading to all, not just twitter members) – a public apology.
    3. Immediate dissociation with the people who have trashed your reputation. Remember – they have manipulated you to make sure you will treated as an untrustworthy witness. They have done a very good job too with multiple examples

    It’s obvious that abuse survivors are often easily lead, and this fact is in James R’s favour – do not waste this opportunity as it will certainly be the last one you get.

    Let’s just hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. The situation is salvageable but will require immediate action from people like James R.
    (After this has been posted, it would be good if someone can tweet James R and point him here)

    Finally – Outlaw, your courage is incredible. The system is not completely corrupt. There are many, many people who appreciate what you’ve done, what you are still doing and what you will no doubt do in the future.

  9. This is exactly why I escaped Twitter, nobody can have an adult conversation without sniping and jibing. Really, what is the point? There won’t be any winners, only losers. If you don’t get on, why not avoid each other? It’s habit. Nobody can be big about it and call it quits for fear of losing face. What does it matter? Just get on with your lives.

  10. Sorry Vienna but you clearly are missing the point. J has done everything possible to avoid these people, even having to protect his account, (we all have), but still they continue to plague him, day in, day out. I’m sure there is nothing he’d like more than for them to disappear, it’s not his choice that they don’t. He has every right to defend himself from lies & malicious disinfo spreaders. I don’t know many people who would have had his courage to do what he has had no choice but to do, to keep on telling the truth and writing his brilliant blog, despite constant and persistent aggro caused by others. It wasn’t HIS choice that all this happened, but someone made the choice to target him for whatever reason and he has endured it for a year with style and grace, remaining calm and compassionate and staying true to himself.

    I for 1 am really proud of this man and his family, they are truly lovely caring people – none of them deserve what they have had inflicted upon them. He is setting an amazing example to his kids and also to other CSA survivors. Leading by example. I know GENUINE survivors are completely safe with the JJ’s of this world, unlike some others who I’d be petrified of vulnerable people stumbling upon and have seen the damage those types do, whilst professing to be campaigners or supporters of anti CSA, but attacking genuine people.

    The strange thing is that many of these people have had no personal experience of the things J has, but still insist that they know way better than those who have and push themselves into the forefront claiming to be the voice for CSA survivors. Personally I find this highly disrespectful, especially when they then go all out to discredit people who DO have real experience of these horrors. Makes me quite sick that people feel they have the right to do this.

    To some of us this is not a ‘game’ to be won – far from it. J doesn’t need to be ‘big’ about it, he has done nothing wrong – if you are looking for people to be ‘big’ about it, perhaps start with the one’s who have inflicted this upon him (& others) in a callous vindictive vendetta? Bowing down to brutal bullies sets a bad example for everyone and is not an option for some of us.

    I only wish there were more JJ’s in this world, it would be a far better place.

    What does it matter??? That just about says it all really, saying that shows you just don’t ‘get it’ at all I’m afraid, fortunately many people do and many more than perhaps didn’t before, because of this great man.

    You don’t come from Tel Aviv upon Cardiff do you?

  11. No need to be so paranoid, Jane. I was just trying to give some advice. And, no, I’m not from Tel Aviv or Cardiff – btw. sorry to pull you up on geography but (for future reference) they are actually two different places in two separate countries.

    1. Understandably, people are very suspicious after recent events with false accounts posting etc. I have never felt the need to delete comments until fairly recently.. It’s not paranoia, it’s a fact. People do comment on blogs under false ID’s and on multiple occasions, sometimes dozens of times a day. It is happening more and more lately. Its becoming a problem TBH, as some bloggers spend more time dealing with what are obviously disruptive comments than actually writing the content of the blog. I think your target is elsewhere. .

      1. Outlaw, I’ve just re-read your last sentence and you seem to be insinuating I have a ‘target’. I’m really not sure what you mean by that and after the hostility Jane attacked me with, even though I don’t know any of you, I suspect there’s far more going on beneath the surface. For the record, I found you through google and my initial post still stands. I feel like I’ve been trolled just for stating I’ve been trolled. I’m not going to be drawn into yet more trolling so I’ll just have to find a friendlier place to discuss the issues. I hope you sort out your trollers, Outlaw.

        1. I meant that your ‘target’ should be elsewhere rather than this blog. No insinuation, a statement of fact. I have already been arrested over a comment left on a blog, so I am not going to be drawn into anything that can be manipulated and used against me. I have been set up once, I am wiser now 🙂

  12. She obviously didn’t get the Tel Aviv upon Cardiff bit did she Jay? Or maybe she was trying to sound clever & didn’t quite pull it off : ))

  13. From what I have read on here and seen on Twitter, this Reeves character has not only wrongly identified you twice as different people, but got your height and your age wrong too. And from a picture he saw the previous day!!! Yet he thinks that people are going to take him seriously over abuse that he alleges happened more than forty years ago? The man is an idiot, a complete embarrassment and if that is the type of ‘victim’ who is screaming to be heard and believed then I am afraid that any inquiry into CSA is going to be a laughing stock. Shame on the people who egg him on too as they are just as bad and you would think that allowing an obvious idiot like James Reeves or whatever his real name a platform like Twitter, is only making genuine survivors look like they have no credibilty. Reeves is a liability and will only hinder any serious progress. But that maybe why he is allowed to do it. I also think that there are not 4000k people on Twitter who actually follow that clown and think he is credible. He is a cockney version of Steve Messham, another fantasist and a compulsive liar who’s whole life revolves around being seen as an abuse victim. Except I very much doubt that either of them were. Now that is truly worrying.

  14. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I remember Adeybob told me they had a super spy in your camp. I thought he meant Supervetty. Remember me telling you? Or did I tell Grouchy?

    Anyway, turns out the super spy they had in your camp was Darren Laverty.

    Question now is, why?

    You were set up from the get go I believe.

    1. My view is that they are trying to cover up some nefarious activity they are involved with, or protecting somebody else by trying to discredit anyone who sees through their lies – a The attempts to discredit people usually follows their tedious and lame attempts to threaten people into silence.

      Or, as Jane says by ‘Triggering’ people using various words, phrases and behaviour.

  15. So do I Jennie – both of you in fact – the moment you both interacted with Messham on Twitter – who I believe is also probably being held to ransom by the blackmail tactic, as is Reeves/O’Connell (now claiming to have been abused by Ted Heath???).

    Though obviously Jimmy was their main target, because of being in Bryn Estyn etc.

    When you started working out that things weren’t as they seemed & started questioning, they had to hound you off Twitter & as we all know, they pull every trigger trick there is, to do that to people who are a threat to them.

    Makes me wonder about the possible pressures put on some who died around the Waterhouse Inquiry.

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