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    1. That song was written by Dylan about Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter.

      It was partly due to the popularity of that song that raised awareness of Rubin’s struggle to clear his name..

      Undoubtably a true Classic.

      1. That’s actually how I first learned of the Hurricane. I’ve since seen documentaries. I think he wrote a book, right? Great example of our Injustice System. He got the royal shaft. “He could’ve been the champion of the world…”

        1. He was on the decline by then, but like most black fighters of that era, they were limited as to who they could fight.

          You are right, he wrote a book while in prison called ‘The Sixteenth Round,’ in which he described his life in jail as being the “hardest he had ever fought.”

          And fight he did, every day he was incarcerated.

          The white fighters were always promoted, mainly because of their skin tone regardless of their abilities.

          Look up Sam Langford (The Boston Tar Baby) for a perfect example of this, there was no other fighter who could live with him apart from Joe Jeanette..

          Hence they fought over a hundred times allegedly.

          No white boxer could have survived more than a few rounds with him.

          Even the Heavyweight Jack Johnson struggled to beat him.

  1. The film with Denzel is where I heard about the story – tragic.

    1. Absolutely… an innocent man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…. and the wrong colour too 🙁

      I like your blog BTW, some really interesting reviews and insights… Good stuff

  2. Bob Dylan wrote and sang ‘Hurricane’ as a protest to the injustice meted out to Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter……….R.I.P fella.

  3. Here’s a couple of alternative views/opinions about “Hurricane”. Well worth a read. With links if you care to follow them up. It appears that Mr.Carter had his moments of not being a gentleman. Of course, when you get older and more infirm,it’s best to start being a gentleman.



    1. Aye, I believe there are quite a few websites that have been set up to make it appear that the original verdict was sound.

      I have read most of them, and frankly most of them support the view that no white jury or judge could possibly have got it wrong and they were ever so fair towards their ‘coloured’ population, especially uppity boxers etc….. 🙂

      1. Funny how the mainstream version always are in the top search results. The net is already starting to be regulated. Wikipedia is bullshit. you just gotta dig and work to get the truth. You should start a radio podcast show, Outlaw. Or consider being interviewed on one. Make youtube videos of your posts. The more that hear the better it is. But you’re probably comfortable doing what you do. Cool.

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