The eighth of a series of articles which recognises real-life Outlaw Heroes

Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers in 1843.

In 1862, she disguised herself as a man in order to enlist in the 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment using the name ‘Albert Cashier’.

The 95th Regt. was under the command of General Ulysses S. Grant and fought with distinction in over 40 battles.

Cashier somehow managed to remain undetected during this time as the other soldiers thought she was just small and preferred her own company.

Cashier was also captured in one battle, but then managed to escape back to the Union lines after overpowering a guard in the process.

She fought alongside her regiment throughout the war until it’s conclusion in 1865.

Following the war, Cashier continued to live as a man, also managing to convince those around her.

For the next forty years, Cashier worked as a church janitor, a cemetery worker and street lamplighter, she registered and voted as a man, and also claimed a war veterans pension.

In 1910, however, she was hit by a car and broke her leg, which resulted in a visit to the hospital.

The doctor who examined and treated her, discovered her secret but kindly agreed to keep quiet about it.

By 1911, Cashier had moved into a soldier’s retirement home, where sadly her mind began to deteriorate, and attendants at the home, while giving her a bath – discovered her long guarded hidden identity.

She was forced to wear a dress from that time on.

Cashier died in 1915 and was buried in her military uniform.

Her grave carried the words: “Albert D. J. Cashier, Co. G, 95 Ill. Inf.” – when she was finally traced back to Jennie Hodgers, a second tombstone was erected with both names on it.

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  3. Doesn’t seem like much of a hero to me. She fought for the wrong side and she was a cross dresser. Pretty much like your average grunt in the American military today. Just shows how little has changed in the last 150 years or so.

    1. ‘Fought for the wrong side’?

      Surely that would depend on whether you were from the North or the South wouldn’t it?

      But I do agree that the ‘wrong’ side emerged victorious 😉

      As for the ‘Cross Dressing’, I do not think it was a lifestyle choice, but was one of necessity in this particular case.

      1. Could I suggest that you Google “The Black Confederates”.

        At least 50,000 black southerners volunteered & fought for the South in “The war between the States”, There are photos extant of them.

        Many rose to the rank of Sergeant.

        On one occasion,the (predominantly white) soldiers were led into battle by the Black regimental preacher,shouting verses from the bible. When, in the early 00’s, it became time to issue military pensions, on many occasions the surviving Black southerners would be vouched for their service by their White officers and comrades.

        When attempts were made to keep the pension applicants separate on the grounds of race, the Whites simply upped their tents and parked them next to their Black former comrades.

        1. I totally agree with you Jimmy, that being transsexual is not a lifestyle choice – as, unfortunately, is instead posited by British tabloid newspapers such as the Daily Mail and the likes of Fox News across the great pond. Essentially, once you get into the fascinating subject of genealogy, as you say you suddenly realise that people don’t change just the times we live in.

      2. My cross dressing gibe was more aimed at the ridiculously feminised state of the American military in these modern times. What with their ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy and their plans to allow women to fight on the front lines. What sort of government allows the child bearers of their nation to go off and die in some dirty and dusty hell hole, far away from home?

        Regarding the subject of this article, this Albert ‘chap’, something tells me that her brain wasn’t wired correctly. The fact that she remained in her role as a man even after the war suggests some form of mental illness which she should have been treated for accordingly. Although to be fair, if she were alive in this perverted day and age she would no be doubt lauded as a hero and a champion of the transgender community, with her image beamed around the world by the liberal Jew media as a righteous role model whom our children should strive to emulate.

        Regarding the American Civil War, I find this an extremely fascinating piece of history. Just like most major world events there are more lies than truths however, and the main reason given for the war, to end slavery, must go down as an even greater lie than the alleged Jewish holocaust. It’s a shame to see monuments and parks to great Confederate commanders such as Nathan Bedford Forrest being ripped down, while monuments and other tributes to people such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are becoming more and more common. It seems that the Jewish PTB are intent on slowly destroying the memories of those who shed blood to make America the magnificient country it used to be. In a few generations these great hero’s will be forgotten and Trayvon Martin will have his name revered by all and sundry.

        Great blog by the way Jimmy, having read most of your work my only gripe would be that you don’t post articles as often as you should.

        All the best,

        1. General Robert E Lee is one of the more notable people that I have discovered in my family’s Genealogy KT.

          Along with Wille Nelson, Norma Jean Baker and Humphrey Deforrest Bogart.

          Wholly unimportant in the great scheme of things, but quite cool I think.

          And I agree, the American Civil War was another hugely important and significant event that has been bastardised, butchered and twisted around by the tame historians.

          1. Fascinating Jimmy. Tracing my lineage is something I have always promised myself I will do, but it just kind of sits there in my head with the list of other things I mean to get around to. Just not enough hours in the day. My mother traced hers back to the 1840’s so I already have a bit of a head start on her side of the family.

            It’s only over the last few years that I have taken an interest in the history of the Civil War, although hailing from Scotland I do feel a bit of a kinship with the Confederates and the Southerners of today, which may make me just a tad biased when it comes to selecting my reading material on the matter. 🙂

          2. I have studied American History for many years KT, as my family have strong connections with my Gt Grandfather emigrating there in 1860, returning to Wales a decade later.

            He settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where, as a Master Carpenter and Undertaker, his workshop was awarded a contract to construct thousands of Coffins throughout the war.


            I believe he brought the skills he learned while there, back with him though, as he is credited – in a copy of the Cambrian from 1890 I have, with introducing the ‘American-Style Funeral Casket’ to the UK…. Or South Wales at least. 😉

            Genealogy is a journey well worth embarking on, as you can gain a personal insight into the lives of the people who’s blood runs through your own veins, that often seems familiar in so many ways….

            Even certain traits and odd habits that you thought were unique to you, were shared by previous generations in some cases.

            As to the ‘kinship you feel with the Rebels of the Confederate States?, it could have something to do with your Celtic blood and heritage, after all we are one of the oldest races in Europe, and are known throughout history for having a true rebellious spirit.

        2. I doubt very much that there’s a specifically Jewish drive against Confederate history, KT. During the American Civil War Jewish settlers in the states thought and behaved little different from non-Jewish settlers either siding loyally with the south or north. The historical facts are that apparently, the Confederate forces contained around 6,000 Jewish southerners, too ranking from privates to colonels. The Confederate Secretary of State for War was actually a British Jew by the name of Judah Benjamin and there was also another prominent member of the Confederate government by the name of Yulee. In fact, the only main serious outbreak of anti-Semitism did not come from the CSA but from the Yankees, when General Grant ordered his now infamous decree restricting the movement of Jewish traders – for which there is evidence to show that he remained embarrassed about for the remainder of his political life. As the majority of Jewish people lived in the southern states at that time certain northerners – such as Grant – even automatically suspected Jews as Confederate spies because the mind-set of those days seemed to associate American Jewish loyalty with the south.

          1. Btw…on that note, did you know that the actions of another outlaw that Jimmy has featured in his series – Jessie James – was motivated partly by the attempted hanging of his Jewish stepfather Reuben Samuel – by Yankee guerrillas during the civil war who raided the family homestead and tried to extract information from Reuben about Jesse’s older brother who was with a Confederate guerrilla band.



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  5. And a couple of things I should have added to my “War between the States” post.

    The Black Southern troops were paid the same as the White southerners of the same rank, (Not so in the North).

    And not one single captured Black Southerner EVER went over to the North, despite all blandishments on offer.

    Ever think that the “true” history that you’ve been taught “ain’t necessarily so”?

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  7. A transgender outlaw hero. Thanks for this, Jimmy. Nowadays an ftm transman like Albert Cashier would have been able to have sex reassignment surgery, but the only choice back then was to live full time as the gender that you identified as. If you know of any male-to-female transwomen from the same period who managed to live full time as the gender they identified as please post some info/links on here as I would be very interested to know, thanks. There’s a theory that in the 19th century and for most of the 20th, women dressing as men were more tolerated than men dressing as women – someone caught doing so was very likely to be imprisoned and probably indefinitely in one of those notorious Victorian mental asylums. A British television series (albeit fictional) about a Victorian female doctor (forget the title of it) actually touched upon this issue in one of its episodes. Interesting stuff. Story goes that male homosexuality was illegal in Victorian Britain, but female homosexuality was not as Queen Victoria could not bring herself to believe that lesbians even existed!!!!

    1. The bit about Victoria was true I believe, as Victoria was indeed asked for her thoughts on this issue.

      Her reply (according to some sources) was, “Women simply do not do that sort of thing”.

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