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“You cannot pick a flower but a star trembles.”

Newton’s third law of motion states, that for every action performed, there is an ‘equal and opposite reaction’.

Every decision we make in our lives has a direct impact on any future we may carve out for ourselves, regardless of how large or seemingly insignificant it may have appeared to be at the time.

It could have been a physical and harmful action, or a throwaway comment you may have made and quickly forgotten, but inevitably, at some time, usually when you least expect it, it will come back and bite you.

Some decisions you have chosen to make in life, can have future, possibly devastating consequences for you and any family you may have.

That is indelible, you cannot escape it nor erase it, it’s etched upon the very fabric of your being and will accompany you for the rest of your life.

Breaking the law for example, is something that you will have to admit to on employment application forms and admission to educational establishments.

Your record can be made to ‘go away’ of course, but someone, somewhere, knows what you did, there will be a record somewhere, however well you think it may be hidden.

No matter how hard you try, your past will continually walk a few short steps behind you, always waiting for an opportunity to remind you.

Certain experiences in the present can easily trigger an unconscious response that will bring your past hurtling into the here and now, forcing you to finally confront those actions of the past.

Things can also mould you as a child, making you into the adult you have become, but at the same time, some choices you have made, regardless of where you try to lay the blame, can and will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Everybody has at least, one secret …. Everybody!


  1. Jane
    Jane January 29, 2014

    Oh dear I see you are being libeled yet again. Still, more evidence of constant, obsessive abuse from someone who has form for it. Not just to you but to others as per evidence.

    • Outlaw
      Outlaw January 29, 2014

      Aye, but as he only has an audience of about three people on Twitter, I don’t think it matters to anyone who knows the truth.

      A comedy drama at best, like a few aged actors well past their sell by date, desperate for an audience… any audience 🙂

  2. Jane
    Jane January 29, 2014

    I’ve not been a participant on Twitter since before Christmas, due to the usual creepy suspects playing their little sad games – yet daily I am told about constant abuse towards you, a journalist, myself (& others with no connection whatsoever). Blogs written, Tweets of insults, libel, covert threats & ‘malicious communications’ continue in a campaign that has lasted over a year – All logged for the Police – many sent already, along with confessions made by the accusers themselves.

    We have had many conversations about it and have agreed that it is so much nicer not to have to endure constant abuse from a gang of strange folk who have seemed hell bent on targeting YOU from the beginning, then have dragged myself, a Journalist & others into it Purely for standing up for you, because we KNOW you are not the one who has been lying through your teeth. YOU are a GENUINE CSA survivor. 1 TV interview under duress from badgering media ‘promising’ to be respectful blah blah blah, where the PROOF shows you did NOT mention Bryn E, yet I believe TV stations, OFCOM, News Reporters & Uncle Tom Cobbleys cat an all have been contacted in view of having you investigated for lying. Absolute insanity, but all easily provable.

    I think you’ve got at least another 100 to go before you can be labelled a victim jockey – don’t you? I don’t know what label you get if you double that, especially if you aren’t a CSA ‘victim’.

    The lengths that are still being gone to, to try to discredit you are unbelievable! Even though you are not on Twitter. Your blogs are constantly attacked, put down by these odd balls, you have to ask yourself, why do the cretins read them, the ones that can actually read that is.

    Your words are twisted and changed to such a degree that they have been re-written. You were befriended by someone who then turned against you all of a sudden & who hooked up with all those he had previously been threatening & abusing & putting the contact details of on Twitter, which you are still being falsely blamed for – we KNOW who it was because we have the EVIDENCE – and it wasn’t you.

    It really is worrying when someone is either so full of themselves, paranoia or whatever else when they actually think everything you write is about them in some way. Think they’ll find the evidence shows not. You write about all the same kind of issues you did from the start. i think that’s plain enough for even the most unintelligent soul on earth to see.

    I have absolutely no worries about tomorrow or beyond, because the evidence speaks for itself, reams & reams of it. The truth will out & I have confidence that the Police will solve this quite easily. Until then, I will put up with the crap that is dished out even though I am not on Twitter and have lodged evidence with the Police.

    For what it’s worth, I am proud of you, your family for enduring such a nightmare & I am proud of those of us who stood up & said we’re not going to turn a blind eye to the attempts to bring you down. Why do we put ourselves through it too? Because it is the right thing to do, pure and simple. YOU are an honest, decent person.

    YOU are 1 of the people that the frantic Tweeters profess to want to get ‘justice’ for – yet what I have seen them do to you is seriously shameful & disgusting, They should truly be ashamed of themselves.

    Why the hell would genuine people want to destroy a person they ‘claim’ to be fighting for? Just doesn’t add up does it?

    Tomorrow is just another day towards this not being allowed to happen to you or your family any longer.

    • Outlaw
      Outlaw January 30, 2014

      Thank you Jane, I am confident that there are enough people who have quietly watched what has gone on and can see who the abusive, threatening and obsessive parties are. Like you say, I/we have been driven off Twitter by these oddballs but it continues. They have got me arrested, and still torment, gloat and prod and poke at me constantly. There is no rationalĂ© behind that behaviour unless of course they feel they have to keep me quiet for some reason. Always innocent, always victims, never putting a foot wrong. Consummate liars who just happen to have honed their stories over decades in case it’s ever needed. They also seem to forget about the YouTube videos which attack not only me, but a respectable Journalist, their abusive and threatening Tweets and blog posts which they continually delete and deny. All saved, logged and given to the police. They play the victims to try and gain sympathy, yet act like a pack of rabid dogs. Protesting a little too much methinks, the Truth will Out, I am confident of that. All it will take is enough people to speak out about what they have seen. They are basically cowards, living on Twitter and running to the police, even after issuing what must be hundreds of threats by now to others.

  3. Jane
    Jane January 30, 2014

    You know that all the people that matter have 100% faith in you & will be there in spirit with you tomorrow and will see this through until the constant persistent abuse is stopped. And it will be, I have no fear of that.

    Many people have witnessed it and have even commented about it. It couldn’t be any more obvious.

    These persistent lame attempts to discredit & libel you will only end up backfiring on those who are stupid enough to keep attempting them.

    The biggest problem compulsive liars have, is that their story changes radically each person or speech they make. Evidence is very helpful to prove that : )

    As I say, the evidence speaks for itself, in fact I might put in an invoice for my huge wad of it. Haha! And look, not even a pretend degree to my name. Just regular O Levels & CSEs and the common sense that I’ve seen lacking in a lot of people with letters after their name (real or pretend) ; ) x

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