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  1. Joe flanaghan
    Joe flanaghan July 6, 2015

    Thanks Outlaw for a very interesting post. I’ve been trying to tell people for along time that Assad, Gaddaffi, Putin, Maduro et al are the good guys for standing up to the Satanic Khazarian cabal.

    Most think I’m as barking as Dogman and that is seriously barking.

    I read a very moving article recently by a Libyan guy who wanted to tell the world how happy and prosperous the Libyan people were before they were so predictably and cruelly invaded. I think it was one of Old Gits links……

    If so thanks Old Git. Hopefully links and posts provided by people like you both will help awaken the masses to what is really going on.

    I also read an article recently that suggested that the Greek Finance Minister Yanis Faroufakis is a Rothschild agent. The fact that he has just resigned in the wake of the NO vote in yesterday’s referendum reinforces my belief that this is true.

    What a tangled web we live in!!

    There was a favourable reaction to the Greek news in the Chinese Markets……a surprise to some but not to me.

    Watch the Chinese move in full tilt in the months ahead as the bankrupt European dominos start to fall

  2. OldGit
    OldGit July 6, 2015


    Russia’s 5 Most Dangerous Military Planes as Seen by US Magazine:-


    History’s Most Outstanding Case of Levitation, Witnessed by Multitudes: Expert Discusses:-


    “Security firm Trend Micro has identified a 20-year-old Brazilian college student responsible for developing and distributing over 100 Banking Trojans selling each for around US$300.”



    “After being unlawfully jailed for 157 days based on trumped-up charges, and following on from the BBC making a dedicated hit-piece on the original 7/7 Ripple Effect, the film-maker Muad’Dib expands upon the original film and has added over 60 minutes of new material connecting the dots of what most likely really did happen in London on July 7th 2005, when 3 tube-trains and a double-decker bus were exploded.”


  3. OldGit
    OldGit July 6, 2015


  4. Joe flanaghan
    Joe flanaghan July 6, 2015

    Can’t believe what’s just happened to me. Just reading the local paper on line and there was an article about the seizure of cannabis plants. One of the accompanying comments referred to THIS VILE drug. I replied that this God given natural plant when used medicinally was a benefit to mankind……but BIG PHARMA don’t want you to know this. After 2 attempts to post the reference to Big PHARMA was removed. After I went berserk on my next comment and called them out for censorship my reference to Big PHARMA suddenly reappeared.

    Looks like creepy moderator or programmed key words generate this censorship. Anyone with similar experiences??

    What a f…ing world we live in. Its falling down around them…. see my post above… and the sad tossers still try to control us

    • Mike
      Mike July 7, 2015

      Joe, I once had a funny experience with the Daily Mail, I reckoned that only about one in every twenty of my comments were getting through, I got pissed off at this so I made a comment telling them that they were only stopping my comments because I was Jewish. ( I’m not) but effing hell MY comments starting pouring through lol. I couldn’t believe it, it was probably a coincidence but anyway it’s back to normal now, I might try it again haha.

  5. Joe flanaghan
    Joe flanaghan July 6, 2015

    Latest news…. Essex police are reporting that THE LAD HIMSELF.. no not Benny Hill but someone sleazier and funnier… is so computer illiterate he is receiving lessons from his 2 year old grandson. Sign of the times I suppose!!

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN July 7, 2015

      I did not know that Benny Hill was from Essex Joe, that would explain a lot

  6. Paul The Wall
    Paul The Wall July 7, 2015

    JJ, you will not believe what Spivey has published on his site

    only his alleged interview with the cops and the daft twat does not even twig that it makes him sound like a proper numpty.

    They catch him out lying over the date he reckons some mucky pictures were put on his computer and you will never believe what he actually said.


    Bwahahahaha what a complete cock he really is

    • Jane
      Jane July 7, 2015

      Ah what a shame, he was probably wearing his best cuban heels and his council white lined suit at the time – however did they not recognise such a not even fit for Z List Superstarse??? Shocking!

    • Mike
      Mike July 7, 2015

      That’s typical of this fella. He really does believe his own hype. I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, I’ve got nothing personal against the guy, but I do think he is extremely manipulative and quite obnoxious tbh. Having said that I would not like to see his boy taken into care if he is innocent.

  7. richard1
    richard1 July 7, 2015

    oh yes i forgot to mention that. I had to read it twice to make sure he really had said it. i still dont believe he said it seriously did he? maybe it was tongue in cheek? so he is facing 2 charges is he? harassment and possessing pornographic material? i mentioned previously that i thought he was being stitched up and somebody poo -pooed that. well when one of the charges is possessing a led zeppelin cover its difficult not to come to that conclusion, his article on the Tunisian beach killings was still disgusting though.

    • Jane
      Jane July 8, 2015

      Highly unlikely the police would arrest someone just for an album cover.

      Trouble is, when someones proves themselves to be a 100% vicious, venomous (but wussy) little fame seeking drama queen liar, I find it complete idiocy to believe a word they say, especially when they have gone full on lying about my friends and spreading absolute rubbish around the www about them and me.

      I think with this particular specimen of grossness, it’d be far wiser to wait and see exactly what the court produces – because half the picture from a known liar and con man is pretty worthless in my book.

  8. jenniejenjen
    jenniejenjen July 7, 2015

    So tell me, just how many monkeys with typewriters are writing the Shakespeare on that site, which 8 million followers contribute to, in both content and cash?!

    Oh I laughed.

    I fucking do all this mother fucking hard graft with a dick shit fucking hard on and nothing else, for nothing more than donations and the dole on a cunting piss stained battered fucking ol’ laptop that some dick wad gave me in fucking 1963. It’s all cunt stink binary to me, judge, honest. (How do you like my “Chris speak” ya cunt? Ooops…it’s fucking catchy, I’m gonnna fucking shit speak in this cunting cock wombling mother fucking way all fucking day!)

    I would like to convince some film and media students to do a series of that man’s drama played out in his own words. I’ve been looking for a new comedy drama to watch!

    • LoksBol2U
      LoksBol2U July 7, 2015

      *Comment Deleted By Admin*

      OUTLAW’S NOTE: Abusive and threatening trigger words used to provoke a reaction from anyone, but especially women – will not be tolerated on this site.

  9. OldGit
    OldGit July 7, 2015




    “It was easy to predict the eventual collapse of the one-currency-fits-all euro:indeed, many analysts explained why it was doomed before it was adopted as an integral part of the European Project, which broadly speaking calls for complete integration of the European
    economies.I covered the many structural deficiencies in the euro five years ago:”





  10. Jane
    Jane July 7, 2015

    Careful, you’ll have the wigged up, whacked out female side kick spewing kid swear slang at you straight out the pages of a decade old Urban Dictionary & spraying you with hypocrisy calling you foul mouthed and spiteful.
    Miss unholier than thou & her band of grubby abuser mates.

    The Spray Paint on that clapped out Aunt Sally wore thin long ago.

  11. jenniejen
    jenniejen July 7, 2015

    Jane, she’s too busy sending out positivity and love and spreading the secret. Finally having realised that the guff you put out is the crap you wish upon yourself and get back. The “psychic attack she recently mentioned is nowt but karma, mis-identified (to justify and live with self) but a result of what she put out. But hey, what do I know? I’m just Jimminny Cricket pretending to be, well, me.

    While obviously doing a person/personality shift a la conspiracy gump into Jimmy Jones.

    Is this the gear shift, or….

    As for Kid swear, oh me oh my, my mum would be stuck dumb that I forget how to make the sailors blush with the simple lilt of the tongue she taught. Somewhere, these past 3 years I’ve forgotten how to swear like it’s my home language (hangs head in shame)

    • Jane
      Jane July 8, 2015

      How very strange Jen, only she has often said that she doesn’t believe in karma. But then she seems to have a problem remembering what she said, when and to whom, so it’s no surprise.

      I find it bizarre that they swear like they do, then pick up on other people who say a couple of swearwords, as if they’ve never heard anything so terrible. But their acting skills are none too hot so it always ends up backfiring on them.

      Besides, it’s far worse to be child abusers, rapists and the seriously sad manky old slappers who hang off their every word. Old pissed up Madam Yap yap who see’s the beast of BE as boyfriend material – that 1 especially. Kind of says everything about that rank slapper. And of course what could be worse than that other ‘thing’ who pretty much handed it’s own daughter over to paedophiles and let them get on with it. That thing deserves hanging.

  12. Jism Jones.
    Jism Jones. July 10, 2015

    *Comment Removed By Admin*

    OUTLAW NOTE: A handy tip for you Fabooka, posting identically worded comments here, which have already been removed from Youtube Channels in your name – is a major fail. My advice would be that Spivey should employ an altogether more intelligent group to troll the internet on his behalf, going on your futile attempts to defend him and his crackpot theories…. As you lot are clearly not doing him any favours.

  13. Peter Cohen
    Peter Cohen July 11, 2015

    I have to say that I read most of the blogs we’re all familiar with but frankly the articles here, irrespective of quality level, are often nullified by the ongoing bitching about Chris Spivey and his own moderators. It really is unnecessary and obviously detracts from your ultimate objective.,

    Surely everyone is aware that while you’re focussing on attacking each other, you’re actually doing the PTB’s job for them; divide and conquer being Sun Tzu’s most favoured ‘weapon’ of choice.

    Having actually looked at the matter in great detail, Chris Spivey is currently facing charges of being in possession of LEGAL photographs; the charges regarding hidden files purportedly found on his computer having been dropped. The harassment charge is also unsupportable based upon the witness statements being relied upon.

    I’m not here as a Spivey apologist, however, it seems incongruous that apparently decent, well meaning people – most of the commentators here – should jump up and down with glee when a man is clearly fallaciously charged (not convicted) with egregious offences, irrespective of whatever differences exist. Respectfully, I would suggest a moratoriam is implemented until such time as the hearings are concluded.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN July 11, 2015

      I assume your omission of the man’s obvious lies, his bullying of women, his disgusting and untrue allegations about decent people and his nonsensical claims masquerading as the ‘Truth’, are of less importance, than your indignation about people who are only voicing their opinions in the safe environment they have found here, after being savaged (for no reason other than they asked questions) by that man and his team of ‘moderators’ and supporters.

      Please understand that unless you acknowledge that the real problems are those that you appear to not wish to highlight, then I am afraid that your opinion, however eloquently presented, will not be viewed as being as unbiased as you are attempting to present it as.

      • Jane
        Jane July 11, 2015

        They don’t get any less transparent do they?

        And they always conveniently forget that this ‘innocent’ man who has been stitched up by the police with paedophilla planted on his pc (which I believe is 100% rubbish personally), has purposely befriended the doting ex wife of a paedophile who put the paedo before her own kid & allowed her child to be abused & her sick sidekick the self confessed gang rapist and kids home abuser, the very gang who went out of their way to seek Jimmy out and make his and his families lives an absolute petrifying nightmare, including seriously evil threats made involving his child?

        And these friends of his continue to attack, abuse and threaten other people subjected to abuse as kids on twitter as they have been doing for the past 3 years.

        So why would such an innocent decent man do this? Why after the charges facing him would he nuzzle up to such people, especially as he knew what their histories involved long before he decided they were his kind of friends & Jimmy was the monster???

        And didn’t he say it was ‘normal’ for blokes to have bestiality downloads on their pc’s? – not ANY I know)- so what exactly is being implied here? Raping children is bad, raping animals is ‘normal’??? Really?

        As I say, adding up all the many low down dirty and downright weird things he has done, and for the freaks he has adopted as his good friends, despite knowing their seriously unsavory histories, purposely befriending those types with the charges he’s up on, there’s no way in the world I would ever be daft enough to trust him and if he were found guilty, it certainly wouldn’t be because of Police planting evidence, it would be because the evidence they have (and we aren’t a party to) was sufficient enough to convict him.

        It’s mostly the people who comment on this site who mention him these days. Some people get a giggle taking the rise out of his moronic self obsessed bleating & begging & they sometimes comment about the latest gobsmacking garbage they have read there. Whatever floats their boats, they often add some humourous remarks which makes us all laugh.I know Jimmy & I haven’t read his rubbish in a long long while, so he is meaningless triviality to us. Seems to spend a lot of time getting his kids bikini bottoms in a twist about us though, according to the comments on here sometimes.

        I wish people would realise that coming here with their damage limitation tactics and strategies on his behalf is a pointless exercise. He’s proved that he can never be trusted or believed and that was entirely his choice. He deserves no ones pity, he brought it all upon himself, in fact he insisted on it, so there’s no point sniveling like a sad little ninny when he got what he wanted & orchestrated from day dot.

      • Peter Cohen
        Peter Cohen July 11, 2015

        I can see that there has been fairly negative interaction between the two sites. Your response simply has the effect of exacerbating a bad situation.

        My comment is neither biased nor unbiased. I’m a reader and contributor of many sites and can only applaud all who decide to openly blog on such sensitive subjects.

        Once again, I would merely suggest that comments are directed at the subject matter, otherwise, your blog is consequentially demeaned. It’s a shame that you have taken the time to write various pieces only for the majority of comments to be unrelated vitriolic malevolence towards another blogger.

        If however Chris Spivey is convicted of any of the offences within the indictments presented to court, then obviously he is fair game, as would anyone if convicted of such crimes. Until then, there’s far more important issues for commenters to direct their venom towards.

        If however, you believe the purpose of your blog is to provide a platform for others to ‘voice their opinions in a safe environment’ regarding his blog, then it could inadvertently lose direction and validity. Wouldn’t it be easier to just set up an ‘ANTI SPIVEY’ blog where all the bile could be condensed, rather than have it festering in your comments?

        The tedium of every comment section morphing into Spivey subject matter cannot be your desired outcome? Also, does it not have the opposite effect of what you’re attempting to achieve, by directing readers to his page, to see what you’re referring to? It’s a very strange strategy; surely ignoring and not mentioning anything to do with him or his site would be the perfect rejoinder?

        Turning to your somewhat provocative and reactionary comment asking me to ‘acknowledge that the real problems are those that you appear to not wish to highlight’ I have absolutely no idea what this means. Not everyone has a hidden agenda; my comment was legible, clear, objective and posted out of considerable frustration, following months of inane ad hominem discourse here. If you would prefer that I refrain from visiting your site, just say the word.

        • No Surrender
          No Surrender July 12, 2015

          mr cohen if you had been libelled trolled stalked and threatened as much as jimmy has by spivey and his troop of baboons how would you react? Would you be so liberal and forgiving then? I think jimmy has shown great restraint and dignity by not responding as many people would have done and he does not control what people leave as comments so do you also suggest he deletes what people want to share here too? have you made the same suggestions over there as I can’t see it if you have I suggest you wake up to what is really happening instead of using weasel words to defend one of the worst bullies and liars on the internet shame on you

          • Peter Cohen
            Peter Cohen July 12, 2015

            I appreciate your attempt to rebut my observations and thereby undermine my concerns. However, your assertions are misplaced, as I have not defended anyone, nor have questioned other’s rights to voice an opinion.

            If you look back, I have only suggested that this continual focus upon Chris Spivey detracts from the articles and does the site a disservice.

            I don’t intend getting embroiled in a futile exchange of epithets about this subject matter, as the resultant effect is to feed the beast whilst contradicting my own position.

  14. Jane
    Jane July 12, 2015

    I think the long time posters like coming here because they can chat about what they want to and no one feels the need to tell them what they should and shouldn’t talk about.

    And t’is strange, that when the thing in question apparently continues to write articles which are libelous bull about us and others, and his blog and comments pages are splattered with his unhinged lies, as are his FB and twitter, he’s gone into padded cell overdrive apparently today flipping out at everyone , it’s a little odd that you should chose to pick this site to gripe abut it, just because some of the long time regular comment posters choose to mention him from time to time.

    Maybe you should be speaking to the weirdo who has the obsession with writing so much rubbish about others constantly, posting essay sized libelous comments and going out of his way to be super creepy, threatening and psychotic, instead of the 1 who isn’t.

    Personally I like the variety of comments, which contrary to what you imply, are not all about spiv by any means, that’s just bubble talk. Think that’s another reason why people like it here, unlike certain places, they can freely comment about what they like, (within reason of course)and they are not censored by someone who claims to be a fighter for free speech or have their comments fail moderation, just because the owner has a different opinion. Think it’s better control freak free.

    Anyone who enjoys J’s articles will be coming to read those as a priority, the comments are irrelevant to some/many I expect. But those who want to comment about the subject of the article do, those who want to freestyle it do. Maybe it’s the relaxed ethos that make people come back often and for years

    Variety is the spice of life, rigid structure & being controlled & manipulated and poured into a marketing friendly mold isn’t what the Outlaw is all about, quite the opposite.

    On another note, wonder if some people get twitchy that their name comes up in searches in a bad light & if solicitors clerks are having an info gathering sesh, they might get a better picture of a persons online presence & nature. Some people would want the name not to pop up so often in such a bad light perhaps, especially with court cases on the horizon x 2.

    I’m sure those who have a chuckle about his ridiculous theories will carry on chuckling and talking about whatever they want to, as will those who want to freestyle it off topic. Hate those places who get sniffy about people going off topic, they are always so stale, dull & boring. Conversations are meant to flow, that;s how they are in the real world.

    • Peter Cohen
      Peter Cohen July 12, 2015

      Understood. Nevertheless, I can’t really see how directing the development of sequential comments towards the merits or otherwise of Chris Spivey’s site can any attributable positive aspects.

      It seems my own views are in the minority and I – probably as many others who choose not to contribute – will therefore bow out.

      • ADMIN
        ADMIN July 12, 2015

        But at least you have been offered the opportunity to comment without being attacked, ridiculed, your words manipulated or your IP being passed on to others in order to harass you.

        That’s got to count for something right?

        • Peter Cohen
          Peter Cohen July 12, 2015

          Why would I expect that to happen, when I’m doing nothing more than passing helpful comment regarding your site?

          Is this another reference to something that’s happened between commenters here and Chris Spivey? As I have previously said, from my own perspective, your attempt at directing comment strings to that ongoing spat, at every opportunity, is tedious and non productive. I don’t necessarily believe it’s continuance benefits either site to be honest.

          • ADMIN
            ADMIN July 12, 2015

            It’s you who is continuing to post comments here Mr Cohen. Neither I nor anyone else are forcing you to do that, so any ‘Continuance’ is of your own making.

  15. Peter Cohen
    Peter Cohen July 12, 2015

    Ok, it would appear that my contribution has fallen on deaf ears. Good luck with the site.

    • ADMIN
      ADMIN July 12, 2015

      I don’t need luck Peter the Outlaw has existed successfully for over three years and no doubt it will continue. with or without your approval.

      • Peter Cohen
        Peter Cohen July 13, 2015

        I’m not really sure why my comments have provoked such a negative, defensive response. Unless I’m mistaken, my ‘approval’ is something you have raised; I would never place myself in such high regard. On the other hand, luck is something we all need.

        As for your certainty that your success will ‘undoubtedly’ continue, I wish you well with that.

        • ADMIN
          ADMIN July 13, 2015

          I don’t know about anyone else, but your comment makes no sense to me whatsoever.

          Neither have your comments caused a negative reaction here, unless I have missed something.

          I really do not see what you are getting from commenting here….

    • OldGit
      OldGit July 12, 2015

      ” passing helpful comment regarding your site”.

      Mr Cohen; DON’T try that over at Spiveyland. The great investigator does NOT want” anyone passing helpful comment regarding your site”, Ever; AT ALL. He just wants your undiluted adulation. I’ve tried ” passing helpful comment regarding your site” & his current topic. Got thrown off.

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